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Boardercross, Men

Date15 February 2018
LocationPhoenix Snow Park, Mountain Cluster, Bongpyeong
Participants39 from 16 countries
Course SetterJeff IhaksiCAN
Course BuilderJeff IhaksiCAN
DetailsCourse Length: 1,277 m
Features: 23
Start Altitude: 894 m
Vertical Drop: 228 m

The men’s boardercross was held at the Phoenix Snow Park in the mountain cluster of Bongpyeong, Korea. Among the medal contenders were the defending Olympic and reigning World champion Pierre Vaultier of France, two-time World champion Alex Pullin of Australia, and Italy’s Omar Visintin, the 2014 Crystal Globe winner.

Vaultier, a five-time World Cup champion, was involved in a three-man crash in his semi-final and stepped out of his binding to push on top of the kicker, managing to get up to finish the race and qualify in third place.

In the Big Final, Vaultier led from the start, with Australia’s Jarryd Hughes maintaining an inside line to keep in touch with the Frenchman. With Pullin’s crashing, which was followed by Americans Nick Baumgartner and Mick Dierdorff, Vaultier, Hughes and Regino Hernandez of Spain were left in the medal positions.

Vaultier, the four-time Olympian, finished 0.27 of a second in front of Hughes, and successfully defended his gold medal from Sochi 2014. Hughes who had stayed close to the front won the silver medal. Hernandez became only the third Spaniard ever to win a medal at the Olympic Winter Games with his bronze medal (following Francisco Fernández Ochoa in 1972, and his younger sister Blanca Fernandez Ochoa in 1992).

11Pierre VaultierFRAGold
225Jarryd HughesAUSSilver
33Regino HernándezESPBronze
415Nick BaumgartnerUSA
527Mick DierdorffUSA
620Alex PullinAUS
724Alessandro HämmerleAUT
87Martin NörlGER
923Anton LindforsFIN
1012Cam BoltonAUS
=114Nikolay OlyuninROC
=1111Chris RobanskeCAN
136Hagen KearneyUSA
148Kevin HillCAN
1518Emanuel PerathonerITA
1621Jérôme LymannSUI
175Merlin SurgetFRA
189Kalle KobletSUI
1914Paul BergGER
2039Mateusz LigockiPOL
2110Ken VuagnouxFRA
2217Markus SchairerAUT
2328Michele GodinoITA
2435Loan BozzoloFRA
252Omar VisintinITA
2613Lorenzo SommarivaITA
2716Hanno DouschanAUT
2819Jonathan CheeverUSA
2922Adam LambertAUS
3029Steven WilliamsARG
3131Daniil DilmanROC
3233Konstantin SchadGER
3326Lucas EguibarESP
3430Lluís MarínAND
3532Jan KubičíkCZE
3634Éliot GrondinCAN
3736Duncan CampbellNZL
3837Laro HerreroESP
3938Lukas PachnerAUT
DNS40Baptiste BrochuCAN

Qualifying (15 February 2018 — 11:00)

First 24 competitors of first run seeded on results, remainder seeded on second run.

PosNrBoarderNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
115Pierre VaultierFRA1:13.141:13.14 (1)
27Omar VisintinITA1:13.251:13.25 (2)
39Regino HernándezESP1:13.671:13.67 (3)
422Nikolay OlyuninROC1:13.781:13.78 (4)
529Merlin SurgetFRA1:13.821:13.82 (5)
65Hagen KearneyUSA1:13.941:13.94 (6)
71Martin NörlGER1:14.121:14.12 (7)
817Kevin HillCAN1:14.241:14.24 (8)
931Kalle KobletSUI1:14.251:14.25 (9)
1027Ken VuagnouxFRA1:14.291:14.29 (10)
1123Chris RobanskeCAN1:14.351:14.35 (=11)
1225Cam BoltonAUS1:14.351:14.35 (=11)
1326Lorenzo SommarivaITA1:14.361:14.36 (13)
1411Paul BergGER1:14.391:14.39 (14)
1510Nick BaumgartnerUSA1:14.461:14.46 (15)
1628Hanno DouschanAUT1:14.531:14.53 (16)
1716Markus SchairerAUT1:14.561:14.56 (17)
184Emanuel PerathonerITA1:14.621:14.62 (18)
1921Jonathan CheeverUSA1:14.721:14.72 (19)
2013Alex PullinAUS1:14.761:14.76 (20)
2133Jérôme LymannSUI1:14.771:14.77 (21)
2214Adam LambertAUS1:14.941:14.94 (22)
2330Anton LindforsFIN1:15.011:15.01 (23)
242Alessandro HämmerleAUT1:15.031:15.03 (24)
2512Jarryd HughesAUS1:13.731:15.69 (28)1:13.73 (1)
266Lucas EguibarESP1:14.451:18.42 (36)1:14.45 (2)
273Mick DierdorffUSA1:14.521:15.47 (=26)1:14.52 (3)
2819Michele GodinoITA1:14.961:20.88 (38)1:14.96 (4)
2939Steven WilliamsARG1:15.351:17.12 (34)1:15.35 (5)
3032Lluís MarínAND1:15.371:15.47 (=26)1:15.37 (6)
3135Daniil DilmanROC1:15.401:15.40 (25)1:16.11 (=8)
3234Jan KubičíkCZE1:15.731:15.73 (=29)1:16.25 (10)
3320Konstantin SchadGER1:15.731:15.73 (=29)– (DNS)
3438Éliot GrondinCAN1:15.931:28.89 (39)1:15.93 (7)
3536Loan BozzoloFRA1:16.111:16.15 (31)1:16.11 (=8)
3624Duncan CampbellNZL1:16.681:16.68 (32)– (DNF)
3737Laro HerreroESP1:16.971:17.62 (35)1:16.97 (11)
388Lukas PachnerAUT1:16.991:16.99 (33)1:17.48 (12)
3940Mateusz LigockiPOL1:19.221:19.48 (37)1:19.22 (13)
DNS18Baptiste BrochuCAN– (DNS)– (DNS)

Round One (15 February 2018 — 13:30)

First three of each heat advance to quarter-finals.

Heat 1 (13:30)

1Jarryd HughesAUSQ
2Pierre VaultierFRAQ
3Markus SchairerAUTQ
4Hanno DouschanAUT
DNSBaptiste BrochuCAN

Heat 2 (13:34)

1Alessandro HämmerleAUTQ
2Kevin HillCANQ
3Kalle KobletSUIQ
4Konstantin SchadGER
5Jan KubičíkCZE

Heat 3 (13:38)

1Jérôme LymannSUIQ
2Cam BoltonAUSQ
3Merlin SurgetFRAQ
4Steven WilliamsARG
5Duncan CampbellNZL

Heat 4 (13:42)

1Nikolay OlyuninROCQ
2Alex PullinAUSQ
3Michele GodinoITAQ
4Lorenzo SommarivaITA
5Laro HerreroESP

Heat 5 (13:46)

1Mick DierdorffUSAQ
2Paul BergGERQ
3Regino HernándezESPQ
4Jonathan CheeverUSA
5Lukas PachnerAUT

Heat 6 (13:50)

1Hagen KearneyUSAQ
2Chris RobanskeCANQ
3Loan BozzoloFRAQ
4Adam LambertAUS
5Lluís MarínAND

Heat 7 (13:50)

1Martin NörlGERQ
2Ken VuagnouxFRAQ
3Anton LindforsFINQ
4Daniil DilmanROC
DNFÉliot GrondinCAN

Heat 8 (13:54)

1Emanuel PerathonerITAQ
2Nick BaumgartnerUSAQ
3Mateusz LigockiPOLQ
4Omar VisintinITA
DNFLucas EguibarESP

Quarter-Finals (15 February 2018 — 14:04)

First three of each heat advance to semi-finals.

Heat 1 (14:04)

1Pierre VaultierFRAQ
2Jarryd HughesAUSQ
3Alessandro HämmerleAUTQ
4Kevin HillCAN
DNFKalle KobletSUI
DNFMarkus SchairerAUT

Heat 2 (14:08)

1Nikolay OlyuninROCQ
2Alex PullinAUSQ
3Cam BoltonAUSQ
4Jérôme LymannSUI
DNFMerlin SurgetFRA
DNFMichele GodinoITA

Heat 3 (14:12)

1Regino HernándezESPQ
2Mick DierdorffUSAQ
3Chris RobanskeCANQ
4Hagen KearneyUSA
DNFLoan BozzoloFRA

Heat 4 (14:16)

1Martin NörlGERQ
2Nick BaumgartnerUSAQ
3Anton LindforsFINQ
4Emanuel PerathonerITA
5Mateusz LigockiPOL
DNFKen VuagnouxFRA

Semi-Finals (15 February 2018 — 14:25)

First three of each heat advance to final, losers advance to Final B.

Heat 1 (14:25)

1Alex PullinAUSQ
2Jarryd HughesAUSQ
3Pierre VaultierFRAQ
4Cam BoltonAUS
5Alessandro HämmerleAUT
DNFNikolay OlyuninROC

Heat 2 (14:29)

1Regino HernándezESPQ
2Nick BaumgartnerUSAQ
3Mick DierdorffUSAQ
4Martin NörlGER
5Anton LindforsFIN
DNFChris RobanskeCAN

Final Round (15 February 2018 — 14:41)

Final A (14:45)

1Pierre VaultierFRA
2Jarryd HughesAUS
3Regino HernándezESP
4Nick BaumgartnerUSA
5Mick DierdorffUSA
DNFAlex PullinAUS

Final B (14:41)

1Alessandro HämmerleAUT
2Martin NörlGER
3Anton LindforsFIN
4Cam BoltonAUS
DNSNikolay OlyuninROC
DNSChris RobanskeCAN