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Parallel Giant Slalom, Women

Date26 February 2010
LocationCypress Mountain, West Vancouver
Participants29 from 15 countries
Course SetterMark FawcettCAN
DetailsGates: 22
Length: 530 m
Start Altitude: 1128 m
Vertical Drop: 161 m

The last two World Cup leaders were German Amelie Kober (2009) and the Netherlands’ Nicolien Sauerbreij (2008), while the 2009 World Champion was Austrian Marion Kreiner. Rounding out the four favorites was Kreiner’s teammate, Doris Günther, runner-up at the 2009 World Championships and 2008-09 World Cup. Of note, the World Cup standings are for parallel snowboarding, which includes parallel GS and parallel slalom, which is not an Olympic event. Kreiner led the qualifying followed by Sauerbreij, the event being held in torrential rain and poor visibility. When the elimination phase of the event started, Kreiner advanced to the semi-final round with relative ease when her opponents made errors in their races. Sauerbreij also made the semi-finals, again helped by opponents’ faults. The other semi-finalists were Russian Yekaterina Ilyukhina, who had taken out Kober in the quarter-finals, and German Selina Jörg, who had just defeated Austrian Ina Meschik by the narrow margin of 0.08 seconds in the quarter-finals, after taking out Günther in the first round.

In the semi-finals, Ilyukhina crashed out in the first run, but a mistake by Kreiner in the second run saw the Russian advance to the final. Georg had led Sauerbreij narrowly after their first run, but crashed out near the end of the second run when they were neck and neck. Kreiner comfortably won the contest for the bronze medal following mistakes by her opponent. The final was a thriller, with Ilyukhina leading Sauerbreij by 0.02 seconds after the first run. However, in a close contest, it was Sauerbreij who took the title by the narrow margin of 0.23 seconds. This was the first medal of any kind that the Netherlands had won in a “snow” event, all their previous medals being in “ice” sports.

1Nicolien SauerbreijNEDGold
2Yekaterina IlyukhinaRUSSilver
3Marion KreinerAUTBronze
4Selina JörgGER
5Anke KarstensGER
6Ina MeschikAUT
7Claudia RieglerAUT
8Amelie KoberGER
9Doris GüntherAUT
10Yekaterina TudegeshevaRUS
11Camille de FaucompretFRA
12Alexa LooCAN
13Tomoka TakeuchiJPN
14Michelle GorgoneUSA
15Isabella LaböckGER
16Annamari ChundakUKR
17Alyona ZavarzinaRUS
18Nathalie DesmaresFRA
19Joh ShawAUS
20Caroline CalvéCAN
21Eri YanetaniJPN
22Zuzana DoležalováCZE
23Ilona RuotsalainenFIN
24Svetlana BoldykovaRUS
25Carmen RaniglerITA
26Corinna BoccaciniITA
27Gloria KotnikSLO
28Fränzi Mägert-KohliSUI
29Kimiko ZakreskiCAN
DNSAleksandra ZhekovaBUL

Qualifying Round

Date26 February 2010 — 10:00
1Marion KreinerAUT1:22.52Q
2Nicolien SauerbreijNED1:23.18Q
3Doris GüntherAUT1:23.20Q
4Yekaterina IlyukhinaRUS1:23.43Q
5Yekaterina TudegeshevaRUS1:23.72Q
6Camille de FaucompretFRA1:23.73Q
7Claudia RieglerAUT1:23.74Q
8Anke KarstensGER1:23.90Q
9Alexa LooCAN1:24.22Q
10Tomoka TakeuchiJPN1:24.42Q
11Ina MeschikAUT1:24.51Q
12Amelie KoberGER1:24.59Q
13Michelle GorgoneUSA1:24.63Q
14Selina JörgGER1:24.63Q
15Isabella LaböckGER1:24.96Q
16Annamari ChundakUKR1:25.44Q
17Alyona ZavarzinaRUS1:25.51
18Nathalie DesmaresFRA1:25.71
19Joh ShawAUS1:26.10
20Caroline CalvéCAN1:26.38
21Eri YanetaniJPN1:26.39
22Zuzana DoležalováCZE1:26.55
23Ilona RuotsalainenFIN1:26.66
24Svetlana BoldykovaRUS1:26.66
25Carmen RaniglerITA1:26.93
26Corinna BoccaciniITA1:28.88
27Gloria KotnikSLO1:32.11
28Fränzi Mägert-KohliSUI1:50.76
DNFKimiko ZakreskiCAN
DNSAleksandra ZhekovaBUL


Date26 February 2010 — 12:15
FormatWinner of each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Marion KreinerAUTQ
2Annamari ChundakUKR+1.50+2.29

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Anke KarstensGERQ
2Alexa LooCAN+0.60+0.01

Heat #3

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Amelie KoberGER+1.50Q
DQYekaterina TudegeshevaRUS[DQ]

Heat #4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Yekaterina IlyukhinaRUSQ
2Michelle GorgoneUSA+0.39+0.21

Heat #5

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Selina JörgGER+1.50Q
2Doris GüntherAUT+0.41

Heat #6

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Ina MeschikAUTQ
2Camille de FaucompretFRA+0.66+4.88

Heat #7

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Claudia RieglerAUTQ
2Tomoka TakeuchiJPN+0.79+12.68

Heat #8

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Nicolien SauerbreijNEDQ
2Isabella LaböckGER+0.37+17.98


Date26 February 2010 — 12:51
FormatWinner of each heat advanced to semi-finals, loser advanced to classification round.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Marion KreinerAUTQ
2Anke KarstensGER+1.50+8.34

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Yekaterina IlyukhinaRUS+0.19Q
DQAmelie KoberGER[DQ]

Heat #3

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Selina JörgGERQ
2Ina MeschikAUT+0.38+0.08

Heat #4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Nicolien SauerbreijNEDQ
2Claudia RieglerAUT+1.50+0.30

Classification Round 5-8

Date26 February 2010
FormatWinner of each heat advanced to classification 5/6 final.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Anke KarstensGER
2Amelie KoberGER+1.50DNS

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Ina MeschikAUT
2Claudia RieglerAUTDNF+0.91


Date26 February 2010 — 13:09
FormatWinner of each heat advanced to final.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Yekaterina IlyukhinaRUS+1.50
2Marion KreinerAUT+0.14

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Nicolien SauerbreijNED+0.17

Final Round

Date26 February 2010 — 13:31

Heat 1/2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Nicolien SauerbreijNED+0.02
2Yekaterina IlyukhinaRUS+0.23

Heat 3/4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Marion KreinerAUT
2Selina JörgGER+1.50+2.29

Heat 5/6

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Anke KarstensGER
2Ina MeschikAUT+1.50+0.64

Heat 7/8

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Claudia RieglerAUTwalkover
DNSAmelie KoberGER