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Welterweight (≤65 kilograms), Women

Date 3 August 1992
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationPalau Blaugrana, Barcelona
Participants6 from 6 countries

Six fighters competed in a single-elimination tournament. American Arlene Limas had won this event in 1988 and was the 1991 World Champion, but she did not compete in Barcelona, replaced by Jennifer Laney. The final came down to two relative unknowns, with Spain’s Elena Benítez winning the title when France’s Brigitte Geffroy had to withdraw due to injury.

1Elena BenítezESP
2Brigitte GeoffroyFRA
=3Shelley Vettese-BaertCAN
=3Jennifer LaneyUSA
=5Sarah ChungMAS
=5Maureen BellNZL

Round One (3 August 1992)

Match #1 Brigitte GeoffroyFRA Q
Match #2 Shelley Vettese-BaertCAN Q
Match #3 Jennifer LaneyUSA 1 – 0Sarah ChungMAS
Match #4 Elena BenítezESP 4 – 0Maureen BellNZL

Semi-Finals (3 August 1992)

Match #1 Brigitte GeoffroyFRA 3 – 2Shelley Vettese-BaertCAN
Match #2 Elena BenítezESP 1 – 0Jennifer LaneyUSA

Final Round (3 August 1992)

Match 1/2 Elena BenítezESP
Brigitte GeoffroyFRA