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Team All-Around, Women

Date25 – 27 July 2021
LocationAriake Gymnastics Centre, 10-1, 1chome, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Participants48 from 12 countries

The USA team of Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee, Jordan Chiles, and Grace McCallum were heavy favourites to take the team gold. The battle for silver and bronze seemed as if it would be between the ROC and China, who both had plenty of talented gymnasts for the big occasion.

Biles was far from her best in the qualifying competition, and was penalised for both her floor and vault exercises. As a result, the United States finished behind ROC. It was the first time since 2010 that the USA had not posted the top score in qualifying at a World Championships or Olympics. The ROC, with 2019 World Championship all-round bronze medallist Angelina Melnikova in their squad, led the Americans by 1.067 points at the end of qualifying.

A win would give the Americans their third-straight gold medal, a feat not seen since the Soviet Union won eight straight from 1952-80. The ROC started off well, however, and put the Americans under pressure from the start, and despite getting tremendous height on her vault, Biles had a bad landing and scored just 13.766. It was her lowest score on that piece of apparatus in her Olympic career, and only three gymnasts had a lower score than her in the vault. That one vault turned out to be the only appearance of Biles in the final, as she sat out the remaining rotations. Initially it was thought she had suffered an injury on landing, but as she later admitted, the only injury she suffered was to her pride and did not want to carry on. It was more a mental than physical problem.

In the second rotation, despite a 13.700 on the uneven bars by Grace McCallum, her score was bettered by ROC’s Vladislava Urazova, who scored 14.866. When Jordan Chiles, who had stepped in for Biles on the uneven bars, scored an impressive 14.166 she too was upstaged by the ROCs Angelina Melnikova with 14.933. The ROC led by two-and-a-half points at the end of rotation two, with Italy having replaced France in the bronze medal position. The USA pulled themselves back into contention at the end of the third rotation and were less than a point behind with Italy still in third place, with Great Britain making up ground in fifth.

Unfortunately, the US comeback was short-lived when Chiles, who had done so well standing in for Biles, had a disappointing 11.70 on the floor as the ROC went three points clear thanks to 14.166 from Viktoriya Listunova. With just one gymnast each left to perform, the ROC went on to secure gold, with silver going to the USA. The ROC headed the scoring on three of four pieces of apparatus, finishing only fourth on the beam. The best individual performance of the final was Urazova’s 14.866 on the uneven bars.

After three excellent performances on their last routine, the uneven bars, the British quartet snatched the bronze medal from Italy by 0.458 points. It was Britain’s first team medal since they won bronze at Amsterdam in 1928, when women’s gymnastics was first held at the Olympics.

1ROCROC171.629 (1)169.528 (1)Gold
Liliya AkhaimovaViktoriya ListunovaAngelina MelnikovaVladislava Urazova
2United StatesUSA170.562 (2)166.096 (2)Silver
Simone BilesJordan ChilesSuni LeeGrace McCallum
3Great BritainGBR163.396 (6)164.096 (3)Bronze
Jennifer GadirovaJessica GadirovaAlice KinsellaAmelie Morgan
4ItalyITA163.33 (7)163.638 (4)
Asia D'AmatoAlice D'AmatoVanessa FerrariMartina Maggio
5JapanJPN162.662 (8)163.280 (5)
Hitomi HatakedaYuna HiraiwaMai MurakamiAiko Sugihara
6FranceFRA164.561 (4)163.264 (6)
Marine BoyerMélanie de Jésus dos SantosAline FriessCarolann Héduit
7People's Republic of ChinaCHN166.863 (3)161.196 (7)
Lu YufeiOu YushanTang XijingZhang Jin
8BelgiumBEL163.895 (5)159.695 (8)
Maellyse BrassartNina DerwaelLisa VaelenJutta Verkest
9GermanyGER161.162 (9)
Kim BuiPauline Schäfer-BetzElisabeth SeitzSarah Voss
10CanadaCAN160.964 (10)
Ellie BlackBrooklyn MoorsShallon OlsenAva Stewart
11NetherlandsNED160.263 (11)
Eythora ThorsdottirVera van PolSanne WeversLieke Wevers
12SpainESP157.128 (12)
Laura BechdejúMarina GonzálezAlba PetiscoRoxana Popa

Qualification (25 July 2021 — 10:00)

Five-person teams, four to compete on each apparatus, with best three of four scores counting for each apparatus. Top eight teams advanced to the final round.

PosGymnastNOCPointsHorse VaultUneven BarsBalance BeamFloor Exercise
1ROCROC171.62943.832 (2)44.565 (1)41.599 (2)41.633 (1)Q
Liliya Akhaimova14.76612.90012.26613.633
Viktoriya Listunova14.30014.76613.86614.000
Angelina Melnikova14.46614.93313.73314.000
Vladislava Urazova14.60014.86614.00013.633
2United StatesUSA170.56244.199 (1)43.866 (2)41.332 (3)41.165 (2)Q
Simone Biles14.96614.56614.06614.133
Jordan Chiles14.70012.86611.56613.566
Suni Lee14.33315.20014.20013.433
Grace McCallum14.53314.10013.06613.466
3People's Republic of ChinaCHN166.86342.366 (8)42.633 (4)42.399 (1)39.465 (6)Q
Lu Yufei13.60014.70014.10012.666
Ou Yushan13.63313.50013.933
Tang Xijing14.30014.43314.33313.366
Zhang Jin14.43313.10013.96613.433
4FranceFRA164.56143.665 (3)42.198 (6)39.899 (6)38.799 (11)Q
Marine Boyer13.73310.40013.46612.733
Mélanie de Jésus dos Santos14.46614.56613.23313.166
Aline Friess14.96613.66612.50012.500
Carolann Héduit14.23313.96613.20012.900
5BelgiumBEL163.89541.066 (12)43.099 (3)40.465 (4)39.265 (7)Q
Maellyse Brassart13.76613.36613.03312.766
Nina Derwael13.90015.36613.76613.566
Lisa Vaelen13.00014.10012.50012.766
Jutta Verkest13.40013.63313.66612.933
6Great BritainGBR163.39643.199 (5)40.699 (8)39.199 (9)40.599 (3)Q1
Jennifer Gadirova14.53313.06613.30013.800
Jessica Gadirova14.50013.80012.86614.033
Alice Kinsella14.16612.63312.10012.766
Amelie Morgan13.85813.83313.03312.466
7ItalyITA163.3342.766 (6)41.866 (7)38.799 (10)39.899 (5)Q
Asia D'Amato14.23313.93313.13311.833
Alice D'Amato14.33314.23312.60013.033
Vanessa Ferrari14.20012.50014.166
Martina Maggio14.10013.70013.06612.700
8JapanJPN162.66242.432 (7)39.632 (11)39.999 (5)40.599 (3)Q
Hitomi Hatakeda12.26614.13313.00013.333
Yuna Hiraiwa13.73311.70013.53312.666
Mai Murakami14.43312.13313.46613.933
Aiko Sugihara14.26613.36611.56613.333
9GermanyGER161.16241.699 (10)42.632 (5)37.965 (11)38.866 (10)
Kim Bui13.46614.06612.66613.200
Pauline Schäfer-Betz13.93311.93312.96612.733
Elisabeth Seitz14.26614.70012.33312.933
Sarah Voss13.50013.86612.26612.600
10CanadaCAN160.96443.632 (4)38.7 (12)39.466 (8)39.166 (8)
Ellie Black14.53312.80014.10012.266
Brooklyn Moors14.13313.00013.30013.533
Shallon Olsen14.96611.90012.06613.033
Ava Stewart12.93312.90012.00012.600
11NetherlandsNED160.26342.133 (9)39.666 (10)39.565 (7)38.899 (9)
Eythora Thorsdottir14.43313.00012.33313.133
Vera van Pol14.10013.13311.60012.900
Sanne Wevers11.73313.866
Lieke Wevers13.60013.53313.36612.866
12SpainESP157.12841.299 (11)39.966 (9)37.898 (12)37.965 (12)
Laura Bechdejú13.53312.70012.66612.300
Marina González13.23311.03312.36612.866
Alba Petisco13.46612.86611.70012.566
Roxana Popa14.30014.40012.86612.533

Final (27 July 2021 — 19:45)

Five-person teams, three to compete on each apparatus, with all three scores counting for each apparatus.

PosGymnastNOCPointsHorse VaultUneven BarsBalance BeamFloor Exercise
1ROCROC169.52843.799 (1)44.699 (1)39.532 (4)41.498 (1)
Liliya Akhaimova14.733
Viktoriya Listunova14.90014.33314.166
Angelina Melnikova14.60014.93312.56613.966
Vladislava Urazova14.46614.86612.63313.366
2United StatesUSA166.09642.732 (4)43.266 (2)41.232 (2)38.866 (8)
Simone Biles13.766
Jordan Chiles14.66614.16613.43311.700
Suni Lee15.40014.13313.666
Grace McCallum14.30013.70013.66613.500
3Great BritainGBR164.09643.132 (3)41.765 (3)38.866 (6)40.333 (3)
Jennifer Gadirova14.43313.30013.700
Jessica Gadirova14.43313.56613.833
Alice Kinsella14.26614.16613.33312.800
Amelie Morgan14.03312.233
4ItalyITA163.63842.665 (5)41.499 (5)39.108 (5)40.366 (2)
Asia D'Amato14.26613.90012.90013.166
Alice D'Amato14.16614.16613.13313.100
Vanessa Ferrari14.23314.100
Martina Maggio13.43313.075
5JapanJPN163.28042.349 (6)40.133 (8)40.732 (3)40.066 (4)
Hitomi Hatakeda14.10013.33312.800
Yuna Hiraiwa13.90013.566
Mai Murakami14.26612.70013.83314.066
Aiko Sugihara14.18313.33313.200
6FranceFRA163.26443.600 (2)41.399 (6)38.465 (7)39.800 (5)
Marine Boyer12.06613.000
Mélanie de Jésus dos Santos14.50014.20013.56613.700
Aline Friess14.90013.733
Carolann Héduit14.20013.46612.83313.100
7People's Republic of ChinaCHN161.19639.366 (8)41.066 (7)41.599 (1)39.165 (7)
Lu Yufei13.33313.96613.166
Ou Yushan12.70013.233
Tang Xijing12.60014.50013.73312.866
Zhang Jin14.06613.90013.133
8BelgiumBEL159.69541.732 (7)41.632 (4)36.999 (8)39.332 (6)
Maellyse Brassart14.03310.933
Nina Derwael15.40013.86613.366
Lisa Vaelen14.23313.76612.900
Jutta Verkest13.46612.46612.20013.066