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Boardercross, Women

Date16 February 2018
LocationPhoenix Snow Park, Mountain Cluster, Bongpyeong
Participants24 from 12 countries
Course SetterJeff IhaksiCAN
Course BuilderJeff IhaksiCAN
DetailsCourse Length: 1,277 m
Features: 23
Start Altitude: 894 m
Vertical Drop: 228 m

Boardercross (also snowboardcross) made its Olympic début at Torino 2006, and is one of the most exciting events of the sport.

World Cup leader Michela Moioli of Italy arrived in PyeongChang with the momentum of seven consecutive podium finishes, four of which were wins, including the last races at the Feldberg World Cup. She also finished second in the Olympic test event two years previous. Pursuing Moioli was France’s Chloé Trespeuch (2014 Olympic bronze medalist), 32-year-old American Lindsey Jacobellis (five-time World champion and 2006 silver medalist) also the most experienced rider of the current fast women, and defending Olympic champion Eva Samková from Czech Republic.

In the finals, Jacobellis lead from the start. She was passed half way down the course first by Moioli, and then by France’s 16-year-old Julia Pereira de Sousa Mabileau, who came through a momentous battle to finish second behind Moioli and ahead of Olympic champion Samková, who won the bronze.

Before the final jump, Jacobellis was fifth, behind Samková and Trespeuch (who fell and crossed the finish line on her back) allowing Jacobellis to finish fourth, 0.03 seconds behind Samková.

12Michela MoioliITAGold
215Julia Pereira de Sousa MabileauFRASilver
31Eva SamkováCZEBronze
44Lindsey JacobellisUSA
56Chloé TrespeuchFRA
69Aleksandra ZhekovaBUL
75Charlotte BankesFRA
819Raffaella BruttoITA
920Tess CritchlowCAN
108Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRA
1110Belle BrockhoffAUS
1214Kristina PaulROC
1317Zoë GillingsGBR
1418Carle BrennemanCAN
1521Lara CasanovaSUI
1622Jana FischerGER
1711Meghan TierneyUSA
1812Mariya VasiltsovaROC
1916Alexandra HaslerSUI
2023Zuzanna SmykałaPOL
213Faye GuliniUSA
227Simona MeilerSUI
2313Zoe BergermannCAN
2424Vendula HopjákováCZE
DNS3Meryeta O'DineCAN
DNS23Isabel ClarkBRA

Qualifying (16 February 2018 — 10:00)

First two of each heat advance to quarter-finals.

PosNrBoarderNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
116Eva SamkováCZE1:16.841:16.84 (1)Q
22Michela MoioliITA1:16.971:16.97 (2)Q
36Faye GuliniUSA1:17.741:17.74 (3)Q
413Lindsey JacobellisUSA1:18.051:18.05 (4)Q
58Charlotte BankesFRA1:18.181:18.18 (5)Q
64Chloé TrespeuchFRA1:18.511:18.51 (6)Q
718Simona MeilerSUI1:18.951:18.95 (7)Q
87Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRA1:20.231:20.23 (=8)Q
95Aleksandra ZhekovaBUL1:20.231:20.23 (=8)Q
1010Belle BrockhoffAUS1:20.341:20.34 (10)Q
1124Meghan TierneyUSA1:20.521:20.52 (11)Q
1217Mariya VasiltsovaROC1:20.571:20.57 (12)Q
131Zoe BergermannCAN1:18.651:21.57 (=16)1:18.65 (1)Q
1419Kristina PaulROC1:19.931:21.93 (19)1:19.93 (2)Q
1512Julia Pereira de Sousa MabileauFRA1:20.171:21.72 (18)1:20.17 (3)Q
1621Alexandra HaslerSUI1:20.491:20.87 (13)1:20.49 (4)Q
1720Zoë GillingsGBR1:20.841:20.99 (14)1:20.84 (5)Q
1811Carle BrennemanCAN1:20.891:21.57 (=16)1:20.89 (6)Q
199Raffaella BruttoITA1:21.14– (DNF)1:21.14 (7)Q
2014Tess CritchlowCAN1:21.391:21.39 (15)1:21.83 (8)Q
2115Lara CasanovaSUI1:22.261:22.26 (20)– (DNS)Q
2222Jana FischerGER1:22.921:22.92 (21)– (DNF)Q
2325Zuzanna SmykałaPOL1:23.411:23.41 (22)1:23.44 (9)Q
DNF26Vendula HopjákováCZE– (DNF)– (DNF)Q
DNS3Meryeta O'DineCAN– (DNS)– (DNS)
DNS23Isabel ClarkBRA– (DNS)– (DNS)

Quarter-Finals (16 February 2018 — 12:15)

First two of each heat advance to semi-finals.

Heat 1 (12:15)

1Aleksandra ZhekovaBULQ
2Eva SamkováCZEQ
3Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRAQ
4Zoë GillingsGBR
5Alexandra HaslerSUI
DNSVendula HopjákováCZE

Heat 2 (12:19)

1Lindsey JacobellisUSAQ
2Tess CritchlowCANQ
3Charlotte BankesFRAQ
4Lara CasanovaSUI
DNFMariya VasiltsovaROC
DNFZoe BergermannCAN

Heat 3 (12:23)

1Chloé TrespeuchFRAQ
2Kristina PaulROCQ
3Raffaella BruttoITAQ
4Jana FischerGER
5Meghan TierneyUSA
6Faye GuliniUSA

Heat 4 (12:27)

1Michela MoioliITAQ
2Julia Pereira de Sousa MabileauFRAQ
3Belle BrockhoffAUSQ
4Carle BrennemanCAN
5Zuzanna SmykałaPOL
6Simona MeilerSUI

Semi-Finals (16 February 2018 — 12:36)

First two of each heat advance to final, losers advance to Final B.

Heat 1 (12:36)

1Eva SamkováCZEQ
2Lindsey JacobellisUSAQ
3Aleksandra ZhekovaBULQ
4Tess CritchlowCAN
5Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRA
DNFCharlotte BankesFRA

Heat 2 (12:40)

1Michela MoioliITAQ
2Chloé TrespeuchFRAQ
3Julia Pereira de Sousa MabileauFRAQ
DNFKristina PaulROC
DNFBelle BrockhoffAUS
DNFRaffaella BruttoITA

Final Round (16 February 2018 — 12:52)

Final A (12:56)

1Michela MoioliITA
2Julia Pereira de Sousa MabileauFRA
3Eva SamkováCZE
4Lindsey JacobellisUSA
5Chloé TrespeuchFRA
6Aleksandra ZhekovaBUL

Final B (12:52)

1Charlotte BankesFRA
2Raffaella BruttoITA
3Tess CritchlowCAN
4Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRA
5Belle BrockhoffAUS
DNFKristina PaulROC