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Big Air, Women

Date19 – 22 February 2018
LocationPhoenix Snow Park, Mountain Cluster, Bongpyeong
Participants26 from 14 countries
DetailsIn-Run Length: 73.0 m
In-Run Pitch: 39°
Jump Height: 4.9 m
Landing Pitch: 38°
Take-Off To Knoll: 19.5 m

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games women’s big air event was making its Games début in PyeongChang and was one of the deepest competitions the sport had ever had. Anna Gasser of Austria was the favourite for gold with her consistent and multiple variations of the double cork 1080, which was considered the top trick in women’s big air.

Among the athletes who could mount a challenge to Gasser were the two American riders. If Jamie Anderson, the two-time Olympic gold medalist in snowboard slopestyle won the big air title she would become the first woman to earn three gold medals in snowboarding. Julia Marino was one of the most progressive women in the sport over the last few seasons and one of the athletes who helped make doubles a competition standard in this event. Other riders to watch were Canada’s Laurie Blouin who had already won the PyeongChang slopestyle silver medal and 2017 World slopestyle title, and two talented 16-year-olds, New Zealand’s Zoi Sadowski-Synnott and Japan’s Reira Iwabuchi.

The women’s Olympic snowboard big air final was brought forward one day due to predicted high winds on the scheduled day. The 12 riders who reached the final would each have three attempts at a trick, with their overall point total based off their two best scores (but those scores had to come from two different tricks). Nine of the 12 snowboarders who qualified for the final posted at least a score of 85.25 and six scored 90.00 or higher.

Landing a cab double cork 1080 on her final drop, Gasser secured gold with a 96.00 and the highest combined two out of three runs (185.00) edging out the American Anderson over seven full points. Anderson started out with a deep frontside 1080 on her first run and a cab double cork 900 to cap off a silver medal performance with a combined score of 177.25.

Sadowski-Synnott had a huge showing and walked away with a bronze medal after landing a double Wildcat and backing it up with a solid jump for a combined score of 157.50. Her medal was the first New Zealand Olympic Winter medal in over 25 years. Just missing the podium was the young Japanese phenom Iwabuchi after failing to land clean on two out of three runs. Marino and her American teammate Jessika Jenson failed to make the podium with two out of three runs resulting in falls.

11Anna GasserAUT98.00 (1)185.00 (1)Gold
22Jamie AndersonUSA90.00 (6)177.25 (2)Silver
38Zoi Sadowski-SynnottNZL92.00 (5)157.50 (3)Bronze
413Reira IwabuchiJPN92.75 (3)147.50 (4)
59Sina CandrianSUI86.00 (8)140.25 (5)
65Silje NorendalNOR77.50 (10)131.50 (6)
712Yuka FujimoriJPN94.25 (2)122.75 (7)
87Miyabi OnitsukaJPN86.50 (7)119.00 (8)
96Spencer O'BrienCAN76.75 (11)113.25 (9)
104Julia MarinoUSA85.25 (9)93.25 (10)
1120Jessika JensonUSA76.25 (12)40.50 (11)
1210Laurie BlouinCAN92.25 (4)39.25 (12)
1318Jess RichAUS74.25 (13)
1411Hailey LanglandUSA73.00 (14)
1521Carla SomainiSUI70.75 (15)
163Enni RukajärviFIN68.75 (16)
1715Brooke VoigtCAN67.75 (17)
1822Elena KönzSUI65.75 (18)
1917Šárka PančochováCZE65.50 (19)
2014Cheryl MaasNED65.00 (20)
2123Sofya FyodorovaROC64.00 (21)
2219Isabel DerungsSUI59.25 (22)
2324Klaudia MedlováSVK50.50 (23)
2425Asami HironoJPN37.75 (24)
2516Aimee FullerGBR25.00 (25)
2627Kateřina VojáčkováCZE19.00 (26)

Qualifying Round

Date19 February 2018 — 9:30
FormatTop twelve finishers advanced to final.
Judge #1Iztok ŠumatićSLO
Judge #2Christian BeutlerSUI
Judge #3Ryo HashimotoJPN
Judge #4Connor ManningUSA
Judge #5Stefan MunzGER
Judge #6John MacDonaldCAN
PosOrdCompetitorNOCPointsRun #1Run #2
11Anna GasserAUT98.0088.25 (2)98.00 (1)Q
212Yuka FujimoriJPN94.2582.00 (4)94.25 (2)Q
313Reira IwabuchiJPN92.7580.00 (6)92.75 (3)Q
410Laurie BlouinCAN92.2590.25 (1)92.25 (4)Q
58Zoi Sadowski-SynnottNZL92.0072.75 (11)92.00 (5)Q
62Jamie AndersonUSA90.0030.25 (23)90.00 (6)Q
77Miyabi OnitsukaJPN86.5081.75 (5)86.50 (7)Q
89Sina CandrianSUI86.0031.75 (21)86.00 (8)Q
94Julia MarinoUSA85.2583.75 (3)85.25 (9)Q
105Silje NorendalNOR77.5076.00 (8)77.50 (10)Q
116Spencer O'BrienCAN76.7569.50 (13)76.75 (11)Q
1220Jessika JensonUSA76.2576.25 (7)39.75 (18)Q
1318Jess RichAUS74.2573.50 (9)74.25 (12)
1411Hailey LanglandUSA73.0073.00 (10)29.00 (22)
1521Carla SomainiSUI70.7570.75 (12)24.75 (23)
163Enni RukajärviFIN68.7568.75 (14)49.75 (16)
1715Brooke VoigtCAN67.7567.75 (15)32.00 (20)
1822Elena KönzSUI65.7562.00 (19)65.75 (13)
1917Šárka PančochováCZE65.5065.50 (16)30.00 (21)
2014Cheryl MaasNED65.0065.00 (17)44.75 (17)
2123Sofya FyodorovaROC64.0064.00 (18)23.25 (24)
2219Isabel DerungsSUI59.2554.00 (20)59.25 (14)
2324Klaudia MedlováSVK50.5030.75 (22)50.50 (15)
2425Asami HironoJPN37.7527.50 (24)37.75 (19)
2516Aimee FullerGBR25.0025.00 (25)14.25 (25)
2627Kateřina VojáčkováCZE19.0019.00 (26)10.50 (26)

Final Round

Date22 February 2018 — 9:30
Judge #1Iztok ŠumatićSLO
Judge #2Christian BeutlerSUI
Judge #3Ryo HashimotoJPN
Judge #4Connor ManningUSA
Judge #5Stefan MunzGER
Judge #6John MacDonaldCAN
PosOrdCompetitorNOCPointsRun #1Run #2Run #3
11Anna GasserAUT185.0085.50 (2)89.00 (2)96.00 (1)
22Jamie AndersonUSA177.2590.00 (1)87.25 (3)47.50 (4)
38Zoi Sadowski-SynnottNZL157.5065.50 (7)92.00 (1)34.50 (8)
413Reira IwabuchiJPN147.5079.75 (4)67.75 (6)37.00 (6)
59Sina CandrianSUI140.2527.75 (10)76.25 (4)64.00 (2)
65Silje NorendalNOR131.5070.50 (6)61.00 (7)34.25 (9)
712Yuka FujimoriJPN122.7582.25 (3)40.50 (8)34.50 (7)
87Miyabi OnitsukaJPN119.0078.75 (5)39.75 (9)40.25 (5)
96Spencer O'BrienCAN113.2551.25 (12)14.25 (12)62.00 (3)
104Julia MarinoUSA93.2534.00 (9)74.50 (5)18.75 (11)
1120Jessika JensonUSA40.5016.75 (11)21.50 (11)19.00 (10)
1210Laurie BlouinCAN39.2538.00 (8)39.25 (10)– (DNS)