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Shot Put, Women

Date5 – 7 August 1992
LocationEstadio Olímpico de Montjuïc, Barcelona
Participants18 from 11 countries
Olympic Record 22.41 / Ilona Slupianek GDR / 24 July 1980

The favorite was China’s Huang Zhihong, who had won the 1991 World Championships and would win again in 1993. Defending champion Nataliya Lisovskaya was back, but after placing second in the qualifying she would finish only ninth. Svetlana Krivelyova (EUN/RUS) took the lead in round one of the final with 20.34 (66-8¾). But Huang moved ahead with 20.47 (67-2) in round three, only to see Krivelyova take back the lead with 20.89 (68-6½) in the fifth round and improve that to 21.06 (69-1¼) in the final round. Krivelyova had been bronze medalist at the 1991 World Championships, and would improve that to a silver in 1993, but she had a very long career, and would finally win the Worlds in 2003.

1526Svetlana KrivelyovaEUN19.98 (1)21.06 (1)Gold
2278Huang ZhihongCHN18.93 (5)20.47 (2)Silver
3832Kathrin NeimkeGER19.13 (4)19.78 (3)Bronze
4351Belsy LazaCUB18.72 (6)19.70 (4)
5298Zhou TianhuaCHN18.63 (7)19.26 (5)
6186Svetla MitkovaBUL19.21 (3)19.23 (6)
7852Stephanie StorpGER18.58 (8)19.10 (7)
8545Vita PavlyshEUN17.39 (12)18.69 (8)
9529Nataliya LisovskayaEUN19.58 (2)18.60 (9)
101365Krystyna DanilczykPOL18.30 (9)18.29 (10)
111744Ramona PagelUSA18.02 (11)18.24 (11)
12296Zhen WenhuaCHN18.17 (10)17.81 (12)
13 r1/2447Margarita RamosESP16.82 (13)
14 r1/2685Myrtle AugeeGBR16.53 (14)
15 r1/21690Pam DukesUSA16.46 (15)
16 r1/2242Georgette ReedCAN15.33 (16)
17 r1/2373Elli EvangelidouCYP14.69 (17)
AC r1/21684Bonnie DasseUSA16.68 (AC)

Qualifying Round (5 August 1992 — 17:15)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 18.50 metres advanced to the final.

1Svetlana KrivelyovaEUN19.98Q
2Nataliya LisovskayaEUN19.58Q
3Svetla MitkovaBUL19.21Q
4Kathrin NeimkeGER19.13Q
5Huang ZhihongCHN18.93Q
6Belsy LazaCUB18.72Q
7Zhou TianhuaCHN18.63Q
8Stephanie StorpGER18.58Q
9Krystyna DanilczykPOL18.30q
10Zhen WenhuaCHN18.17q
11Ramona PagelUSA18.02q
12Vita PavlyshEUN17.39q
13Margarita RamosESP16.82
14Myrtle AugeeGBR16.53
15Pam DukesUSA16.46
16Georgette ReedCAN15.33
17Elli EvangelidouCYP14.69
ACBonnie DasseUSA16.68DQ1

Qualifying Round, Group A (5 August 1992)

13Nataliya LisovskayaEUN19.5819.58--
28Svetla MitkovaBUL19.2119.21--
39Zhou TianhuaCHN18.6317.9818.63-
41Stephanie StorpGER18.5818.4918.58-
56Ramona PagelUSA18.0216.5318.0217.89
65Vita PavlyshEUN17.39××17.39
72Myrtle AugeeGBR16.53×15.9216.53
87Pam DukesUSA16.46×16.4615.46
94Georgette ReedCAN15.3315.1415.1515.33

Qualifying Round, Group B (5 August 1992)

18Svetlana KrivelyovaEUN19.9819.98--
21Kathrin NeimkeGER19.1319.13--
34Huang ZhihongCHN18.9318.93--
45Belsy LazaCUB18.7218.3318.3618.72
57Krystyna DanilczykPOL18.3017.5118.0418.30
66Zhen WenhuaCHN18.1718.07×18.17
72Margarita RamosESP16.82×16.8216.64
89Elli EvangelidouCYP14.6914.4214.3814.69
AC3Bonnie DasseUSA16.6816.33×16.68DQ2

Final Round (7 August 1992 — 18:55)

112Svetlana KrivelyovaEUN21.0620.3420.09×19.9920.8921.06
211Huang ZhihongCHN20.4720.2520.1920.47×20.1120.44
310Kathrin NeimkeGER19.7819.6118.5619.5619.22×19.78
47Belsy LazaCUB19.7018.7819.70××18.6918.75
54Zhou TianhuaCHN19.2619.1118.6618.6419.2618.3418.57
69Svetla MitkovaBUL19.2319.23××19.0919.2119.19
72Stephanie StorpGER19.1017.5819.1019.08×18.9618.43
81Vita PavlyshEUN18.6918.69×××18.61×
98Nataliya LisovskayaEUN18.6018.60××
105Krystyna DanilczykPOL18.2917.6117.8918.29
116Ramona PagelUSA18.2418.2418.0417.21
123Zhen WenhuaCHN17.8117.5617.81×