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Two Person Keelboat (Swallow), Open

Date3 – 12 August 1948
LocationTorbay, Torquay (Star and Swallow Course)
Participants28 from 14 countries
FormatPoints awarded for placement in each race. Best six of seven scores to count for final placement.

The Swallow class is a one-design keelboat that was raced at the Olympics for the only time in 1948. Now often called the National Swallow class, it is usually raced with three crew members. The Swallow was very similar to the Star class but with a smaller sail area. In 1948 it was one of two two-person keelboat classes, along with the Olympic standard Star class. The Swallow was designed by Thomas Thornycroft as a possible replacement for the Star but never became as popular. Thornycroft competed in the 1908 Olympics in the motorboating events, winning two gold medals. The Swallow was raced on a 10 nautical mile (18.5 km) course slightly more inshore than the course used by the Dragons and 6-metre boats.

After six races the British crew of Stewart Morris and David Bond, aboard Swift, had a comfortable lead over the Portuguese crew of Duarte Manuel Bello and Fernando Bello, racing on Symphony. Nobody else was close to these two teams. Bello and Bello won the final race, but Morris and Bond hung on for the gold medal, despite placing fourth. This was the first of five Olympic appearances for Duarte Bello and four for Fernando, but the silver was their only Olympic medal.

Stewart MorrisDavid Bond
Duarte Manuel BelloFernando Bello
Woody PirieOwen Torrey
Stig HedbergLars Matton
Johan RathjeNaalli Petersen
Dario SalataAchille Roncoroni
John RobertsonDick Townsend
Øivind ChristensenKnut Bengtson
9Red IndianFRA2,729
Jacques Baptiste LebrunHenri Perrissol
Victório FerrazCarlos Borchers
11St. MargriteNED2,494
Wim de Vries LentschFlip Keegstra
Carlos SáezJuan Bidegaray
13The CloudIRL1,500
Alf DelanyHugh Allen
Gastón CibertSilvio Merlo