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Park, Men

Date 5 August 2021
LocationAriake Urban Sports Park, Koto, Tokyo
Participants20 from 13 countries

The 7,000 capacity Ariake Urban Sports Park held the men’s park competition as the final skateboarding event of the 2000 Olympic Games. Qualification for the Games was severely affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and, when the 2020 and 2021 World Championships were both cancelled, entry to the Games relied exclusively on the world rankings. Those rankings were topped by American Heimana Reynolds, the 2019 World Champion, ahead of his compatriot Cory Juneau and a strong presence of Brazilians.

Each competitor had three 45 second runs, of which only the best score counted. The final was scored by the same format. The qualifying round went badly for the Americans. Of the three-strong team, only Juneau made it through to the final and he only scraped through as the final qualifier. Instead it was Brazil and Australia who dominated qualifying as they filled the top five positions.

The leader after the first run in the final was California-born Australian Keegan Palmer, who scored 94.04. Pedro Barros and Juneau scored in the mid-80s to place on the Olympic podium, but Palmer was never to be seriously threatened for the rest of the competition. With the gold medal already guaranteed the Aussie put together a third run which featured a kickflip Varial McTwist, an immensely technical trick that requires kickflipping the board while performing an inverted 540 spin.

In a sport that traditionally appeals to teenagers, it was notable that Rune Glifberg and Dallas Oberholzer competed at the age of 46.

1Keegan PalmerAUS77.00 (2 h4)95.83 (1)Gold
2Pedro BarrosBRA77.14 (1 h4)86.14 (2)Silver
3Cory JuneauUSA73.00 (3 h4)84.13 (3)Bronze
4Luiz FranciscoBRA84.31 (1 h3)83.14 (4)
5Kieran WoolleyAUS82.69 (2 h3)82.04 (5)
6Steven PiñeiroPUR76.20 (3 h3)75.17 (6)
7Vincent MatheronFRA74.07 (4 h3)42.33 (7)
8Pedro QuintasBRA79.02 (1 h2)38.47 (8)
9Danny LeónESP72.24 (2 h2)
10Jaime MateuESP69.18 (3 h2)
11Zion WrightUSA67.21 (1 h1)
12Alessandro MazzaraITA65.25 (4 h2)
13Heimana ReynoldsUSA63.09 (2 h1)
14Ayumu HiranoJPN62.03 (4 h4)
15Tyler EdtmayerGER61.78 (5 h2)
16Andy AndersonCAN60.78 (3 h1)
17Oskar RozenbergSWE56.66 (5 h4)
18Ivan FedericoITA46.90 (4 h1)
19Rune GlifbergDEN37.61 (5 h1)
20Dallas OberholzerRSA24.08 (5 h3)

Qualifying Round (5 August 2021 — 9:00)

Top 8 skaters qualify for final round.

Head JudgeLincoln UedaUSA
JudgeKyle BerardUSA
JudgeMarcos HiroshiBRA
JudgeAlexis JauzionFRA
JudgeRenton MillarAUS
JudgeRenata PaschiniBRA
JudgeMike PragnellCAN
1Luiz FranciscoBRA84.31Q
2Kieran WoolleyAUS82.69Q
3Pedro QuintasBRA79.02Q
4Pedro BarrosBRA77.14Q
5Keegan PalmerAUS77.00Q
6Steven PiñeiroPUR76.20Q
7Vincent MatheronFRA74.07Q
8Cory JuneauUSA73.00Q
9Danny LeónESP72.24
10Jaime MateuESP69.18
11Zion WrightUSA67.21
12Alessandro MazzaraITA65.25
13Heimana ReynoldsUSA63.09
14Ayumu HiranoJPN62.03
15Tyler EdtmayerGER61.78
16Andy AndersonCAN60.78
17Oskar RozenbergSWE56.66
18Ivan FedericoITA46.90
19Rune GlifbergDEN37.61
20Dallas OberholzerRSA24.08

Heat 1 (9:00)

PosOrdSkaterNOCPointsRun 1Run 2Run 3
15Zion WrightUSA67.2167.2153.878.35
23Heimana ReynoldsUSA63.0942.3744.2963.09
34Andy AndersonCAN60.7835.5758.5060.78
42Ivan FedericoITA46.905.0746.905.08
51Rune GlifbergDEN37.616.2437.616.11

Heat 2 (9:42)

PosOrdSkaterNOCPointsRun 1Run 2Run 3
15Pedro QuintasBRA79.0259.556.4779.02
21Danny LeónESP72.2452.4072.2423.35
32Jaime MateuESP69.1854.6648.5169.18
44Alessandro MazzaraITA65.257.7865.2524.58
53Tyler EdtmayerGER61.7858.3351.6161.78

Heat 3 (10:24)

PosOrdSkaterNOCPointsRun 1Run 2Run 3
12Luiz FranciscoBRA84.3181.5084.3112.74
21Kieran WoolleyAUS82.6982.6914.4870.04
34Steven PiñeiroPUR76.2064.1168.1476.20
45Vincent MatheronFRA74.0770.0474.0767.96
53Dallas OberholzerRSA24.0821.6824.0818.21

Heat 4 (11:06)

PosOrdSkaterNOCPointsRun 1Run 2Run 3
13Pedro BarrosBRA77.1473.0077.1418.56
25Keegan PalmerAUS77.0064.0477.0013.17
34Cory JuneauUSA73.0071.0837.5673.00
41Ayumu HiranoJPN62.0358.8462.0338.72
52Oskar RozenbergSWE56.663.8328.2056.66

Final Round (5 August 2021 — 12:30)

Head JudgeLincoln UedaUSA
JudgeKyle BerardUSA
JudgeMarcos HiroshiBRA
JudgeAlexis JauzionFRA
JudgeRenton MillarAUS
JudgeRenata PaschiniBRA
JudgeMike PragnellCAN
PosOrdSkaterNOCPointsRun 1Run 2Run 3
14Keegan PalmerAUS95.8394.045.8695.83
25Pedro BarrosBRA86.1486.1473.5022.99
31Cory JuneauUSA84.1382.1584.137.00
48Luiz FranciscoBRA83.1480.2480.6283.14
57Kieran WoolleyAUS82.0417.0382.042.17
63Steven PiñeiroPUR75.175.2075.1774.53
72Vincent MatheronFRA42.3327.8127.4142.33
86Pedro QuintasBRA38.474.3535.5438.47