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Music, Vocals, Open1

Date29 July – 14 August 1948
LocationVictoria & Albert Museum, London
Participants8 from 5 countries
JudgeBill AdamGBR
JudgeArnold BaxGBR
JudgePaul LeRoiFRA
JudgeBruno RoghiITA
JudgeMalcolm SargentGBR
JudgeGeorge DysonGBR
JudgeStanley MarchantGBR
JudgeEdric CundellGBR
JudgeEric de NormannGBR

There is no known list of entrants for the 1948 music competitions, although it is known that Austria, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg and Poland sent a total of 36 entries. However, with few exceptions, only the prize winners are known in each category.

The event for vocals was a new one, replacing the event for solo and choirs with one intended for one or more solo voices. Only two entries are known: Gabriele Bianchi’s “Inno Olimpionico” (Olympic Hymn) and Ina Boyle’s “Lament for Bion.” Bianchi was a noted musical scholar, teaching at “Benedetto Marcello” in Venetia. The work of Ina Boyle, and eccentric but well-known Irish composer, received an honorable mention, despite the fact that it ostensibly had nothing to do with sport (the Bion in the work’s title is a Greek bucolic poet).

PosCat NrArtist(s)NOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
3Gabriele BianchiITAOlympic hymnInno OlimpionicoBronze
HMIna BoyleIRLLament for BionLament for Bion
ACBarbara PentlandCANCitiesCities
ACHarry SomersCANA Song of JoysA Song of Joys
ACJohn WeinzweigCANOf Time and the WorldOf Time and the World (Of time, rain and the world)
ACGerard VictoryIRLTrue Greatness (Song)True Greatness (Song)
ACJan Zdeněk BartošTCHRunner of Peace (cantata)Běžec míru (kantáta)
ACAarre MerikantoFINLaurel of Hellas Hellaan laakeri2