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10 kilometres Walk, Men

Date24 – 27 July 1952
LocationHelsingin Olympiastadion, Helsinki
Participants23 from 12 countries

In the heats seven walkers were disqualified but the judging was felt to be arbitrary and inconsistent. The heats were won by the Estonian Bruno Junk (URS) and George Coleman (GBR), with defending champion John Mikaelsson trailing Junk in the first heat. But Mikaelsson prevailed easily in the final. The race for the medals came down to Junk and the bronze medalist from 1948, Fritz Schwab (SUI). And a race it was, as both athletes were clearly running on the final straight. But neither was disqualified, Junk edging Schwab for the silver medal. Because of the difficulty judging a relatively short walk, this was the last time the event was contested at the Olympics and it was replaced in 1956 by a 20 km. walk.

1691John MikaelssonSWEORGold
2858Fritz SchwabSUISilver
3440Bruno JunkURSBronze
4620Louis ChevalierFRA
5197George ColemanGBR
6439Ivan YarmyshURS
7621Émile MaggiFRA
8255Bruno FaitITA
9857Gabriel ReymondSUI
1027Don KeaneAUS
AC r2/2690Lars HindmarSWE
5 h2 r1/2906Josef DoležalTCH
7 h1 r1/2692Arne BörjessonSWE
7 h2 r1/2253Telemaco ArcangeliITA
8 h1 r1/2510Kaare HammerNOR
8 h2 r1/2511Ragnar OlsenNOR
9 h1 r1/2877Ragnvald ThunestvedtDEN
9 h2 r1/21010Price KingUSA
AC h1 r1/2198Roland HardyGBR
AC h1 r1/2534Allah DittaPAK
AC h1 r1/21011Henry LaskauUSA
AC h2 r1/2196Lawrence AllenGBR
AC h2 r1/2441Pēteris ZeltiņšURS
DNS357Ferd HaywardCAN
DNS254Salvatore CascinoITA

Round One (24 July 1952 — 10:00)

Top six in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Bruno JunkURS45:05.8Q
2John MikaelssonSWE45:10.0Q
3Louis ChevalierFRA45:58.0Q
4Gabriel ReymondSUI46:35.2Q
5Don KeaneAUS46:55.2Q
6Ivan YarmyshURS47:26.0Q
7Arne BörjessonSWE47:32.4
8Kaare HammerNOR49:08.4
9Ragnvald ThunestvedtDEN50:42.8
DQAllah DittaPAK
DQHenry LaskauUSA
DQRoland HardyGBR
DNSSalvatore CascinoITA

Heat Two

1George ColemanGBR46:12.4Q
2Émile MaggiFRA46:47.8Q
3Lars HindmarSWE47:06.0Q
4Fritz SchwabSUI47:06.0Q
5Josef DoležalTCH47:06.2Q
6Bruno FaitITA47:23.4Q
7Telemaco ArcangeliITA48:00.2
8Ragnar OlsenNOR49:03.8
9Price KingUSA51:08.6
DQLawrence AllenGBR
DQPēteris ZeltiņšURS
DNSFerd HaywardCAN

Final (27 July 1952 — 16:00)

1John MikaelssonSWE45:02.8OR
2Fritz SchwabSUI45:41.0
3Bruno JunkURS45:41.0
4Louis ChevalierFRA45:50.4
5George ColemanGBR46:06.8
6Ivan YarmyshURS46:07.0
7Émile MaggiFRA46:08.0
8Bruno FaitITA46:25.6
9Gabriel ReymondSUI46:38.6
10Don KeaneAUS47:37.0
DQLars HindmarSWE