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3,000 metres Walk, Men

Date 2 May 1906
LocationPanathinaiko Stadio, Athina
Participants8 from 5 countries

After the scandal that had occurred during the 1,500 meter walk it was suggested to Crown Prince Konstantinos that another walking race should be held on the following day and that he should take over the job of umpire. The Crown Prince accepted this suggestion and a 3,000-meter walking race was added to the program at the last minute, scheduled for the morning of the last day of the Olympics, shortly before the closing ceremonies. All the walkers who had competed in the 1,500-meter event were invited to compete in this as well. However, the first and second place finishers from the 1,500-meter walk, George Bonhag and Don Linden, did not compete. The 3,000-meter walk event again developed into a fierce struggle between Robert Wilkinson of Great Britain and Eugen Spiegler of Austria. Near the finish, as they fought for the title, both increased their speed and broke into a run and were immediately disqualified by the Crown Prince. The third place finisher, György Sztantics, crossed the finish line third but became the Olympic champion.

Barcs described Sztantics’ victory thusly, “The Olympic champion was an office worker in the town hall of a small Hungarian town. After his success the mayor of his town instructed him to act as the host, and entertain all of the athletes in the Zappeion. Along with the instructions, the money for this arrived by telegram, and the result was that the following day two barrels of Marsala wine were rolled into the quarters of the sportsmen. It was not very long before shrill singing filled the tremendous hall and the different nationalities were happily mixing. And in amazing disharmony they sang together. It is recorded that at about midnight, the Hungarians and Austrians were kissing each other on the cheek, and in those times - as an Olympic feat - this certainly counted as a world record.”

1861György SztanticsHUN15:13.2Gold
2436Hermann MüllerGER15:20.0Silver
3Georgios SaridakisGRE15:33.0Bronze
4187Pantelis EktorosGRE
5Ioannis PanagoulopoulosGRE
ACRobert WilkinsonGBRDQ
ACEugen SpieglerAUTDQ
ACKonstantinos SpetsiotisGREDQ