| Event type

Heavyweight (>83 kilograms), Men

Date20 September 1988
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationJang-chung Che-yuk-gwan, Seoul
Participants13 from 13 countries

Thirteen fighters competed in a single-elimination tournament. The event was won by Malaysian-born American Jimmy Kim, which was the only victory in 1988 men’s taekwondo by a non-Korean athlete. Kim had been runner-up at the 1987 World Championships, and won the 1985 World Games and 1987 Pan American Games titles. In the final, Kim defeated Korea’s Kim Jong-Suk, who made it to the final by defeating German Michael Arndt, the 1987 World Champion, in the semi-finals.

1Jimmy KimUSA
2Kim Jong-SukKOR
=3José Luis ÁlvarezESP
=3Michael ArndtFRG
=5Tonny SørensenDEN
=5Mansur BagheriIRI
=5Mustafa El-AbrakEGY
=5Henk MeijerNED
=9Robert FellnerISV
=9Ali ŞahinTUR
=9Alex Russel Da RochaGHA
=9Ali Mohamed SalahQAT
=9Rashed BadowBRN

Round One

Date20 September 1988 — 11:00
Match #120 SepTonny SørensenDEN
Match #220 SepJosé Luis ÁlvarezESPRobert FellnerISVbye
Match #320 SepJimmy KimUSAPointsAli ŞahinTUR
Match #420 SepMansur BagheriIRIPointsAlex Russel Da RochaGHA
Match #520 SepMustafa El-AbrakEGYbye
Match #620 SepKim Jong-SukKORPointsAli Mohamed SalahQAT
Match #720 SepHenk MeijerNEDPointsRashed BadowBRN
Match #820 SepMichael ArndtFRGbye


Date20 September 1988 — 14:30
Match #120 SepJosé Luis ÁlvarezESPPointsTonny SørensenDEN
Match #220 SepJimmy KimUSAPointsMansur BagheriIRI
Match #320 SepKim Jong-SukKORPointsMustafa El-AbrakEGY
Match #420 SepMichael ArndtFRGPointsHenk MeijerNED


Date20 September 1988 — 16:30
Match #120 SepJimmy KimUSAPointsJosé Luis ÁlvarezESP
Match #220 SepKim Jong-SukKORPointsMichael ArndtFRG

Final Round

Date20 September 1988 — 18:50
Match 1/220 SepJimmy KimUSAPointsKim Jong-SukKOR