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Pentathlon, Men

Date16 August 1920
LocationOlympisch Stadion, Antwerpen
Participants19 from 8 countries
FormatAll compete in the Top three events. The Top twelve then advanced to the fourth event, the discus throw. The top six after that event then advance to the final event, the 1,500 metres.

The pentathlon was a laughable win for Eero Lehtonen of Finland. He moved into first place after the second event, the javelin throw, and was never headed, placing first or second in four of the five events. However, behind him, a great battle ensued for the other medals. Everett Bradley (USA), Hugo Lahtinen (FIN), Bob LeGendre (USA), Helge Løvland (NOR), and Brutus Hamilton (USA) were separated by only three points on the point-for-place scoring system. Bradley won the silver medal. Lahtinen took the bronze medal in a tie-breaker with LeGendre in which the decathlon scoring tables were used. Løvland again narrowly beat out Hamilton, this time for 5th place, and again the decathlon scoring tables were needed to break the tie. In addition to his gold medal, Lehtonen was also awarded the Challenge Prize that had been donated by the King of Sweden. In addition to his gold medal, Løvland was also awarded the Challenge Prize that had been donated by the Russian Emperor.

PosNrAthleteNOCPointsPoints (1912B Tables)Points (1985 Tables)Long JumpJavelin Throw200 metresDiscus Throw1,500 metres
1269Eero LehtonenFIN143752.44033836.63554.6723.034.644:40.2Gold
2137Everett BradleyUSA243496.55031656.61049.1623.036.765:10.0Silver
3267Hugo LahtinenFIN263546.30532706.59054.2523.631.124:36.0Bronze
4201Bob LeGendreUSA263513.36532246.50544.6023.037.394:46.0
5541Helge LøvlandNOR273659.37532636.32053.1324.039.514:45.8
6176Brutus HamiltonUSA273483.06031656.86048.3623.437.135:12.8
7615Bertil OhlsonSWE303475.27031726.27043.6823.639.804:42.8
8682Aleksander KlumbergEST296.25060.7625.338.62
9582Axel-Erik GyllenstolpeSWE356.41549.8824.233.50
10614Evert NilssonSWE376.20050.8524.234.63
11624Carl-Enock SvenssonSWE385.89550.4323.832.15
12276Ossian NylundFIN466.28548.6525.226.97
13158Robert DunneUSA475.59541.5223.834.28
14544Ole ReistadNOR496.09538.9923.931.98
15530Edmond MédécinMON516.21031.3724.030.00
16437Konstantinos RoumpesisGRE485.89030.2525.8
17428James AndromedasGRE525.65524.1129.0
DNF514Hiroshi MasudaJPN4.51039.82
DNF273Jonni MyyräFIN5.800
DNS294Géo AndréFRA
DNS369Gabriel SempéFRA
DNS520Konosuke SanoJPN