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Normal Hill / 10 km, Individual, Men

Date14 February 2010
LocationWhistler Olympic Park, Whistler
Participants45 from 14 countries
FormatNormal hill ski jumping and 10 kilometres skiing. Pursuit-style cross-country race, with skiers leaving in order of their finish in the ski jumping, so that final placement determined by final placement in cross-country ski race.

This was the first Nordic combined event of the 2010 Winter Olympics and one of the first competitions decided in Vancouver. The World Cup leader in 2009-10 was American-born Frenchman Jason Lamy-Chappuis, who had five wins, but he had been strongest in the early season and had not won an event since 19 December. The jumping lead was taken by Finn Janne Ryynänen, but he was known to be a very weak skier. In second was American Todd Lodwick, the 2009 World Champion, followed by Austrian Christoph Bieler, Johnny Spillane of the United States, and then Lamy-Chappuis in fifth. The best ski time was posted by Magnus Moan (NOR) but he had been only 40th in the jumping. Lamy-Chappuis started out the run 46 seconds back but moved into the lead group early. He was pushed by Americans Spillane, Lodwick, and Bill Demong, who came from far back after his =24th place in the jump. In the end the final sprint came down to Lamy-Chappuis, Spillane, and Italian Alessandro Pittin, who finished in that order. Spillane’s silver medal was the first ever medal won in Nordic combined for the United States. The Americans also placed fourth (Lodwick) and sixth (Demong). For Lamy-Chappuis it was his first Olympic medal after placing fourth in the sprint and fifth in the team event in Torino. Lamy-Chappuis had been born in Montana to an American mother and French father, but the family moved to France when he was five. He had won two bronze medals at the 2009 World Championships and would go on to win the 2009-10 World Cup title.

PosSkierNOCMarginNormal Hill10 km
1Jason Lamy-ChappuisFRA124.0 (5)25:01.1 (5)Gold
2Johnny SpillaneUSA+0.4124.5 (4)25:03.5 (6)Silver
3Alessandro PittinITA+0.8123.5 (6)24:59.9 (4)Bronze
4Todd LodwickUSA+1.5127.0 (2)25:14.6 (11)
5Mario StecherAUT+13.6122.5 (7)25:08.7 (7)
6Bill DemongUSA+17.9115.5 (=24)24:45.0 (3)
7Norihito KobayashiJPN+21.9121.0 (12)25:11.0 (9)
8Anssi KoivurantaFIN+29.8122.0 (=8)25:22.9 (13)
9Magnus MoanNOR+35.6104.0 (40)24:16.7 (1)
10Eric FrenzelGER+36.1119.0 (=16)25:17.2 (12)
11Ronny HeerSUI+38.1116.5 (21)25:09.2 (8)
12Pavel ChuravýCZE+41.6121.5 (=10)25:32.7 (20)
13Hannu ManninenFIN+43.3116.0 (=22)25:12.4 (10)
14Felix GottwaldAUT+45.1102.5 (41)24:20.2 (2)
15David KreinerAUT+49.4117.5 (20)25:24.5 (15)
16Lukas RunggaldierITA+49.6119.0 (=16)25:30.7 (19)
17Petter TandeNOR+1:00.1116.0 (=22)25:29.2 (18)
18Tino EdelmannGER+1:00.5119.0 (=16)25:41.6 (24)
19Sébastien LacroixFRA+1:09.2113.0 (29)25:26.3 (16)
20Tomáš SlavíkCZE+1:09.7115.5 (=24)25:36.8 (21)
21Akito WatabeJPN+1:17.9114.5 (27)25:41.0 (23)
22Björn KircheisenGER+1:22.2118.5 (19)26:01.3 (29)
23Jan SchmidNOR+1:22.5110.0 (33)25:27.6 (17)
24Taihei KatoJPN+1:22.8114.0 (28)25:43.9 (25)
25Christoph BielerAUT+1:26.9125.0 (3)26:32.0 (34)
26Janne RyynänenFIN+1:34.5135.5 (1)27:21.6 (42)
27Daito TakahashiJPN+1:37.9119.5 (=13)26:21.0 (33)
28Johannes RydzekGER+1:38.2112.0 (=30)25:51.3 (28)
29Seppi HurschlerSUI+1:39.5109.0 (34)25:40.6 (22)
30Jonathan FélisazFRA+1:50.6112.0 (=30)26:03.7 (30)
31Mitja OraničSLO+1:51.2108.0 (=36)25:48.3 (27)
32Mikko KokslienNOR+1:52.1101.5 (42)25:23.2 (14)
33Giuseppe MichielliITA+1:53.0107.0 (38)25:46.1 (26)
34François BraudFRA+2:05.2122.0 (=8)26:58.3 (37)
35Tim HugSUI+2:07.0108.0 (=36)26:04.1 (31)
36Brett CamerotaUSA+2:09.5121.5 (=10)27:00.6 (38)
37Gašper BerlotSLO+2:32.4119.5 (=13)27:15.5 (39)
38Jaakko TallusFIN+2:38.0119.5 (=13)27:21.1 (41)
39Miroslav DvořákCZE+2:46.4105.5 (39)26:33.5 (35)
40Tommy SchmidSUI+3:13.4115.0 (26)27:38.5 (43)
41Volodymyr TrachukUKR+3:37.389.0 (45)26:18.4 (32)
42Sergey MaslennikovRUS+3:42.2111.5 (32)27:53.3 (45)
43Armin BauerITA+3:45.291.5 (44)26:36.3 (36)
44Aleš VodseďálekCZE+3:46.7108.5 (35)27:45.8 (44)
45Jason MyslickiCAN+4:23.693.0 (43)27:20.7 (40)