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200 metres Breaststroke, Women

Date28 – 30 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants31 from 24 countries

Russian Yuliya Yefimova had won three of the last four World Championships in this event and was the silver medallist from Rio de Janeiro in 2016, but she did not qualify for this event at Tokyo. Also absent was the 2016 gold medallist Japan’s Rie Kaneto. The favorite for Tokyo was South African Tatjana Schoenmaker, who came in with the fastest time of the year – 2:20.17 –, had been the silver medallist at the 2019 Worlds, and had already won a silver medal in the 100 breaststroke. Other medal contenders were Americans Lilly King and Annie Lazor, Russian Olympic Committee team member Yevgeniya Chikunova and Britain’s Molly Renshaw.

The event turned out to be all Schoenmaker. In the prelims she had the fastest time by almost three seconds over King, setting an Olympic record of 2:19.16. Her semi-final time led Chikunova by over a second, Lazor by over two seconds, and King again by almost three.

In the final King actually led to 100 metres but she could not match Schoenmaker over the final two laps. The South African came home over a full second faster than King on the last 100 to set a world record of 2:18.95. Behind them Lazor took the bronze medal as Chikunova finished fourth.

1Tatjana SchoenmakerRSA2:19.16 (1 h4)2:19.33 (1 h2)2:18.95 (1)Gold
2Lilly KingUSA2:22.10 (1 h3)2:22.27 (2 h1)2:19.92 (2)Silver
3Annie LazorUSA2:22.76 (2 h3)2:21.94 (3 h2)2:20.84 (3)Bronze
4Yevgeniya ChikunovaROC2:22.16 (2 h4)2:20.57 (2 h2)2:20.88 (4)
5Kaylene CorbettRSA2:22.48 (1 h2)2:22.08 (1 h1)2:22.06 (5)
6Molly RenshawGBR2:22.99 (2 h2)2:22.70 (3 h1)2:22.65 (6)
7Abbie WoodGBR2:24.13 (7 h2)2:22.35 (4 h2)2:23.72 (7)
8Fanny LecluyseBEL2:23.42 (5 h2)2:23.73 (5 h2)2:24.57 (8)
9Jenna StrauchAUS2:23.30 (3 h4)2:24.25 (6 h2)
10Sophie HanssonSWE2:23.82 (4 h4)2:24.28 (4 h1)
11Mariya TemnikovaROC2:23.13 (3 h2)2:24.69 (7 h2)
12Yu JingyaoCHN2:23.17 (4 h2)2:24.76 (5 h1)
13Jessica VallESP2:23.31 (3 h3)2:24.87 (6 h1)
14Lisa MamiéSUI2:23.91 (5 h4)2:25.11 (7 h1)
15Francesca FangioITA2:23.89 (6 h2)2:27.56 (8 h2)
16Kelsey WogCAN2:24.27 (6 h4)– (8 h1)
17Abbey HarkinAUS2:24.41 (7 h4)
18Kanako WatanabeJPN2:24.73 (4 h3)
19Kristýna HorskáCZE2:25.03 (1 h1)
20Mona McSharryIRL2:25.08 (2 h1)
21Martina CarraroITA2:26.17 (8 h4)
22Marina GarcíaESP2:26.21 (5 h3)
23Kotryna TeterevkovaLTU2:26.82 (3 h1)
24Byanca RodríguezMEX2:26.87 (4 h1)
25Eszter BékésiHUN2:26.89 (5 h1)
26Alina ZmushkaBLR2:27.59 (6 h3)
27Eneli JefimovaEST2:27.87 (6 h1)
28Anastasia GorbenkoISR2:28.41 (8 h2)
29Julia SebastiánARG2:29.55 (7 h3)
30Andrea PodmaníkováSVK2:29.56 (7 h1)
31Phee Jinq EnMAS2:32.57 (8 h1)
DNSSydney PickremCAN– (DNS h3)

Round One (28 July 2021 — 19:36)

14Tatjana SchoenmakerRSA2:19.16Q OR
25Lilly KingUSA2:22.10Q
35Yevgeniya ChikunovaROC2:22.16Q
47Kaylene CorbettRSA2:22.48Q
54Annie LazorUSA2:22.76Q
64Molly RenshawGBR2:22.99Q
73Mariya TemnikovaROC2:23.13Q
81Yu JingyaoCHN2:23.17Q
92Jenna StrauchAUS2:23.30Q
102Jessica VallESP2:23.31Q
112Fanny LecluyseBEL2:23.42Q
128Sophie HanssonSWE2:23.82Q
136Francesca FangioITA2:23.89Q
143Lisa MamiéSUI2:23.91Q
155Abbie WoodGBR2:24.13Q
166Kelsey WogCAN2:24.27Q
177Abbey HarkinAUS2:24.41
186Kanako WatanabeJPN2:24.73
194Kristýna HorskáCZE2:25.03
206Mona McSharryIRL2:25.08
211Martina CarraroITA2:26.17
227Marina GarcíaESP2:26.21
232Kotryna TeterevkovaLTU2:26.82
243Byanca RodríguezMEX2:26.87
255Eszter BékésiHUN2:26.89
261Alina ZmushkaBLR2:27.59
277Eneli JefimovaEST2:27.87
288Anastasia GorbenkoISR2:28.41
298Julia SebastiánARG2:29.55
301Andrea PodmaníkováSVK2:29.56
318Phee Jinq EnMAS2:32.57
DNS3Sydney PickremCAN

Heat One (19:36)

14Kristýna HorskáCZE2:25.030.67
26Mona McSharryIRL2:25.080.66
32Kotryna TeterevkovaLTU2:26.820.68
43Byanca RodríguezMEX2:26.870.66
55Eszter BékésiHUN2:26.890.67
67Eneli JefimovaEST2:27.870.67
71Andrea PodmaníkováSVK2:29.560.70
88Phee Jinq EnMAS2:32.570.70

Heat Two (19:42)

17Kaylene CorbettRSA2:22.480.73Q
24Molly RenshawGBR2:22.990.68Q
33Mariya TemnikovaROC2:23.130.69Q
41Yu JingyaoCHN2:23.170.68Q
52Fanny LecluyseBEL2:23.420.67Q
66Francesca FangioITA2:23.890.69Q
75Abbie WoodGBR2:24.130.65Q
88Anastasia GorbenkoISR2:28.410.69

Heat Three (19:48)

15Lilly KingUSA2:22.100.67Q
24Annie LazorUSA2:22.760.71Q
32Jessica VallESP2:23.310.69Q
46Kanako WatanabeJPN2:24.730.67
57Marina GarcíaESP2:26.210.71
61Alina ZmushkaBLR2:27.590.72
78Julia SebastiánARG2:29.550.65
DNS3Sydney PickremCAN

Heat Four (19:54)

14Tatjana SchoenmakerRSA2:19.160.65Q OR
25Yevgeniya ChikunovaROC2:22.160.70Q
32Jenna StrauchAUS2:23.300.72Q
48Sophie HanssonSWE2:23.820.73Q
53Lisa MamiéSUI2:23.910.72Q
66Kelsey WogCAN2:24.270.66Q
77Abbey HarkinAUS2:24.410.72
81Martina CarraroITA2:26.170.64

Semi-Finals (29 July 2021 — 11:54)

14Tatjana SchoenmakerRSA2:19.33Q
25Yevgeniya ChikunovaROC2:20.57Q
33Annie LazorUSA2:21.94Q
45Kaylene CorbettRSA2:22.08Q
54Lilly KingUSA2:22.27Q
68Abbie WoodGBR2:22.35Q
73Molly RenshawGBR2:22.70Q
87Fanny LecluyseBEL2:23.73Q
92Jenna StrauchAUS2:24.25
107Sophie HanssonSWE2:24.28
116Mariya TemnikovaROC2:24.69
126Yu JingyaoCHN2:24.76
132Jessica VallESP2:24.87
141Lisa MamiéSUI2:25.11
151Francesca FangioITA2:27.56
DQ8Kelsey WogCAN

Heat One (11:54)

15Kaylene CorbettRSA2:22.080.74Q
24Lilly KingUSA2:22.270.65Q
33Molly RenshawGBR2:22.700.66Q
47Sophie HanssonSWE2:24.280.74
56Yu JingyaoCHN2:24.760.69
62Jessica VallESP2:24.870.70
71Lisa MamiéSUI2:25.110.70
88Kelsey WogCANDQ

Heat Two (12:01)

14Tatjana SchoenmakerRSA2:19.330.60Q
25Yevgeniya ChikunovaROC2:20.570.71Q
33Annie LazorUSA2:21.940.74Q
48Abbie WoodGBR2:22.350.68Q
57Fanny LecluyseBEL2:23.730.66Q
62Jenna StrauchAUS2:24.250.75
76Mariya TemnikovaROC2:24.690.70
81Francesca FangioITA2:27.560.70

Final (30 July 2021 — 10:41)

14Tatjana SchoenmakerRSA2:18.950.66WR
22Lilly KingUSA2:19.920.65
33Annie LazorUSA2:20.840.73
45Yevgeniya ChikunovaROC2:20.880.71
56Kaylene CorbettRSA2:22.060.71
61Molly RenshawGBR2:22.650.67
77Abbie WoodGBR2:23.720.68
88Fanny LecluyseBEL2:24.570.69