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Cross, Men

Date15 February 2010
LocationCypress Mountain, West Vancouver
Participants35 from 15 countries
Course SetterUwe BeierGER
Course BuilderJeff IhaksiCAN
DetailsFeatures: 26
Start Altitude: 1180 m
Vertical Drop: 213 m

This had proved a popular event when introduced in 2006, and the drama continued in Vancouver. After the qualification round, Australia’s Alex Pullin had the fastest time, but he was eliminated in the first round as he crashed out of his heat. France’s Pierre Vaultier one of the favorites based on his form during the season, when he won four of the five World Cup races, was also eliminated in his quarter-final heat. The pre-season favorite, Austrian Markus Schaier, who had dominated the 2008-09 season, went out in the first round. Reaching the final were the United States’ competitors Seth Wescott, the reigning Olympic champion, and Nate Holland, winner of the event at the X Games four consecutive years (2006-09). Tony Ramoin (FRA) and Mike Robertson (CAN), who surprised the home fans by reaching this stage, joined them in the final. In the final itself Robertson excited the home crowd by leading from the start until around ¾ of the way down the track when Wescott overtook him and just held on to cross the finishing line first. Ramoin won the race for the bronze medal. Holland, the fourth finalist, crashed early in the race and never threatened for a medal.

1Seth WescottUSAGold
2Mike RobertsonCANSilver
3Tony RamoinFRABronze
4Nate HollandUSA
5Rob FaganCAN
6Lukas GrünerAUT
7Mario FuchsAUT
8David SpeiserGER
9Pierre VaultierFRA
10Damon HaylerAUS
11Drew NeilsonCAN
12François BoivinCAN
13Fabio CaduffSUI
14Stefano PozzoliniITA
15Andrey BoldykovRUS
16Michal NovotnýCZE
17Alex PullinAUS
18Graham WatanabeUSA
19Xavier De Le RueFRA
20Nick BaumgartnerUSA
21Alberto SchiavonITA
22Federico RaimoITA
23Markus SchairerAUT
24Rok RogeljSLO
25Paul-Henri De Le RueFRA
26Stian SivertzenNOR
27Joachim HavikhagenNOR
28Maciej JodkoPOL
29Mateusz LigockiPOL
30Simone MalusàITA
31Regino HernándezESP
32David BakešCZE
33Konstantin SchadGER
34Lluís MarínAND
DNFJordi FontESP

Qualifying Round

Date15 February 2010 — 10:30
FormatBest run out of two, first 32 advanced to Round One.
1Alex PullinAUS1:20.15Q
2Graham WatanabeUSA1:20.53Q
3Mike RobertsonCAN1:21.24Q
4Xavier De Le RueFRA1:21.33Q
5Mario FuchsAUT1:21.53Q
6Pierre VaultierFRA1:21.63Q
7Nick BaumgartnerUSA1:21.70Q
8Nate HollandUSA1:21.78Q
9Damon HaylerAUS1:21.81Q
10Rob FaganCAN1:21.87Q
11Drew NeilsonCAN1:22.01Q
12Lukas GrünerAUT1:22.04Q
13Alberto SchiavonITA1:22.33Q
14Tony RamoinFRA1:22.34Q
15François BoivinCAN1:22.75Q
16Fabio CaduffSUI1:22.78Q
17Seth WescottUSA1:22.87Q
18Stefano PozzoliniITA1:23.08Q
19Federico RaimoITA1:23.16Q
20Andrey BoldykovRUS1:23.28Q
21Markus SchairerAUT1:23.33Q
22Rok RogeljSLO1:23.37Q
23Paul-Henri De Le RueFRA1:23.57Q
24Stian SivertzenNOR1:23.80Q
25Joachim HavikhagenNOR1:23.87Q
26David SpeiserGER1:23.92Q
27Maciej JodkoPOL1:24.11Q
28Mateusz LigockiPOL1:24.11Q
29Michal NovotnýCZE1:24.23Q
30Simone MalusàITA1:24.53Q
31Regino HernándezESP1:25.90Q
32David BakešCZE1:26.05Q
33Konstantin SchadGER1:26.69
34Lluís MarínAND1:47.36
DNFJordi FontESP

Round One

Date15 February 2010 — 14:00
FormatFirst two of each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

1Seth WescottUSAQ
2Fabio CaduffSUIQ
3Alex PullinAUS
4David BakešCZE

Heat #2

1Nate HollandUSAQ
2Damon HaylerAUSQ
3Joachim HavikhagenNOR
4Stian SivertzenNOR

Heat #3

1Lukas GrünerAUTQ
2Mario FuchsAUTQ
3Markus SchairerAUT
4Mateusz LigockiPOL

Heat #4

1Andrey BoldykovRUSQ
2Michal NovotnýCZEQ
3Xavier De Le RueFRA
4Alberto SchiavonITA

Heat #5

1Mike RobertsonCANQ
2Tony RamoinFRAQ
3Simone MalusàITA
4Federico RaimoITA

Heat #6

1Pierre VaultierFRAQ
2Drew NeilsonCANQ
3Maciej JodkoPOL
4Rok RogeljSLO

Heat #7

1Rob FaganCANQ
2David SpeiserGERQ
3Paul-Henri De Le RueFRA
4Nick BaumgartnerUSA

Heat #8

1François BoivinCANQ
2Stefano PozzoliniITAQ
3Graham WatanabeUSA
4Regino HernándezESP


Date15 February 2010 — 14:26
FormatFirst two of each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat #1

1Seth WescottUSAQ
2Nate HollandUSAQ
3Fabio CaduffSUI
4Damon HaylerAUS

Heat #2

1Lukas GrünerAUTQ
2Mario FuchsAUTQ
3Andrey BoldykovRUS
4Michal NovotnýCZE

Heat #3

1Mike RobertsonCANQ
2Tony RamoinFRAQ
3Pierre VaultierFRA
4Drew NeilsonCAN

Heat #4

1Rob FaganCANQ
2David SpeiserGERQ
3François BoivinCAN
4Stefano PozzoliniITA


Date15 February 2010 — 14:42
FormatFirst two of each heat advanced to final, losers advanced to Final B.

Heat #1

1Nate HollandUSAQ
2Seth WescottUSAQ
3Lukas GrünerAUT
4Mario FuchsAUT

Heat #2

1Mike RobertsonCANQ
2Tony RamoinFRAQ
3Rob FaganCAN
4David SpeiserGER

Final Round

Date15 February 2010 — 14:53

Final A

1Seth WescottUSA
2Mike RobertsonCAN
3Tony RamoinFRA
4Nate HollandUSA

Final B

1Rob FaganCAN
2Lukas GrünerAUT
3Mario FuchsAUT
4David SpeiserGER