PUC, Paris (FRA)

Affiliation ID 3134
Full name Paris université club
Short name PUC
Place Paris (FRA)

Founded 1906. The club was awarded with the Sir Thomas Fearnley Cup in 1954. The volleyball team is known as Paris Volley.

Athletes (48)

Éric Battista FRA ATH Olympics 1956—1964
Claude Bénard FRA ATH Olympics 1948—1952
Jean-Claude Bernard FRA ATH Olympics 1956
Raymond Boisset FRA ATH Olympics 1936
Ali Brakchi FRA ATH Olympics 1960
Henri Brault FRA ATH Olympics 1952
Georges Breitman FRA ATH Olympics 1948—1952
Yves Camus FRA ATH Olympics 1952—1956
Louis Constant FRA BOX Olympics 1908
Jean-Pierre Corval FRA ATH Olympics 1972—1976
Robert Crost FRA BKB Olympics 1952
Daniel Dagallier FRA FEN Olympics 1952—1956
Colette Elloy FRA ATH Olympics 1952
Jacques Flouret FRA ATH/BKB Olympics 1928—1936
Sébastien Frangolacci FRA VVO Olympics 2004
Marcel Gerdil FRA ATH Olympics/Non-starter 1948—1952
Jean-Pierre Goudeau FRA ATH Olympics 1952—1956
Fernand Guillou FRA BKB Olympics 1948
Victor Guyader FRA CTR Olympics 1908
Brice Guyart FRA FEN Olympics 2000—2008
Paul Haranger FRA HOC Olympics 1920
Philippe Houvion FRA ATH Olympics 1980
Joseph Jackson FRA ATH Olympics 1924—1928
Franck Jonot FRA ATH Olympics 1984
Oliver Kieffer FRA VVO Olympics 2004
Georges Krotoff FRA ATH Olympics 1928
Jacques Ladègaillerie FRA FEN Olympics 1968—1976
Franck Lafitte FRA VVO Olympics 2016
Maurice Lusien FRA SWM Olympics 1948—1952
Jean Madelaine FRA CTR Olympics 1908
Janine Magnin-Lamouche FRA ATH Olympics 1948
Robert Marchand FRA ATH Olympics 1928
Jean-Paul Martin du Gard FRA ATH Olympics 1952—1956
Michel Méert FRA ATH Olympics 1912
René Metz FRA ATH Olympics 1972
Christine Muzio FRA FEN Olympics/Non-starter 1972—1980
Marguerite Nicolas FRA ATH Olympics 1936
Eugène Olivier FRA FEN Olympics/Non-starter 1906—1908
Gilbert Omnès FRA ATH Olympics 1948
Mathias Patin FRA VVO Olympics 2004
Marie-José Pérec FRA ATH Olympics/Non-starter/Other 1988—2000
Léonore Perrus FRA FEN Olympics 2004—2012
Bernard Planque FRA BKB Olympics 1952
Jean-Pierre Salignon FRA BKB Olympics 1952
Todor Skrimov BUL VVO Olympics 2012
Markus Steuerwald GER VVO Olympics 2012
Raymond Thomas FRA ATH Olympics 1956
André Tison FRA ATH Olympics/1906 1906—1920