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Javelin Throw, Women

Date25 – 26 September 1988
LocationOl-lim-pik Ju-gyeong-gi-jang, Seoul Sports Complex, Seoul
Participants29 from 18 countries
Olympic Record 69.56 / Tessa Sanderson GBR / 6 August 1984

Fatima Whitbread (GBR) had won the two biggest meets since the 1984 Olympics – the 1986 Europeans and the 1987 Worlds, and set a world record in winning the 1986 European title. But the best thrower in the world for the past four years had been Petra Felke (GDR) who had won 69 of 76 meets in that time, although with three losses coming to Whitbread. Felke had set four world records, culminating with a precise 80 metres (262-5¾) a few weeks before the Seoul Olympics. The competition was expected to be close between the two, and Whitbread led the qualifiers with 68.04 (223-2¾) with Felke second with 67.06 (220-0¼). But Felke settled the gold medal in round one by throwing 72.62 (238-3¼). She bettered that with 74.68 (245-0¼) in the second round but Whitbread could not approach those marks, finishing with 70.32 (230-8½) in the final round to secure second place.

1263Petra FelkeGDR67.06 (2)74.68 (1)GoldOR
2253Fatima WhitbreadGBR68.44 (1)70.32 (2)Silver
3272Beate KochGDR66.86 (3)67.30 (3)Bronze
4529Iryna KostiuchenkovaURS63.24 (9)67.00 (4)
5284Silke RenkGDR63.64 (7)66.38 (5)
6519Nataliya YermolovichURS64.44 (5)64.84 (6)
7587Donna MayhewUSA61.56 (12)61.78 (7)
8202Ingrid ThyssenFRG63.32 (8)60.76 (8)
9484Denise ThiémardSUI61.74 (11)58.54 (9)
10143Päivi AlafranttiFIN62.82 (10)58.20 (10)
1152Antoaneta SelenskaBUL64.60 (4)56.78 (11)
12328Zsuzsa MaloveczHUN64.30 (6)54.58 (12)
13 r1/2149Tuula LaaksaloFIN60.64 (13)
14 r1/2192Beate PetersFRG60.20 (14)
15 r1/2150Tiina LillakFIN60.06 (15)
16 r1/224Laverne EveBAH60.02 (16)
17 r1/293Li BaolianCHN58.92 (17)
18 r1/2437Trine Solberg-HattestadNOR58.82 (18)
19 r1/2303Anna VerouliGRE58.52 (19)
20 r1/2597Karin SmithUSA57.94 (20)
21 r1/2241Tessa SandersonGBR56.70 (21)
22 r1/2113Zhou YuanxiangCHN56.36 (22)
23 r1/2377Emi MatsuiJPN56.26 (23)
24 r1/2599Lynda Hughes SutfinUSA56.12 (24)
25 r1/2218Sharon GibsonGBR56.00 (25)
26 r1/2344Iris GrönfeldtISL54.28 (26)
27 r1/266Céline ChartrandCAN54.10 (27)
28 r1/2404Yu Chun-OkKOR48.26 (28)
AC r1/2158Nadine Auzeil-SchoellkopfFRA– (AC)

Qualifying Round (25 September 1988)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 63.00 metres advanced to the final.

1Fatima WhitbreadGBR68.44Q
2Petra FelkeGDR67.06Q
3Beate KochGDR66.86Q
4Antoaneta SelenskaBUL64.60Q
5Nataliya YermolovichURS64.44Q
6Zsuzsa MaloveczHUN64.30Q
7Silke RenkGDR63.64Q
8Ingrid ThyssenFRG63.32Q
9Iryna KostiuchenkovaURS63.24Q
10Päivi AlafranttiFIN62.82q
11Denise ThiémardSUI61.74q
12Donna MayhewUSA61.56q
13Tuula LaaksaloFIN60.64
14Beate PetersFRG60.20
15Tiina LillakFIN60.06
16Laverne EveBAH60.02
17Li BaolianCHN58.92
18Trine Solberg-HattestadNOR58.82
19Anna VerouliGRE58.52
20Karin SmithUSA57.94
21Tessa SandersonGBR56.70
22Zhou YuanxiangCHN56.36
23Emi MatsuiJPN56.26
24Lynda Hughes SutfinUSA56.12
25Sharon GibsonGBR56.00
26Iris GrönfeldtISL54.28
27Céline ChartrandCAN54.10
28Yu Chun-OkKOR48.26
ACNadine Auzeil-SchoellkopfFRANM

Qualifying Round, Group A (25 September 1988 — 14:15)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup A Round OneGroup A Round TwoGroup A Round Three
17Petra FelkeGDR67.0667.06--
28Beate KochGDR66.8666.86--
32Nataliya YermolovichURS64.44×64.44-
413Zsuzsa MaloveczHUN64.3064.30--
51Denise ThiémardSUI61.7455.1861.7455.60
65Tuula LaaksaloFIN60.6457.3460.6454.66
712Beate PetersFRG60.20××60.20
811Laverne EveBAH60.02×57.4860.02
915Trine Solberg-HattestadNOR58.8257.7656.9058.82
103Anna VerouliGRE58.5257.6058.52×
119Tessa SandersonGBR56.7054.1856.7056.26
126Zhou YuanxiangCHN56.3653.6652.8056.36
1314Lynda Hughes SutfinUSA56.1256.0856.12×
144Céline ChartrandCAN54.1047.6446.1854.10
AC10Nadine Auzeil-SchoellkopfFRA×××NM

Qualifying Round, Group B (25 September 1988 — 15:45)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup B Round OneGroup B Round TwoGroup B Round Three
18Fatima WhitbreadGBR68.4454.90×68.44
23Antoaneta SelenskaBUL64.6050.8461.6264.60
314Silke RenkGDR63.6463.64--
411Ingrid ThyssenFRG63.3263.32--
59Iryna KostiuchenkovaURS63.2458.56×63.24
67Päivi AlafranttiFIN62.8262.8258.5459.82
76Donna MayhewUSA61.5661.5660.6259.08
810Tiina LillakFIN60.0660.06×55.52
91Li BaolianCHN58.9256.6458.9256.62
102Karin SmithUSA57.9456.4253.8657.94
1112Emi MatsuiJPN56.2650.70×56.26
124Sharon GibsonGBR56.0056.0050.7453.20
1313Iris GrönfeldtISL54.28×54.2850.84
145Yu Chun-OkKOR48.26×44.9248.26

Final Round (26 September 1988 — 15:00)

111Petra FelkeGDR74.6872.6274.6866.1266.7671.1268.38OR
27Fatima WhitbreadGBR70.3261.9867.4666.5864.8667.8270.32
33Beate KochGDR67.3067.3065.6666.4862.0465.6466.02
410Iryna KostiuchenkovaURS67.0064.3467.0063.1263.4263.10×
54Silke RenkGDR66.3860.8658.7463.9864.6064.7466.38
61Nataliya YermolovichURS64.8464.84××××-
78Donna MayhewUSA61.7857.52×61.7859.72×56.74
812Ingrid ThyssenFRG60.7660.7660.1256.66×59.6458.28
92Denise ThiémardSUI58.5457.5857.2058.54
106Päivi AlafranttiFIN58.2058.2055.8656.46
119Antoaneta SelenskaBUL56.7856.78××
125Zsuzsa MaloveczHUN54.58×54.58×