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High Jump, Men

Date20 – 21 October 1964
LocationKokuritsu Kyogijo, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Participants28 from 19 countries

By now, defending silver medalist Valery Brumel was the best jumper in the world, having broken the world record six times between 1961 and 1963. He had dominated the 1962 European Championships, winning with 2.21 (7-3). The next best jumper was American John Thomas, who had been the heavy favorite in 1960, but won a disappointing bronze. Since 1960, Brumel had defeated Thomas at 8 of 9 meets. The Tokyo high jump event was much closer than expected, however, as Brumel did not win easily. In fact, he and Thomas jumped the same height, 2.18 (7-1¾), but Brumel won on the countback. He and Thomas had both needed three attempts at 2.14 (7-0¼), but those had been Brumel’s only misses. Thomas had a total of four misses, the next tie-breaker, needing two attempts at 2.12 (6-11½) and 2.16 (7-1), and had to settle for the silver medal.

Brumel was severely injured in 1965 in a motorcycle accident, sustaining a comminuted open fracture of his right tibia. He underwent several operations, but the tibia would not heal. Finally, it was healed after placement of an unusual external fixation frame, placed by Soviet orthopaedist Gavriil Ilizarov, who had pioneered what became known as the Ilizarov device, variants of which are now standard orthopaedic treatments. But Ilizarov became famous for his treatment of Brumel. After his injury, Brumel received a letter from John Thomas essentially telling him to hang in there, and telling him that he hoped he would return to jump again. In fact, Brumel did compete again, getting back up as high as 2.13 (6-11¾) in 1970, but was never again the world’s dominant jumper. Even today, he is often considered the greatest high jumper ever.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1666Valery BrumelURS2.06 (11)2.18 (1)GoldOR
2736John ThomasUSA2.06 (6)2.18 (2)SilverOR
3735John RamboUSA2.06 (=8)2.16 (3)Bronze
4570Stig PetterssonSWE2.06 (13)2.14 (4)
5668Robert' Shavlaq'adzeURS2.06 (=1)2.14 (5)
=6231Ralf DrecollGER2.06 (19)2.09 (=6)
=6569Kjell-Åke NilssonSWE2.06 (=14)2.09 (=6)
8734Ed CaruthersUSA2.06 (=8)2.09 (8)
971Mahamat IdrissCHA2.06 (=3)2.09 (9)
1017Lawrie PeckhamAUS2.06 (=8)2.09 (10)
11505Edward CzernikPOL2.06 (=3)2.06 (11)
1248Evgeni YordanovBUL2.06 (12)2.06 (12)
1318Tony SneazwellAUS2.06 (=14)2.06 (13)
14667Valery SkvortsovURS2.06 (=3)2.06 (14)
15444Samuel IgunNGR2.06 (17)2.06 (15)
16358Mauro BogliattoITA2.06 (7)2.06 (16)
17232Wolfgang SchillkowskiGER2.06 (16)2.06 (17)
18178Gordon MillerGBR2.06 (20)2.03 (18)
19230Rudi KöppenGER2.06 (18)2.00 (19)
2069Henri ElendéCGO2.06 (=1)1.90 (20)
21 r1/2559Luis María GarrigaESP2.03 (21)
=22 r1/2105Henrik HellénFIN2.00 (=22)
=22 r1/2139Robert Sainte-RoseFRA2.00 (=22)
24 r1/2812Kuniyoshi SugiokaJPN2.00 (24)
25 r1/2306Jón ÓlafssonISL2.00 (25)
26 r1/2485Roberto AbugattásPER1.95 (26)
27 r1/2811Kinya MiyazakiJPN1.90 (27)
AC r1/2607Kateseperswasdi BhakdikulTHA– (NH)

Qualifying Round (20 October 1964)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts
=1Henri ElendéCGO2.06003Q
=1Robert' Shavlaq'adzeURS2.06003Q
=3Mahamat IdrissCHA2.06004Q
=3Edward CzernikPOL2.06004Q
=3Valery SkvortsovURS2.06004Q
6John ThomasUSA2.06014Q
7Mauro BogliattoITA2.06015Q
=8Lawrie PeckhamAUS2.06016Q
=8Ed CaruthersUSA2.06016Q
=8John RamboUSA2.06016Q
11Valery BrumelURS2.06025Q
12Evgeni YordanovBUL2.06027Q
13Stig PetterssonSWE2.06115q
=14Tony SneazwellAUS2.06126q
=14Kjell-Åke NilssonSWE2.06126q
16Wolfgang SchillkowskiGER2.06127q
17Samuel IgunNGR2.06138q
18Rudi KöppenGER2.06148q
19Ralf DrecollGER2.06227q
20Gordon MillerGBR2.062510q
21Luis María GarrigaESP2.03226
=22Henrik HellénFIN2.00003
=22Robert Sainte-RoseFRA2.00003
24Kuniyoshi SugiokaJPN2.00014
25Jón ÓlafssonISL2.00114
26Roberto AbugattásPER1.95113
27Kinya MiyazakiJPN1.90001
NHKateseperswasdi BhakdikulTHA

Qualifying Round, Group A (20 October 1964)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.90 m1.95 m2.00 m2.03 m2.06 m
1Henri ElendéCGO2.06003o-o-oQ
2Mahamat IdrissCHA2.06004-ooooQ
3John ThomasUSA2.06014--xoooQ
4Mauro BogliattoITA2.06015-ooxooQ
=5Lawrie PeckhamAUS2.06016oooxooQ
=5Ed CaruthersUSA2.06016oxooooQ
=5John RamboUSA2.06016oooxooQ
8Evgeni YordanovBUL2.06027oxoxoooQ
9Tony SneazwellAUS2.06126-xoooxoq
10Samuel IgunNGR2.06138ooxoxoxoq
11Gordon MillerGBR2.062510ooxxoxoxxoq
12Luis María GarrigaESP2.03226oooxxoxxx
13Henrik HellénFIN2.00003oooxxx
14Jón ÓlafssonISL2.00114ooxoxxx
NHKateseperswasdi BhakdikulTHA

Qualifying Round, Group B (20 October 1964)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.90 m1.95 m2.00 m2.03 m2.06 m
1Robert' Shavlaq'adzeURS2.06003--oooQ
=2Edward CzernikPOL2.06004-ooooQ
=2Valery SkvortsovURS2.06004-ooooQ
4Valery BrumelURS2.06025--oxxooQ
5Stig PetterssonSWE2.06115-oooxoq
6Kjell-Åke NilssonSWE2.06126-oxooxoq
7Wolfgang SchillkowskiGER2.06127oooxoxoq
8Rudi KöppenGER2.06148-xooxxoxoq
9Ralf DrecollGER2.06227ooooxxoq
10Robert Sainte-RoseFRA2.00003oooxxx
11Kuniyoshi SugiokaJPN2.00014oxooxxx
12Roberto AbugattásPER1.95113oxoxxx
13Kinya MiyazakiJPN1.90001o-xxx

Final Round (21 October 1964 — 14:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.90 m1.95 m2.00 m2.03 m2.06 m2.09 m2.12 m2.14 m2.16 m2.18 m2.20 m
1Valery BrumelURS2.180210--oooooxxoooxxxOR
2John ThomasUSA2.180412--ooooxoxxoxooxxxOR
3John RamboUSA2.162310--ooooxooxxoxxx=OR
4Stig PetterssonSWE2.14127--o-ooxoxoxxx
5Robert' Shavlaq'adzeURS2.14227---ooooxxoxxx
=6Ralf DrecollGER2.09005-oooooxxx
=6Kjell-Åke NilssonSWE2.09005-oooooxxx
8Ed CaruthersUSA2.09015--ooxooxxx
9Mahamat IdrissCHA2.09115--oooxoxxx
10Lawrie PeckhamAUS2.09117oooooxoxxx
11Edward CzernikPOL2.06002--o-ox--xx-
12Evgeni YordanovBUL2.06004-ooooxxx
13Tony SneazwellAUS2.06037-xooxxooxxx
14Valery SkvortsovURS2.06115-oooxoxxx
15Samuel IgunNGR2.06116ooooxoxxx
16Mauro BogliattoITA2.06126-xoooxoxxx
17Wolfgang SchillkowskiGER2.06227ooooxxoxxx
18Gordon MillerGBR2.03004ooooxxx
19Rudi KöppenGER2.00114ooxoxxx
20Henri ElendéCGO1.90001o-xxx