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100 metres Freestyle, Women

Date28 – 29 August 1972
LocationSchwimmhalle, Olympiapark, München
Participants46 from 23 countries

The world record holder was Shane Gould, considered the greatest female swimmer in the world, as in 1971 she had finally broken the records set by her countrywoman, Dawn Fraser. She came into Munich not having lost a freestyle race, at any distance, for two years. The day before she had opened the Munich female swimming events by winning the 200 individual medley. But in this final, she was beaten by two Americans, Sandy Neilson winning gold followed by Shirley Babashoff, Gould trailing in third. Neilson had a great start in the final and went to the wall first and hung on for her victory by almost half-a-second. Six women broke the one-minute barrier in the race.

1Sandy NeilsonUSA59.51 (2 h3)59.41 (2 h2)58.59 (1)Gold
2Shirley BabashoffUSA59.51 (1 h4)59.05 (1 h1)59.02 (2)Silver
3Shane GouldAUS59.44 (1 h6)59.20 (1 h2)59.06 (3)Bronze
4Gabriele WetzkoGDR1:00.40 (1 h1)59.46 (3 h2)59.21 (4)
5Heidi ReineckFRG1:00.39 (3 h6)59.66 (3 h1)59.73 (5)
6Andrea EifeGDR59.73 (2 h6)59.71 (4 h1)59.91 (6)
7Magdolna PatóhHUN59.47 (1 h3)59.64 (2 h1)1:00.02 (7)
8Enith BrigithaNED1:00.02 (1 h2)59.75 (4 h2)1:00.09 (8)
9Jutta WeberFRG59.72 (1 h5)59.90 (5 h2)
10Jenny KempUSA1:00.42 (2 h5)59.93 (5 h1)
11Sylvia EichnerGDR1:00.64 (3 h5)1:00.73 (6 h2)
12Hansje BunschotenNED1:00.82 (3 h3)1:00.79 (7 h2)
13Anke RijndersNED1:00.76 (2 h2)1:00.84 (6 h1)
14Tatyana ZolotnitskayaURS1:01.24 (2 h1)1:01.12 (8 h2)
15Wendy CookCAN1:01.20 (2 h4)1:01.26 (7 h1)
16Claude MandonnaudFRA1:01.34 (3 h1)1:01.88 (8 h1)
17Mary Beth RondeauCAN1:01.46 (3 h4)
18Grethe MathiesenNOR1:01.47 (4 h6)
19Guylaine BergerFRA1:01.54 (4 h1)
20Judit TuróczyHUN1:01.57 (5 h1)
21Angela SteinbachFRG1:01.66 (4 h5)
22Yelena TimoshenkoURS1:01.68 (5 h6)
23Eva AnderssonSWE1:01.88 (4 h3)
24Leanne FrancisAUS1:01.90 (4 h4)
25Judy WrightCAN1:01.97 (3 h2)
=26Sharon BoothAUS1:02.07 (6 h1)
=26Lesley AllardiceGBR1:02.07 (5 h4)
28Shigeko KawanishiJPN1:02.13 (6 h6)
29Nadezhda MatyukhinaURS1:02.14 (5 h5)
30Susan EdmondsonGBR1:02.29 (5 h3)
31Margrit ThometSUI1:02.33 (6 h5)
32Françoise MonodSUI1:02.43 (6 h3)
33Chantal SchertzFRA1:02.82 (4 h2)
34Laura PodestàITA1:02.88 (7 h5)
35Heather CoombridgeNZL1:02.95 (7 h3)
36Edit KovácsHUN1:03.00 (5 h2)
37Lucy BurleBRA1:03.12 (6 h2)
38Inger AnderssonSWE1:03.40 (6 h4)
39Hriska PeychevaBUL1:03.43 (7 h6)
40Marcia ArriagaMEX1:03.66 (7 h2)
41Kirsten CampbellDEN1:03.83 (7 h1)
42Ileana MoralesVEN1:04.13 (8 h2)
43Diane WalkerGBR1:04.44 (7 h4)
44Hsu Yue-YunTPE1:04.77 (8 h3)
45Susana SaxlundURU1:04.91 (8 h1)
46Virginia AnchesteguiMEX1:04.99 (8 h6)
DNSIrwi JohanssonSWE– (DNS h5)
DNSMireille BassoulLBN– (DNS h4)

Round One (28 August 1972 — 11:45)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

1Gabriele WetzkoGDR1:00.40Q
2Tatyana ZolotnitskayaURS1:01.24Q
3Claude MandonnaudFRA1:01.34Q
4Guylaine BergerFRA1:01.54
5Judit TuróczyHUN1:01.57
6Sharon BoothAUS1:02.07
7Kirsten CampbellDEN1:03.83
8Susana SaxlundURU1:04.91

Heat Two

1Enith BrigithaNED1:00.02Q
2Anke RijndersNED1:00.76Q
3Judy WrightCAN1:01.97
4Chantal SchertzFRA1:02.82
5Edit KovácsHUN1:03.00
6Lucy BurleBRA1:03.12
7Marcia ArriagaMEX1:03.66
8Ileana MoralesVEN1:04.13

Heat Three

1Magdolna PatóhHUN59.47QOR
2Sandy NeilsonUSA59.51Q
3Hansje BunschotenNED1:00.82Q
4Eva AnderssonSWE1:01.88
5Susan EdmondsonGBR1:02.29
6Françoise MonodSUI1:02.43
7Heather CoombridgeNZL1:02.95
8Hsu Yue-YunTPE1:04.77

Heat Four

1Shirley BabashoffUSA59.51Q
2Wendy CookCAN1:01.20Q
3Mary Beth RondeauCAN1:01.46
4Leanne FrancisAUS1:01.90
5Lesley AllardiceGBR1:02.07
6Inger AnderssonSWE1:03.40
7Diane WalkerGBR1:04.44
DNSMireille BassoulLBN

Heat Five

1Jutta WeberFRG59.72Q
2Jenny KempUSA1:00.42Q
3Sylvia EichnerGDR1:00.64Q
4Angela SteinbachFRG1:01.66
5Nadezhda MatyukhinaURS1:02.14
6Margrit ThometSUI1:02.33
7Laura PodestàITA1:02.88
DNSIrwi JohanssonSWE

Heat Six

1Shane GouldAUS59.44QOR
2Andrea EifeGDR59.73Q
3Heidi ReineckFRG1:00.39Q
4Grethe MathiesenNOR1:01.47
5Yelena TimoshenkoURS1:01.68
6Shigeko KawanishiJPN1:02.13
7Hriska PeychevaBUL1:03.43
8Virginia AnchesteguiMEX1:04.99

Semi-Finals (28 August 1972 — 17:45)

Top three in each heat and next two fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Shirley BabashoffUSA59.05QOR
2Magdolna PatóhHUN59.64Q
3Heidi ReineckFRG59.66Q
4Andrea EifeGDR59.71Q
5Jenny KempUSA59.93
6Anke RijndersNED1:00.84
7Wendy CookCAN1:01.26
8Claude MandonnaudFRA1:01.88

Heat Two

1Shane GouldAUS59.20Q
2Sandy NeilsonUSA59.41Q
3Gabriele WetzkoGDR59.46Q
4Enith BrigithaNED59.75Q
5Jutta WeberFRG59.90
6Sylvia EichnerGDR1:00.73
7Hansje BunschotenNED1:00.79
8Tatyana ZolotnitskayaURS1:01.12

Final (29 August 1972 — 17:40)

13Sandy NeilsonUSA58.59OR
24Shirley BabashoffUSA59.02
35Shane GouldAUS59.06
46Gabriele WetzkoGDR59.21
57Heidi ReineckFRG59.73
61Andrea EifeGDR59.91
72Magdolna PatóhHUN1:00.02
88Enith BrigithaNED1:00.09