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Mass Start, Women

Date24 February 2018
LocationGangneung Oval, Gangneung Olympic Park, Coastal Cluster, Gangneung
Participants24 from 15 countries
FormatPoints for sprints, 5-3-1 for three intermediate sprints, and 60-40-20 for final sprint, with places determined by points.
StarterOh Yong-SeokKOR
RefereeBert TimmermanNED

Since the mass start event gained World Championship status in 2015, three different women had won gold: Irene Schouten (2015), Ivanie Blondin (2016) and Kim Bo-Reum (2017). All three women, all with World Cup titles on their resumes as well, qualified for PyeongChang. But there were many others vying for the inaugural title: successful inline skater Francesca Lollobrigida, five-time Olympic champion Claudia Pechstein, and the strong Japanese team with Ayana Sato and Nana Takagi.

The semi-finals already cut some of the favorites out of the equation, as Blondin fell in the second heat and took out Sato. In the final, Estonia’s Saskia Alusalu tried to escape the peloton, gaining half a lap. But when the group geared up, her advantage quickly faded, being caught with around two laps to go. At the bell, Schouten tried to make it into a long sprint, which caused a fracture in the pack. In the final curve, the crowd cheered on Kim as she and Takagi chased Schouten. Both of them passed the Dutchwoman, and Takagi held on until the finish line, ahead of Kim and Schouten. Takagi is the sister of Miho who won medals in the 1,000 and 1,500 m in PyeongChang and also skated on the golden Japanese pursuit team.

1Nana TakagiJPN16 (5 h1)16 (1)Gold
2Kim Bo-ReumKOR16 (6 h1)16 (2)Silver
3Irene SchoutenNED16 (4 h1)16 (3)Bronze
4Saskia AlusaluEST16 (7 h2)16 (4)
5Li DanCHN16 (3 h2)16 (5)
6Maryna ZuyevaBLR16 (8 h1)16 (6)
7Francesca LollobrigidaITA16 (1 h1)16 (7)
8Nikola ZdráhalováCZE16 (1 h2)16 (8)
9Luiza ZłotkowskaPOL16 (8 h2)16 (9)
10Guo DanCHN16 (2 h1)16 (10)
11Heather BergsmaUSA16 (5 h2)16 (11)
12Keri MorrisonCAN16 (3 h1)16 (12)
13Claudia PechsteinGER16 (4 h2)16 (13)
14Annouk van der WeijdenNED16 (2 h2)16 (14)
15Mia ManganelloUSA16 (7 h1)16 (15)
16Francesca BettroneITA16 (6 h2)16 (16)
9 h1 r1/2Elena Møller RigasDEN16 (9 h1)
9 h2 r1/2Park Ji-WuKOR16 (9 h2)
10 h1 r1/2Laura GómezCOL16 (10 h1)
10 h2 r1/2Ivanie BlondinCAN16 (10 h2)
11 h1 r1/2Magdalena CzyszczońPOL16 (11 h1)
11 h2 r1/2Tatsiana MikhailavaBLR16 (11 h2)
12 h1 r1/2Ramona HärdiSUI4 (12 h1)
12 h2 r1/2Ayano SatoJPN8 (12 h2)


Date24 February 2018 — 20:00
FormatTop finishers in each heat advance to final round.

Heat #1

PosHelmet NrCompetitorNOCLapsPointsSprint 1 Points
11Francesca LollobrigidaITA16683Q
22Guo DanCHN16430Q
37Keri MorrisonCAN16211Q
48Irene SchoutenNED1650Q
56Nana TakagiJPN1655Q
65Kim Bo-ReumKOR1640Q
74Mia ManganelloUSA1610Q
89Maryna ZuyevaBLR1600Q
93Elena Møller RigasDEN1600
1012Laura GómezCOL1600
1111Magdalena CzyszczońPOL1600
1210Ramona HärdiSUI400

Heat #2

PosHelmet NrCompetitorNOCLapsPointsSprint 1 Points
18Nikola ZdráhalováCZE16600Q
210Annouk van der WeijdenNED16400Q
35Li DanCHN16243Q
41Claudia PechsteinGER1650Q
57Heather BergsmaUSA1655Q
64Francesca BettroneITA1650Q
76Saskia AlusaluEST1630Q
811Luiza ZłotkowskaPOL1630Q
99Park Ji-WuKOR1610
103Ivanie BlondinCAN1611
1112Tatsiana MikhailavaBLR1600
122Ayano SatoJPN800

Final Round

Date24 February 2018 — 21:30
PosHelmet NrCompetitorNOCLapsPointsSprint 1 Points
19Nana TakagiJPN16600
211Kim Bo-ReumKOR16400
37Irene SchoutenNED16200
414Saskia AlusaluEST16155
56Li DanCHN1663
615Maryna ZuyevaBLR1630
71Francesca LollobrigidaITA1611
82Nikola ZdráhalováCZE1610
916Luiza ZłotkowskaPOL1610
103Guo DanCHN1600
1110Heather BergsmaUSA1600
125Keri MorrisonCAN1600
138Claudia PechsteinGER1600
144Annouk van der WeijdenNED1600
1513Mia ManganelloUSA1600
1612Francesca BettroneITA1600