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1,500 metres Freestyle, Men

Date2 – 3 September 1960
LocationStadio Olimpico del Nuoto, Roma
Participants30 from 19 countries

Murray Rose had won the gold medal in this event in Australia but the world record in 1960 was held by his countryman John Konrads, who had recorded 17:11.0 in Sydney in February. Also considered challengers were American George Breen, who in Melbourne had set a world record in the prelims before winning a bronze medal, and Japan’s Tsuyoshi Yamanaka, silver medalist from Melbourne. Konrads led the Rome final throughout, although Breen stayed with him for the first 1,000 metres. Rose got relatively close near the end for the silver medal, with Breen hanging on for a second consecutive bronze in the event.

1John KonradsAUS17:52.0 (1 h4)17:19.6 (1)Gold
2Murray RoseAUS17:32.8 (1 h5)17:21.7 (2)Silver
3George BreenUSA17:55.9 (1 h3)17:30.6 (3)Bronze
4Tsuyoshi YamanakaJPN17:46.5 (1 h1)17:34.7 (4)
5József KatonaHUN17:53.5 (2 h4)17:43.7 (5)
6Murray McLachlanRSA18:09.9 (2 h2)17:44.9 (6)
7Alan SomersUSA17:54.1 (1 h2)18:02.8 (7)
8Richard CampionGBR17:54.8 (3 h4)18:22.7 (8)
9Aubrey BürerRSA18:17.8 (2 h1)
10Bana SailaniPHI18:18.8 (2 h5)
11Lars-Erik BengtssonSWE18:19.7 (2 h3)
12Hans-Ulrich MillowGER18:22.7 (4 h4)
13Mauricio OcampoMEX18:29.0 (5 h4)
14Masami NakaboJPN18:30.4 (3 h2)
15Gerhard HetzGER18:32.2 (3 h1)
16Gennady AndrosovURS18:39.0 (3 h5)
17Ilkka SuvantoFIN18:41.1 (4 h1)
18Veljko RogošićYUG18:51.8 (3 h3)
19Bob SreenanGBR18:57.1 (4 h2)
20Tin Maung NiMYA19:09.8 (5 h2)
21Alfredo GuzmánMEX19:11.1 (5 h1)
22Zakaria NasutionINA19:18.6 (6 h4)
23Miguel TorresESP19:21.8 (4 h3)
24Hans-Ulrich DürstSUI19:21.9 (4 h5)
25Eduardo de SousaPOR19:40.1 (5 h5)
26Massimo RosiITA19:52.9 (5 h3)
27András BodnárHUN20:22.2 (6 h3)
28Paolo GallettiITA20:28.2 (6 h1)
29Slobodan KićovićYUG20:29.0 (6 h2)
30Rainer GoltzscheSUI20:45.1 (7 h1)
DNSRobert ChenauxPUR– (DNS h3)
DNSAmiram TrauberISR– (DNS h4)
DNSBengt-Olov AlmstedtSWE– (DNS h5)

Round One (2 September 1960 — 09:05-21:25)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (9:05)

14Tsuyoshi YamanakaJPN17:46.5QOR1
22Aubrey BürerRSA18:17.8
35Gerhard HetzGER18:32.2
43Ilkka SuvantoFIN18:41.12
57Alfredo GuzmánMEX19:11.13
66Paolo GallettiITA20:28.2
71Rainer GoltzscheSUI20:45.1

Heat Two (9:35)

14Alan SomersUSA17:54.1Q
23Murray McLachlanRSA18:09.9Q
35Masami NakaboJPN18:30.4
46Bob SreenanGBR18:57.1
51Tin Maung NiMYA19:09.8
62Slobodan KićovićYUG20:29.0

Heat Three (10:05)

14George BreenUSA17:55.9Q
23Lars-Erik BengtssonSWE18:19.74
35Veljko RogošićYUG18:51.8
47Miguel TorresESP19:21.8
56Massimo RosiITA19:52.9
62András BodnárHUN20:22.2
DNS1Robert ChenauxPUR

Heat Four (21:25)

14John KonradsAUS17:52.0Q
25József KatonaHUN17:53.5Q
36Richard CampionGBR17:54.8Q
43Hans-Ulrich MillowGER18:22.7
57Mauricio OcampoMEX18:29.0
62Zakaria NasutionINA19:18.6
DNS1Amiram TrauberISR

Heat Five (21:55)

14Murray RoseAUS17:32.8QOR
23Bana SailaniPHI18:18.85
35Gennady AndrosovURS18:39.0
47Hans-Ulrich DürstSUI19:21.9
52Eduardo de SousaPOR19:40.16
DNS6Bengt-Olov AlmstedtSWE

Final (3 September 1960 — 20:50)

13John KonradsAUS17:19.6OR
24Murray RoseAUS17:21.7
31George BreenUSA17:30.6
45Tsuyoshi YamanakaJPN17:34.7
56József KatonaHUN17:43.7
68Murray McLachlanRSA17:44.9
72Alan SomersUSA18:02.8
87Richard CampionGBR18:22.7