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Sabre, Individual, Three Hits, Men

Date28 April – 1 May 1906
LocationZappeion, Athina
Participants21 from 6 countries

Listed in some sources as the three-cornered sabre, it is quite clear from all 1906 sources, in various languages, that this event was a standard sabre competition with each match decided by three hits. Twenty-two competitors fenced in two elimination pools to determine the ten finalists. The winner was Gustav Casmir with George van Rossem of the Netherlands second.

1Gustav CasmirGERGold
2George van RossemNEDSilver
3Péter TóthHUNBronze
4Emil SchönGER
5Jenő ApáthyHUN
6Ernst KönigsgartenAUT
AC finalFederico CesaranoITA
AC finalMaurits van Löben SelsNED
AC finalKonstantinos FotiadisGRE
AC finalArie de JongNED
AC p1 r1/2Lex van BlijenburghNED
AC p1 r1/2Otto HerschmannAUT
AC p1 r1/2James, Baron Melvill van CarnbéeNED
AC p2 r1/2Willem Hubert van BlijenburghNED
AC p2 r1/2Béla NagyHUN
AC p2 r1/2Antal HámosHUN
AC p2 r1/2Robert KrünertGER
DNF p1 r1/2Johannes OstenNED
DNF p1 r1/2August PetriGER
DNF p1 r1/2Christos ZorbasGRE
DNF p2 r1/2Jakob Erckrath de BaryGER

Round One (28 April 1906)

Top five finishers in each pool advanced to final.

Pool 1

=1Gustav CasmirGERQ
=1George van RossemNEDQ
=3Ernst KönigsgartenAUTQ
=3Konstantinos FotiadisGREQ
5Arie de JongNEDQ
ACLex van BlijenburghNED
ACOtto HerschmannAUT
ACJames, Baron Melvill van CarnbéeNED
DNFJohannes OstenNED
DNFAugust PetriGER
DNFChristos ZorbasGRE

Pool 2

1Péter TóthHUNQ
=2Emil SchönGERQ
=2Jenő ApáthyHUNQ
4Federico CesaranoITAQ
5Maurits van Löben SelsNEDQ
ACWillem Hubert van BlijenburghNED
ACBéla NagyHUN
ACAntal HámosHUN
ACRobert KrünertGER
DNFJakob Erckrath de BaryGER

Final Pool (1 May 1906)

1Gustav CasmirGER
2George van RossemNED
3Péter TóthHUN
4Emil SchönGER
5Jenő ApáthyHUN
6Ernst KönigsgartenAUT
ACFederico CesaranoITA
ACMaurits van Löben SelsNED
ACKonstantinos FotiadisGRE
ACArie de JongNED