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Pole Vault, Men

Date27 – 29 September 2000
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants36 from 22 countries

The top vaulter in 2004 was Jeff Hartwig, who had cleared 6.03 (19-9½) but he did not make the US team. Favored once again was Sergey Bubka (UKR), the greatest vaulter ever, but one who had known almost nothing but misery at the Olympics. In 1984, he could not compete because of the boycott. From 1988-2000 he was the favorite but won only in 1988. In 1992, he did not make a height in the final. In 1996 he withdrew from the qualifying with an Achilles’ injury. In Sydney, he opened at 5.70 (18-8¼) in the qualifying but did not clear that height and was out. His Olympic career as a competitor was over, although in 1999 he had been elected as a member of the IOC. There were eight vaulters left at 5.90 (19-4¼), all having cleared 5.80 (19-0¼). Only four were successful at 5.90 – Nick Hysong (USA) on his first attempt, Lawrence Johnson (USA) on his second attempt, and Maksim Tarasov (1992 gold medalist) (RUS) and Michael Stolle (GER) on their third attempts. Nobody could do any better and that settled the medals – Hysong gold, Johnson silver, and Tarasov getting bronze based on fewer total misses.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
13288Nick HysongUSA5.70 (1)5.90 (1)Gold
23293Lawrence JohnsonUSA5.65 (=12)5.90 (2)Silver
32915Maksim TarasovRUS5.65 (=7)5.90 (3)Bronze
41890Michael StolleGER5.70 (5)5.90 (4)
=51074Dmitri MarkovAUS5.70 (3)5.80 (=5)
=51090Viktor ChistiakovAUS5.70 (4)5.80 (=5)
72840Okkert BritsRSA5.65 (=7)5.80 (7)
81864Danny EckerGER5.70 (2)5.80 (8)
91600Montxu MirandaESP5.65 (=12)5.70 (9)
=102169Alex AverbukhISR5.65 (=7)5.50 (=10)
=102201Giuseppe GibiliscoITA5.70 (6)5.50 (=10)
=102911Yevgeny SmiryaginRUS5.65 (=7)5.50 (=10)
131878Tim LobingerGER5.65 (=7)5.50 (13)
14 r1/21514Štěpán JanáčekCZE5.65 (14)
15 r1/22611Rens BlomNED5.65 (15)
=16 r1/21057Paul BurgessAUS5.55 (=16)
=16 r1/21584Javier GarcíaESP5.55 (=16)
=16 r1/21722Jean GalfioneFRA5.55 (=16)
=16 r1/21800Kevin HughesGBR5.55 (=16)
=20 r1/22174Danny KrasnovISR5.55 (=20)
=20 r1/23105Patrik KristianssonSWE5.55 (=20)
=22 r1/21202Thibaut DuvalBEL5.55 (=22)
=22 r1/21285Iliyan EfremovBUL5.55 (=22)
=22 r1/23102Martin ErikssonSWE5.55 (=22)
25 r1/22327Manabu YokoyamaJPN5.55 (25)
=26 r1/22477Dominic JohnsonLCA5.40 (=26)
=26 r1/22872Pavel GerasimovRUS5.40 (=26)
=26 r1/23279Chad HartingUSA5.40 (=26)
29 r1/22744João AndréPOR5.40 (29)
=30 r1/21733Romain MesnilFRA5.40 (=30)
=30 r1/23217Denys YurchenkoUKR5.40 (=30)
32 r1/22753Nuno FernandesPOR5.25 (32)
AC r1/21509Fotis StefaniCYP– (NH)
AC r1/22348Igor PotapovichKAZ– (NH)
AC r1/22564Robin PrattMEX– (NH)
AC r1/23194Sergey BubkaUKR– (NH)
DNS3180Ruhan IşımTUR– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (27 September 2000 — 18:30)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 5.75 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
1Nick HysongUSA5.7000q
2Danny EckerGER5.7001q
3Dmitri MarkovAUS5.7011q
4Viktor ChistiakovAUS5.7014q
5Michael StolleGER5.7022q
6Giuseppe GibiliscoITA5.7023q
=7Tim LobingerGER5.6500q1
=7Okkert BritsRSA5.6500q
=7Maksim TarasovRUS5.6500q
=7Alex AverbukhISR5.6500q
=7Yevgeny SmiryaginRUS5.6500q2
=12Lawrence JohnsonUSA5.6501q3
=12Montxu MirandaESP5.6501q4
14Štěpán JanáčekCZE5.6502
15Rens BlomNED5.6511
=16Javier GarcíaESP5.5500
=16Jean GalfioneFRA5.5500
=16Paul BurgessAUS5.5500
=16Kevin HughesGBR5.5500
=20Danny KrasnovISR5.5511
=20Patrik KristianssonSWE5.5511
=22Thibaut DuvalBEL5.5523
=22Iliyan EfremovBUL5.5523
=22Martin ErikssonSWE5.5523
25Manabu YokoyamaJPN5.5524
=26Dominic JohnsonLCA5.4011
=26Pavel GerasimovRUS5.4011
=26Chad HartingUSA5.4011
29João AndréPOR5.4012
=30Romain MesnilFRA5.40225
=30Denys YurchenkoUKR5.40226
32Nuno FernandesPOR5.2522
NHFotis StefaniCYP
NHIgor PotapovichKAZ
NHSergey BubkaUKR
NHRobin PrattMEX
DNSRuhan IşımTUR

Qualifying Round, Group A (27 September 2000 — 18:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses5.25 m5.40 m5.55 m5.65 m5.70 m
1Dmitri MarkovAUS5.7011--ooxo
2Viktor ChistiakovAUS5.7014-oxoxxoxo
=3Tim LobingerGER5.6500-ooox-
=3Yevgeny SmiryaginRUS5.6500-oooxx-
=5Lawrence JohnsonUSA5.6501--xoo-
=5Montxu MirandaESP5.6501-xoooxxx
7Štěpán JanáčekCZE5.6502-xxoooxxx
8Rens BlomNED5.6511-ooxoxxx
9Jean GalfioneFRA5.5500-ooxxx
=10Danny KrasnovISR5.5511-oxoxxx
=10Patrik KristianssonSWE5.5511-oxoxxx
12Thibaut DuvalBEL5.5523-xoxxoxxx
13Pavel GerasimovRUS5.4011-xo-xxx
14Nuno FernandesPOR5.2522xxoxxx
NHIgor PotapovichKAZ
NHSergey BubkaUKR
NHRobin PrattMEX
DNSRuhan IşımTUR

Qualifying Round, Group B (27 September 2000 — 18:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses5.25 m5.40 m5.55 m5.65 m5.70 m
1Nick HysongUSA5.7000--ooo
2Danny EckerGER5.7001--xo-o
3Michael StolleGER5.7022--o-xxo
4Giuseppe GibiliscoITA5.7023-oxooxxo
=5Okkert BritsRSA5.6500--oo-
=5Maksim TarasovRUS5.6500---o-
=5Alex AverbukhISR5.6500--oo-
=8Javier GarcíaESP5.5500-ooxx-x--
=8Paul BurgessAUS5.5500-ooxxx
=8Kevin HughesGBR5.5500oooxxx
=11Iliyan EfremovBUL5.5523oxoxxo-xxx
=11Martin ErikssonSWE5.5523-xoxxoxxx
13Manabu YokoyamaJPN5.5524-xxoxxoxxx
=14Dominic JohnsonLCA5.4011-xoxxx
=14Chad HartingUSA5.4011-xox-xx-
16João AndréPOR5.4012xoxoxxx
=17Romain MesnilFRA5.4022-xxox-xx-
=17Denys YurchenkoUKR5.4022-xxo-x--
NHFotis StefaniCYP

Final Round (29 September 2000 — 18:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses5.50 m5.70 m5.80 m5.90 m5.96 m
1Nick HysongUSA5.9001oxoooxxx
2Lawrence JohnsonUSA5.9011-ooxoxxx
3Maksim TarasovRUS5.9023o-xoxxoxxx
4Michael StolleGER5.9025xxooxoxxoxxx
=5Dmitri MarkovAUS5.8000o-oxx-x--
=5Viktor ChistiakovAUS5.8000oooxxx
7Okkert BritsRSA5.8011-oxoxxx
8Danny EckerGER5.8012oxoxoxxx
9Montxu MirandaESP5.7022oxxoxxx
=10Alex AverbukhISR5.5000oxxx
=10Giuseppe GibiliscoITA5.5000oxxx
=10Yevgeny SmiryaginRUS5.5000oxxx
13Tim LobingerGER5.5011xoxxx