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12 metres, Open

Date20 – 21 July 1912
LocationKungliga Svenska Segelsällskapet, Nynäshamn
Participants27 from 3 countries
FormatPoints for first three places as follows: 1st - 7; 2nd - 3; 3rd - 1; maximum of ten sailors per boat. Distance: 36.2 nautical miles.

Only three boats competed ensuring that each participant received a medal. In the first race, the Swedish “Erna-Signe” was running well and began to draw away from the other competitors. Later the Norwegian “Magda IX” crept nearer and nearer to the “Erna-Signe,” eventually passing the Swedish boat, and then maintained the lead. The Finnish “Heatherbell” came back from seawards but did not reach its rivals. In the second race, “Erna-Signe” had a clear lead over “Magda”, but soon the Norwegian boat went ahead and held the lead. The close struggle between the Swedish and the Finnish boat was very close. Even though the “Heatherbell” was ahead of “Erna Signe.” the latter finally passed it and came in second. In both races the three yachts finished in the same positions: “Magda IX” winning with “Erna Signe” in second and the “Heatherbell” in third place. It was the only class of the 1912 sailing events in which no sail-off was required.

1Magda IXNOR14Gold
Alfred LarsenJohan AnkerNils BerthelsenHalfdan HansenMagnus KonowPetter LarsenEilert Falch-LundFritz StaibArnfinn HejeGustav Thaulow
2Erna SigneSWE6Silver
Hugo ClasonNils PerssonHugo SällströmIvan LambyKurt BergströmDick BergströmErik LindqvistPer BergmanSigurd KanderFolke Johnson
Ernst KrogiusFerdinand AlfthanPekka HartvallJarl HulldénSigurd JuslénEino SandelinJohan Silén