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Foil, Individual, Men

Date14 – 21 May 1900
LocationLa Grande Salle des Fêtes de l'Exposition, Champs de Mars, Paris
Participants53 from 9 countries

There were 53 fencers from 9 nations but 39 of them were from France. There were several rounds that qualified 16 fencers for the semi-finals. They consisted of individual bouts among the fencers, but a jury decided on who would advance, rather than going strictly by the results of matches. In the semi-finals and finals, round-robin pools were conducted, and here the match results did determine the placements. The semi-finals consisted of two pools of eight fencers each, with the top four in each pool advancing to the final. France’s Émile Coste won this event by winning 6 of his 7 matches in the final pool. Henri Masson was second with 5 wins and 2 losses. There were also a consolation pool of the semi-finalists that did not make the final pool, so that the fencers were ranked from 1-16 based on the final and consolation pools.

1Émile CosteFRAGold
2Henri MassonFRASilver
3Marcel BoulengerFRABronze
4Félix DebaxFRA
5Pierre d'HuguesFRA
6Joseph SénatFRA
7Georges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRA
8Rudolf BroschAUT
=9Clément de BoissièreFRA
=9G. BellotFRA
11Eugène des Logis BergesFRA
12Gabriel, Comte de Saint-AgnanFRA
13Joseph DucrotFRA
14Tony SmetBEL
15Adrien GuyonFRA
16Charles GuérinFRA
AC p2 r4/5Jean-Joseph RenaudFRA
AC r3/5Paul FerrandFRA
AC r3/5André, Baron de SchonenFRA
AC r3/5Henri PlommetFRA
AC r3/5Jean TailleferFRA
AC r3/5Léon ThiébautFRA
AC r3/5Henri JobierFRA
AC r3/5Carlos de CandamoPER
AC r2/5V. CalvetFRA
AC r2/5Lucien JactelFRA
AC r2/5 MartiniFRA
AC r2/5Raphaël PerrissoudFRA
AC r2/5Albert CahenFRA
AC r2/5Olivier, Conte CollariniITA
AC r2/5H. ValarchéFRA
AC r2/5Paul RobertSUI
AC r2/5Robert MarcFRA
AC r2/5Mauricio, Duque de GorESP
AC r1/5André CorvingtonHAI
AC r1/5Giunio FedreghiniITA
AC r1/5 GardièsFRA
AC r1/5Henri GrossardFRA
AC r1/5 PalardiITA
AC r1/5 PasseratFRA
AC r1/5 PiotFRA
AC r1/5 PélabonFRA
AC r1/5Albert, Comte Gautier-VignalFRA
AC r1/5Emil FickSWE
AC r1/5Giuseppe GiuratoITA
AC r1/5Heinrich RischtoffAUT
AC r1/5H. Georges BergerFRA
AC r1/5Jean WeillSUI
AC r1/5Paul LeroyFRA
AC r1/5Édouard FouchierFRA
AC r1/5 van der StoppenAUT
AC r1/5Frédéric SoudoisFRA
AC r1/5 WattelierFRA

Round 1 (14 – 15 May 1900)

Matches were contested among the participants in round one. The actual results of the matches was not of primary importance. Rather, a jury decided which fencers were the best and advanced those to next round.

ACClément de BoissièreFRAQ
ACGabriel, Comte de Saint-AgnanFRAQ
ACFélix DebaxFRAQ
ACPaul FerrandFRAQ
ACCharles GuérinFRAQ
ACLucien JactelFRAQ
AC MartiniFRAQ
ACRaphaël PerrissoudFRAQ
ACHenri PlommetFRAQ
ACAdrien GuyonFRAQ
ACAlbert CahenFRAQ
ACAndré, Baron de SchonenFRAQ
ACCarlos de CandamoPERQ
ACOlivier, Conte CollariniITAQ
ACJoseph DucrotFRAQ
ACGeorges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRAQ
ACH. ValarchéFRAQ
ACHenri JobierFRAQ
ACHenri MassonFRAQ
ACJean-Joseph RenaudFRAQ
ACJean TailleferFRAQ
ACLéon ThiébautFRAQ
ACMarcel BoulengerFRAQ
ACPaul RobertSUIQ
ACPierre d'HuguesFRAQ
ACJoseph SénatFRAQ
ACRobert MarcFRAQ
ACRudolf BroschAUTQ
ACMauricio, Duque de GorESPQ
ACÉmile CosteFRAQ
ACEugène des Logis BergesFRAQ
ACFrédéric SoudoisFRA
AC van der StoppenAUT
AC WattelierFRA
ACAndré CorvingtonHAI
ACGiunio FedreghiniITA
AC GardièsFRA
ACHenri GrossardFRA
AC PalardiITA
AC PasseratFRA
AC PélabonFRA
ACAlbert, Comte Gautier-VignalFRA
ACEmil FickSWE
ACGiuseppe GiuratoITA
ACHeinrich RischtoffAUT
ACH. Georges BergerFRA
ACJean WeillSUI
ACPaul LeroyFRA
ACÉdouard FouchierFRA

Bout #1 Mauricio, Duque de GorESP advanced – advancedFélix DebaxFRA
Bout #2 Georges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRA advanced – advancedPaul RobertSUI
Bout #3 Carlos de CandamoPER advanced – advancedAlbert CahenFRA
Bout #4 Henri MassonFRA advanced – advancedOlivier, Conte CollariniITA
Bout #5 Robert MarcFRA advanced – advancedG. BellotFRA
Bout #6 MartiniFRA advanced – advancedHenri JobierFRA
Bout #7 Tony SmetBEL advanced – advancedCharles GuérinFRA
Bout #8 Joseph SénatFRA advanced – advancedPaul FerrandFRA
Bout #9 Jean TailleferFRA advanced – Henri GrossardFRA
Bout #10 V. CalvetFRA advanced – Emil FickSWE
Bout #11 Adrien GuyonFRA advanced – PalardiITA
Bout #12 Lucien JactelFRA advanced – Giuseppe GiuratoITA
Bout #13 Clément de BoissièreFRA advanced – GardièsFRA
Bout #14 1 Léon ThiébautFRA 2bye
Bout #15 Giunio FedreghiniITA PiotFRA
Bout #16 Heinrich RischtoffAUT PélabonFRA
Bout #17 Jean WeillSUI PasseratFRA
Bout #18 André CorvingtonHAI Édouard FouchierFRA
Bout #19 Pierre d'HuguesFRA advanced – advancedÉmile CosteFRA
Bout #20 Rudolf BroschAUT advanced – advancedMarcel BoulengerFRA
Bout #21 H. ValarchéFRA advanced – advancedGabriel, Comte de Saint-AgnanFRA
Bout #22 Henri PlommetFRA advanced – van der StoppenAUT
Bout #23 Raphaël PerrissoudFRA advanced – Frédéric SoudoisFRA
Bout #24 Joseph DucrotFRA advanced – Albert, Comte Gautier-VignalFRA
Bout #25 André, Baron de SchonenFRA advanced – Paul LeroyFRA
Bout #26 Jean-Joseph RenaudFRA advanced – advancedEugène des Logis BergesFRA
Bout #27 WattelierFRA H. Georges BergerFRA

Quarter-Finals (16 May 1900)

Matches were contested among the participants in the quarter-finals. The actual results of the matches was not of primary importance. Rather, a jury decided which fencers were the best and advanced those to next round.

ACClément de BoissièreFRAQ
ACFélix DebaxFRAQ
ACCharles GuérinFRAQ
ACAdrien GuyonFRAQ
ACJoseph DucrotFRAQ
ACHenri MassonFRAQ
ACJean-Joseph RenaudFRAQ
ACMarcel BoulengerFRAQ
ACÉmile CosteFRAQ
ACG. BellotFRAq
ACGabriel, Comte de Saint-AgnanFRAq
ACPaul FerrandFRAq
ACHenri PlommetFRAq
ACAndré, Baron de SchonenFRAq
ACCarlos de CandamoPERq
ACEugène des Logis BergesFRAq
ACGeorges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRAq
ACHenri JobierFRAq
ACJean TailleferFRAq
ACLéon ThiébautFRAq
ACPierre d'HuguesFRAq
ACRudolf BroschAUTq
ACJoseph SénatFRAq
ACV. CalvetFRA
ACLucien JactelFRA
AC MartiniFRA
ACRaphaël PerrissoudFRA
ACAlbert CahenFRA
ACOlivier, Conte CollariniITA
ACH. ValarchéFRA
ACPaul RobertSUI
ACRobert MarcFRA
ACMauricio, Duque de GorESP

Bout #1 Jean-Joseph RenaudFRA advanced – advancedFélix DebaxFRA
Bout #2 Clément de BoissièreFRA advanced – advancedAdrien GuyonFRA
Bout #3 Henri MassonFRA advanced – repêchageCarlos de CandamoPER
Bout #4 Tony SmetBEL advanced – repêchageGabriel, Comte de Saint-AgnanFRA
Bout #5 Charles GuérinFRA advanced – repêchageEugène des Logis BergesFRA
Bout #6 André, Baron de SchonenFRA repêchage – repêchageHenri PlommetFRA
Bout #7 Émile CosteFRA repêchage – Paul RobertSUI
Bout #8 3 Marcel BoulengerFRA advanced – Albert CahenFRA 4
Bout #9 Joseph DucrotFRA advanced – Lucien JactelFRA
Bout #10 Georges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRA repêchage – Raphaël PerrissoudFRA
Bout #11 Rudolf BroschAUT repêchage – H. ValarchéFRA
Bout #12 G. BellotFRA repêchage – V. CalvetFRA
Bout #13 Paul FerrandFRA repêchage – Robert MarcFRA
Bout #14 Jean TailleferFRA repêchage – MartiniFRA
Bout #15 Léon ThiébautFRA repêchage – Mauricio, Duque de GorESP
Bout #16 Henri JobierFRA repêchage – Olivier, Conte CollariniITA
Bout #17 5 Pierre d'HuguesFRA repêchage – Albert CahenFRA 6

Repêchage (17 May 1900)

Matches were contested among the participants in the repêchage pool. The actual results of the matches was not of primary importance. Rather, a jury decided which fencers were the best and advanced those to next round.

ACPierre d'HuguesFRAQ
ACJoseph SénatFRAQ
ACGeorges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRAQ
ACRudolf BroschAUTQ
ACEugène des Logis BergesFRAQ
ACGabriel, Comte de Saint-AgnanFRAq
ACPaul FerrandFRAq
ACAndré, Baron de SchonenFRAq
ACHenri PlommetFRA
ACJean TailleferFRA
ACLéon ThiébautFRA
ACHenri JobierFRA
ACCarlos de CandamoPER

Semi-Finals (18 – 19 May 1900)

Top four finishers in each pool advanced to final. Others advanced to consolation final.

Pool 1

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Émile CosteFRA70Q
=2Henri MassonFRA52Q
=2Joseph SénatFRA52Q
4Rudolf BroschAUT34Q
5Charles GuérinFRA34
=6Clément de BoissièreFRA25
=6G. BellotFRA25
8Tony SmetBEL16

Pool 1 Émile CosteFRA Henri MassonFRA
Pool 1 Émile CosteFRA Joseph SénatFRA
Pool 1 Émile CosteFRA Rudolf BroschAUT
Pool 1 Émile CosteFRA Charles GuérinFRA
Pool 1 Émile CosteFRA Clément de BoissièreFRA
Pool 1 Émile CosteFRA G. BellotFRA
Pool 1 Émile CosteFRA Tony SmetBEL
Pool 1 Henri MassonFRA Charles GuérinFRA
Pool 1 Henri MassonFRA Rudolf BroschAUT
Pool 1 Henri MassonFRA Clément de BoissièreFRA
Pool 1 Henri MassonFRA G. BellotFRA
Pool 1 Henri MassonFRA Tony SmetBEL
Pool 1 Joseph SénatFRA Henri MassonFRA
Pool 1 Joseph SénatFRA Charles GuérinFRA
Pool 1 Joseph SénatFRA Clément de BoissièreFRA
Pool 1 Joseph SénatFRA G. BellotFRA
Pool 1 Joseph SénatFRA Tony SmetBEL
Pool 1 Rudolf BroschAUT Joseph SénatFRA
Pool 1 Rudolf BroschAUT Charles GuérinFRA
Pool 1 Rudolf BroschAUT G. BellotFRA
Pool 1 Charles GuérinFRA Clément de BoissièreFRA
Pool 1 Charles GuérinFRA G. BellotFRA
Pool 1 Charles GuérinFRA Tony SmetBEL
Pool 1 Clément de BoissièreFRA Rudolf BroschAUT
Pool 1 Clément de BoissièreFRA Tony SmetBEL
Pool 1 G. BellotFRA Clément de BoissièreFRA
Pool 1 G. BellotFRA Tony SmetBEL
Pool 1 Tony SmetBEL Rudolf BroschAUT

Pool 2

ACMarcel BoulengerFRAQ
ACFélix DebaxFRAQ
ACPierre d'HuguesFRAQ
ACGeorges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRAQ
ACJean-Joseph RenaudFRA7
ACAdrien GuyonFRA
ACJoseph DucrotFRA
ACEugène des Logis BergesFRA

Final Pool (21 May 1900 — 10:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Émile CosteFRA61
2Henri MassonFRA52
3Marcel BoulengerFRA43
4Félix DebaxFRA43
5Pierre d'HuguesFRA34
6Joseph SénatFRA34
7Georges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRA25
8Rudolf BroschAUT16

Consolation Final

1Clément de BoissièreFRA
2Eugène des Logis BergesFRA
3Gabriel, Comte de Saint-AgnanFRA8
4G. BellotFRA
5Joseph DucrotFRA
6Tony SmetBEL
7Adrien GuyonFRA
8Charles GuérinFRA