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50 kilometres Walk, Men

Date 7 August 1992 — 7:30
LocationEstadio Olímpico de Montjuïc, Barcelona
Participants42 from 20 countries

The two favorites were Andrey Perlov (RUS) and Carlos Mercenario (MEX). Perlov was European Champion in 1990 and runner-up at the 1991 Worlds, and held the world best road times for both 20 and 50K. Mercenario had won the 1991 Lugano Cup race and was ranked #1 in the world. Form held in the race as Perlov won the gold and Mercenario the silver medal. They were together thru 40 km., but then Perlov opened up and dropped Mercenario, and won by almost two minutes. Germany’s Ronald Weigel, one of the dominant walkers in the 80s, held on for the bronze. Poland’s Robert Korzeniowski was with Mercenario as they neared the stadium, but he had already received five cautions during the race, beyond the limit. He was pulled from the race before entering the tunnel. Much more would be heard from him.

1546Andrey PerlovEUN3-50:13Gold
21240Carlos MercenarioMEX3-52:09Silver
3859Ronald WeigelGER3-53:45Bronze
4562Valery SpitsynEUN3-54:39
51603Roman MrázekTCH3-55:21
6802Hartwig GauderGER3-56:47
7598Valentin KononenFIN3-57:21
81244Miguel Ángel RodríguezMEX3-58:26
9431José MarínESP3-58:41
10417Jesús Ángel GarcíaESP3-58:43
111571Stefan JohanssonSWE3-58:56
121001Giuseppe De GaetanoITA3-59:13
131023Massimo QuiriconiITA4-00:28
14400Jaime BarrosoESP4-02:08
15553René PillerFRA4-02:401
16640Alain LemercierFRA4-06:31
17632Martial FesselierFRA4-07:30
181077Fumio ImamuraJPN4-07:45
1936Simon BakerAUS4-08:11
201549Pascal CharrièreSUI4-08:32
21744Les MortonGBR4-09:34
221095Takehiro SonoharaJPN4-13:22
231761Carl SchuelerUSA4-13:38
241084Tadahiro KosakaJPN4-14:24
251420José UrbanoPOR4-16:31
2684Stefan WögerbauerAUT4-17:25
271607Pavol SzikoraTCH4-17:49
281405José MagalhãesPOR4-20:12
291593Pavol BlažekTCH4-22:33
30691Paul BlaggGBR4-23:10
311286Harold van BeekNED4-24:28
321742Herm NelsonUSA4-25:48
DNF1021Gianni PerricelliITA
DNF1544Aldo BertoldiSUI
DNF1694Marco EvoniukUSA
DQ1374Robert KorzeniowskiPOL
DQ229Guillaume LeBlancCAN
DQ1246Germán SánchezMEX
DQ205Tim BerrettCAN
DQ105Godfried De JonckheereBEL
DQ1414José PintoPOR
DQ549Aleksandr PotashovEUN