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4 x 100 metres Freestyle Relay, Women

Date31 July 1984
LocationOlympic Swim Stadium, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
Participants54 from 12 countries

With the East German women absent because of the Soviet-led boycott, the USA women became the overwhelming favorites in the freestyle relay. In the heats the US qualified first although it saved the co-gold medalists from the 100 freestyle, Nancy Hogshead and Carrie Steinseifer, for the final. They were joined by Dara Torres and Jenna Johnson. On the opening leg the Dutch team led, with Annemarie Verstappen touching in 55.94 to put them ahead. Steinseifer put the American ahead on the second leg, but it was still close and it would stay that way throughout. After three legs it was almost a dead heat, with the US 0.08 seconds ahead as Nancy Hogshead and Conny van Bentum took to the water. By the final turn van Bentum had closed the gap, but the effort cost her as Hogshead pulled away on the final lap to give the US the gold medal over the Netherlands, winning by almost a second. The American time of 3:43.43 was a US record, but missed the East German world and Olympic record of 3:42.71. Three weeks later the GDR women would better that mark with 3:42.41 at the Friendship Games in Moscow.

1United StatesUSA3:43.56 (1 h2)3:43.43 (1)Gold
Jenna JohnsonCarrie SteinseiferDara TorresNancy HogsheadJill SterkelMary Wayte
2NetherlandsNED3:47.65 (2 h2)3:44.40 (2)Silver
Annemarie VerstappenElles VoskesDesi ReijersConny van BentumWilma van Velsen
3West GermanyFRG3:46.49 (1 h1)3:45.56 (3)Bronze
Iris ZscherpeSusanne SchusterChristiane PielkeKarin SeickIna Beyermann (DNS)
4AustraliaAUS3:49.61 (2 h1)3:47.79 (4)
Michele PearsonAngela RussellAnna McVannLisa CurryJanet Tibbits
5CanadaCAN3:50.40 (3 h2)3:49.50 (5)
Pam RaiCarol KlimpelCheryl McArtonJane KerrMaureen New
6Great BritainGBR3:51.47 (4 h2)3:50.12 (6)
June CroftNikki FibbensDebra GoreAnnabelle Cripps
7SwedenSWE3:52.27 (3 h1)3:51.24 (7)
Maria KardumAgneta ErikssonPetra HildérKarin FuruhedMalin RundgrenAnn Linder (DNS)Suzanne Nilsson (DNS)
8FranceFRA3:52.67 (4 h1)3:52.15 (8)
Carole AmoricSophie KamounVéronique JardinLaurence Bensimon
9ItalyITA3:52.89 (5 h2)
Monica OlmiSilvia PersiGrazia ColomboManuela Dalla ValleCarla Lasi (DNS)
10JapanJPN3:54.68 (6 h2)
Junko SakuraiChikako NakamoriMiki SaitoKaori YanaseNaomi Sekido (DNS)
11MexicoMEX3:58.31 (5 h1)
Patricia KohlmannTeresa RiveraRosa FuentesIrma Huerta
12Hong KongHKG4:12.63 (6 h1)
Kathy WongFenella NgLotta FlinkChow Lai Yee

Round One (31 July 1984 — 10:35)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14West GermanyFRG3:46.49Q
Iris Zscherpe57.0457.04 (2)
Susanne Schuster56.601:53.64 (1)
Christiane Pielke56.802:50.44 (1)
Karin Seick56.053:46.49 (1)
Lisa Curry57.7957.79 (3)
Angela Russell57.111:54.90 (2)
Janet Tibbits58.162:53.06 (2)
Michele Pearson56.553:49.61 (2)
Maria Kardum58.3258.32 (4)
Agneta Eriksson56.921:55.24 (3)
Petra Hildér58.182:53.42 (3)
Malin Rundgren58.853:52.27 (3)
Sophie Kamoun58.4058.40 (5)
Carole Amoric57.741:56.14 (4)
Laurence Bensimon58.742:54.88 (4)
Véronique Jardin57.793:52.67 (4)
Patricia Kohlmann58.5858.58 (6)
Teresa Rivera59.011:57.59 (5)
Rosa Fuentes1:00.802:58.39 (5)
Irma Huerta59.923:58.31 (5)
67Hong KongHKG4:12.63
Kathy Wong1:00.671:00.67 (1)
Fenella Ng1:02.512:03.18 (6)
Lotta Flink1:03.613:06.79 (6)
Chow Lai Yee1:05.844:12.63 (6)

Heat Two

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA3:43.56Q
Dara Torres56.8856.88 (2)
Jill Sterkel55.421:52.30 (1)
Jenna Johnson55.632:47.93 (1)
Mary Wayte55.633:43.56 (1)
Annemarie Verstappen56.3056.30 (1)
Elles Voskes56.981:53.28 (2)
Desi Reijers56.802:50.08 (2)
Wilma van Velsen57.573:47.65 (2)
Jane Kerr57.8257.82 (3)
Maureen New57.661:55.48 (3)
Cheryl McArton57.482:52.96 (3)
Carol Klimpel57.443:50.40 (3)
46Great BritainGBR3:51.47Q
Annabelle Cripps58.6758.67 (4)
Nikki Fibbens57.241:55.91 (4)
Debra Gore58.502:54.41 (4)
June Croft57.063:51.47 (4)
Monica Olmi59.0259.02 (5)
Silvia Persi57.021:56.04 (5)
Grazia Colombo58.402:54.44 (5)
Manuela Dalla Valle58.453:52.89 (5)
Junko Sakurai59.1859.18 (6)
Chikako Nakamori58.151:57.33 (6)
Miki Saito58.982:56.31 (6)
Kaori Yanase58.373:54.68 (6)

Final (31 July 1984 — 17:10)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA3:43.43
Jenna Johnson56.4656.46 (2)
Carrie Steinseifer55.871:52.33 (1)
Dara Torres55.922:48.25 (1)
Nancy Hogshead55.183:43.43 (1)
Annemarie Verstappen55.9455.94 (1)
Elles Voskes56.771:52.71 (2)
Desi Reijers55.622:48.33 (2)
Conny van Bentum56.073:44.40 (2)
35West GermanyFRG3:45.56
Iris Zscherpe57.2657.26 (4)
Susanne Schuster56.321:53.58 (4)
Christiane Pielke56.242:49.82 (3)
Karin Seick55.743:45.56 (3)
Michele Pearson56.5156.51 (3)
Angela Russell56.971:53.48 (3)
Anna McVann58.262:51.74 (4)
Lisa Curry56.053:47.79 (4)
Pam Rai57.7057.70 (6)
Carol Klimpel57.471:55.17 (7)
Cheryl McArton57.522:52.69 (6)
Jane Kerr56.813:49.50 (5)
67Great BritainGBR3:50.12
June Croft57.4957.49 (5)
Nikki Fibbens57.331:54.82 (5)
Debra Gore57.242:52.06 (5)
Annabelle Cripps58.063:50.12 (6)
Maria Kardum57.9357.93 (7)
Agneta Eriksson57.191:55.12 (6)
Petra Hildér57.902:53.02 (7)
Karin Furuhed58.223:51.24 (7)
Carole Amoric58.5858.58 (8)
Sophie Kamoun57.241:55.82 (8)
Véronique Jardin57.832:53.65 (8)
Laurence Bensimon58.503:52.15 (8)