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Springboard, Men

Date30 – 31 July 1948
LocationWembley Arena, Wembley, London
Participants27 from 16 countries
Format3 metre springboard. Final round only. Five compulsory and five optional dives.

Bruce Harlan led through the preliminaries. Miller Anderson had the best score of the final five dives, but he had only been fourth in the preliminaries and the scores carried over. Thus Harlan won the gold medal with Anderson second. American Sammy Lee completed the sweep by earning bronze. Lee would later win platform gold in London and defend that title in Helsinki. Anderson would repeat as the silver medalist in this event in Helsinki.

Harlan and Anderson both died young. In 1959 Harlan was involved in a diving exhibition and at the end helped to take down the scaffolding for the exhibition, when he fell 27 feet to his death. Anderson had been a decorated fighter pilot in World War II, but at age 42 he died from a heart attack.

1Bruce HarlanUSA163.64Gold
2Miller AndersonUSA157.29Silver
3Sammy LeeUSA145.52Bronze
4Joaquín CapillaMEX141.79
5Raymond MulinghausenFRA126.55
6Svante JohanssonSWE120.20
7Kamal Ali HassanEGY119.90
8Thomas ChristiansenDEN114.59
9George AthansCAN114.13
10Frank GoslingBER113.98
11Milton BusinBRA113.86
12Franz WorischAUT112.15
13Peter HeatlyGBR111.73
14Roger HeinkeléFRA110.78
15Ismael RamziEGY110.18
16David NorrisAUS109.67
17Diego MariscalMEX107.78
18Charles JohnsonGBR105.32
19Wilhelm LippaAUT103.18
20Guy HernandezFRA102.89
21Gunnar KemnitzBRA102.22
22Mohamed IbrahimEGY97.52
23Peter ElliottGBR91.23
24José CastilloCUB84.81
25Ernst StruplerSUI80.09
26Günther MundCHI68.08
ACEddie HeronIRLDNF1
DNSS. KalaposHUN
DNSBéla BallaHUN
DNSLászló HidvégiHUN
DNSZouheir ShourbagiSYR

Preliminary Round (30 July 1948 — 09:00)

Five optional dives.

1Bruce HarlanUSA52.28
2Sammy LeeUSA46.99
3Joaquín CapillaMEX46.87
4Miller AndersonUSA44.65
5Raymond MulinghausenFRA42.18
6Kamal Ali HassanEGY41.97
7Svante JohanssonSWE41.75
8Diego MariscalMEX40.22
9Frank GoslingBER40.12
10Peter HeatlyGBR39.95
11Peter ElliottGBR39.13
12Milton BusinBRA38.58
13George AthansCAN38.22
14Franz WorischAUT37.62
15Thomas ChristiansenDEN37.48
16Guy HernandezFRA36.89
17Ismael RamziEGY36.89
18Charles JohnsonGBR36.78
19Mohamed IbrahimEGY35.51
20David NorrisAUS35.08
21José CastilloCUB34.55
22Roger HeinkeléFRA34.14
23Eddie HeronIRL33.17
24Ernst StruplerSUI32.81
25Gunnar KemnitzBRA31.36
26Wilhelm LippaAUT30.50
27Günther MundCHI25.76

Final Round (31 July 1948 — 14:00)

Five compulsory dives (forward running header [1.3], back header [1.7], reverse running half gainer [1.9], backward spring-forward dive [1.2], forward running full twist [2.0]).

1Miller AndersonUSA112.64
2Bruce HarlanUSA111.36
3Sammy LeeUSA98.53
4Joaquín CapillaMEX94.92
5Raymond MulinghausenFRA84.37
6Svante JohanssonSWE78.45
7Kamal Ali HassanEGY77.93
8Thomas ChristiansenDEN77.11
9Roger HeinkeléFRA76.64
10George AthansCAN75.91
11Milton BusinBRA75.28
12David NorrisAUS74.59
13Franz WorischAUT74.53
14Frank GoslingBER73.86
15Ismael RamziEGY73.29
16Wilhelm LippaAUT72.68
17Peter HeatlyGBR71.78
18Gunnar KemnitzBRA70.86
19Charles JohnsonGBR68.54
20Diego MariscalMEX67.56
21Guy HernandezFRA66.00
22Mohamed IbrahimEGY62.01
23Peter ElliottGBR52.10
24José CastilloCUB50.26
25Ernst StruplerSUI47.28
26Günther MundCHI42.32
DNSEddie HeronIRL