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Welterweight (≤65 kilograms), Women

Date17 September 1988
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationJang-chung Che-yuk-gwan, Seoul
Participants7 from 7 countries

Seven fighters competed in a single-elimination tournament. The event was won by American Arlene Limas, who went on to win the 1991 World Championship. In the semi-finals, Limas defeated the 1987 World Champion, Spain’s Coral Bistuer. In the final, Limas won on points over Korea’s Kim Ji-Sook, runner-up at the 1987 Worlds. Bistuer would go up in weight and win the heavyweight division in the 1992 Olympic taekwondo demonstration.

1Arlene LimasUSA
2Kim Ji-SookKOR
=3Coral BistuerESP
=3Sonny SeidelFRG
=5Deborah WashingtonISV
=5Sabina LucianiDEN
=5Tessa GordonCAN

Round One

Date17 September 1988 — 14:00
Match #117 SepCoral BistuerESPwalkover
Match #217 SepArlene LimasUSASuperiorityDeborah WashingtonISV
Match #317 SepSonny SeidelFRGPointsSabina LucianiDEN
Match #417 SepKim Ji-SookKORPointsTessa GordonCAN


Date17 September 1988
Match #117 Sep 16:00Arlene LimasUSAPointsCoral BistuerESP
Match #217 SepKim Ji-SookKORPointsSonny SeidelFRG

Final Round

Date17 September 1988 — 18:20
Match 1/217 SepArlene LimasUSAPointsKim Ji-SookKOR