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Springboard, Women

Date26 – 27 August 1960
LocationStadio Olimpico del Nuoto, Roma
Participants18 from 12 countries
Format3 metre springboard.

American Pat McCormick had won this event in 1952 and 1956, also doubling in the platform. With her retirement, this event seemed open, although an United States’ diver had always won this event, with the best bet being Paula Jean Myers-Pope, medalist on platform in both 1952 and 1956. But the American streak ended in Roma as German Ingrid Krämer easily won the gold medal, with Myers-Pope taking silver. Krämer would return a few days later to win platform gold. She would return in Tokyo to repeat her gold medal on springboard, adding a silver on platform in 1964. A few days after this event, Myers-Pope also placed second to Krämer on platform, ending her Olympic career with three silvers and one bronze medal.

1Ingrid KrämerGER155.81Gold
2Paula Jean PopeUSA141.24Silver
3Liz FerrisGBR139.09Bronze
4Patsy WillardUSA137.82
5Ninel KrutovaURS136.11
6Irene MacDonaldCAN134.69
7Ann LongGBR129.63
8Thea du PonNED123.25
9Nicole Péllissard-DarrigrandFRA85.72
10Waldtraut OertelGER84.49
11Yelena KosolapovaURS84.01
12Susan KnightAUS83.25
13Alexandra MorgenroodRHO82.07
14Kumiko WatanabeJPN80.57
15Greetje LugthartNED80.39
16Kanoko MabuchiJPN80.37
17María Teresa AdamesMEX42.001
18Christina HardekopfARG41.872

Qualifying (26 August 1960 — 16:00)

Four dives. Top 16 advanced to the final round.

1Ingrid KrämerGER56.23Q
2Paula Jean PopeUSA52.67Q
3Liz FerrisGBR52.37Q
4Ninel KrutovaURS52.35Q
5Kanoko MabuchiJPN51.95Q
6Thea du PonNED51.20Q
7Ann LongGBR50.87Q
8Patsy WillardUSA50.64Q
9Irene MacDonaldCAN50.42Q
10Nicole Péllissard-DarrigrandFRA48.96Q
11Waldtraut OertelGER48.64Q
12Yelena KosolapovaURS47.88Q
13Alexandra MorgenroodRHO47.12Q
14Susan KnightAUS46.19Q
15Greetje LugthartNED46.03Q
16Kumiko WatanabeJPN44.32Q
17María Teresa AdamesMEX42.003
18Christina HardekopfARG41.874

Semi-Finals (27 August 1960 — 08:30)

Three dives. Score added to qualifying round score. Top 8 advanced to the final round.

1Ingrid KrämerGER98.6042.37Q
2Ninel KrutovaURS92.1939.84Q
3Irene MacDonaldCAN91.2340.81Q
4Paula Jean PopeUSA90.0237.35Q
5Liz FerrisGBR89.4637.09Q
6Thea du PonNED88.8137.61Q
7Patsy WillardUSA88.7838.14Q
8Ann LongGBR87.1836.31Q
9Nicole Péllissard-DarrigrandFRA85.7236.76
10Waldtraut OertelGER84.4935.85
11Yelena KosolapovaURS84.0136.13
12Susan KnightAUS83.2537.06
13Alexandra MorgenroodRHO82.0734.95
14Kumiko WatanabeJPN80.5736.25
15Greetje LugthartNED80.3934.36
16Kanoko MabuchiJPN80.3728.42

Final (27 August 1960 — 15:50)

Three dives. Score added to semi-final round score.

1Ingrid KrämerGER155.8157.21
2Paula Jean PopeUSA141.2451.22
3Liz FerrisGBR139.0949.635
4Patsy WillardUSA137.8249.04
5Ninel KrutovaURS136.1143.92
6Irene MacDonaldCAN134.6943.46
7Ann LongGBR129.6342.45
8Thea du PonNED123.2534.54