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Javelin Throw, Women

Date16 October 1964
LocationKokuritsu Kyogijo, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Participants16 from 10 countries

Defending champion Elvira Ozoliņa (URS) was a heavy favorite. She had set the last three world records and won the 1962 European Championships. But in the qualifying round Soviet teammate Yelena Gorchakova unleashed a world record throw of 62.40 (204-8¾), the first ratified mark of over 200 feet (Ozoliņa had an unratified mark of 61.38 [201-4½] earlier in the year). But neither would win the gold medal. In round one Romania’s 17-year-old Mihaela Peneş bettered her personal best by four metres with 60.54 and that held up for the world record. Gorchakova was able to hold on for bronze, but Ozoliņa finished only fifth. She was so distraught that she went to the Olympic Village hair stylist and demanded that she shave her head. When the hairdresser refused she took the clippers and began to shave her head herself, and walked around the village for the rest of the Games virtually bald, exposing her shame at her poor performance.

1179Mihaela PeneșROU51.19 (6)60.54 (1)Gold
2112Márta Antal-RudasHUN52.23 (3)58.27 (2)Silver
3213Yelena GorchakovaURS62.40 (1)57.06 (3)Bronze
4214Birutė KalėdienėURS50.84 (8)56.31 (4)
5212Elvīra OzoliņaURS56.38 (2)54.81 (5)
6178Maria DiaconescuROU51.12 (7)53.71 (6)
7252Hiroko SatoJPN49.92 (9)52.48 (7)
898Anneliese GerhardsGER51.77 (4)52.37 (8)
967Sue PlattGBR49.88 (10)48.59 (9)
1048Michèle DemysFRA48.94 (12)47.25 (10)
11253Misako KatayamaJPN49.23 (11)46.87 (11)
1296Rosemarie SchubertGER51.20 (5)46.50 (12)
13 r1/2234RaNae BairUSA46.89 (13)
14 r1/297Inge SchwalbeGER45.55 (14)
15 r1/218Anna Wojtaszek-PazeraAUS44.87 (15)
16 r1/2132Lee Hye-JaKOR34.95 (16)

Qualifying Round (16 October 1964 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 51.00 metres advanced to the final.

11Yelena GorchakovaURS62.4062.40--QWR
214Elvīra OzoliņaURS56.3856.38--Q
312Márta Antal-RudasHUN52.2352.23--Q
411Anneliese GerhardsGER51.7749.8849.7151.77Q
516Rosemarie SchubertGER51.20×51.20-Q
67Mihaela PeneșROU51.1943.00×51.19Q
715Maria DiaconescuROU51.1251.12--Q
810Birutė KalėdienėURS50.8449.7050.8448.87q
99Hiroko SatoJPN49.92×49.92×q
1013Sue PlattGBR49.88×49.8848.72q
115Misako KatayamaJPN49.2339.8046.1149.23q
124Michèle DemysFRA48.9448.9448.67×q
136RaNae BairUSA46.8946.7046.8946.04
143Inge SchwalbeGER45.5545.5544.4139.47
152Anna Wojtaszek-PazeraAUS44.8741.5844.87×
168Lee Hye-JaKOR34.9533.2434.9529.05

Final Round (16 October 1964 — 14:00)

1179Mihaela PeneșROU60.5460.5452.76×50.7251.4453.77
2112Márta Antal-RudasHUN58.2753.2158.27×54.1750.24×
3213Yelena GorchakovaURS57.0656.4349.2153.1057.0655.23×
4214Birutė KalėdienėURS56.3153.79×54.1356.3154.68×
5212Elvīra OzoliņaURS54.8154.6854.81××××
6178Maria DiaconescuROU53.71×53.7150.4951.2151.3552.00
7252Hiroko SatoJPN52.4847.2852.4849.18
898Anneliese GerhardsGER52.3752.3746.7945.88
967Sue PlattGBR48.5948.5948.0048.45
1048Michèle DemysFRA47.2545.9547.1447.25
11253Misako KatayamaJPN46.8745.1646.8742.37
1296Rosemarie SchubertGER46.50××46.50