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Horse Vault, Women

Date25 July – 1 August 2021
LocationAriake Gymnastics Centre, 10-1, 1chome, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Participants19 from 15 countries

Simone Biles had a new move on the vault that, if executed perfectly, would have become the fifth move named after her. The vault was the only piece of apparatus in which Biles came first in qualifying. Because of her mental health issues in Tokyo, however, Biles pulled out of the competition and her place was taken by fellow American MyKala Skinner. The oldest female gymnast in Olympic history, 46-year-old Oksana Chusovitina, was competing in her eighth Games in Tokyo, and it was to be her final Olympics. After finishing 14th in the qualifying competition for the vault, she emotionally announced her retirement to a standing ovation from her fellow competitors.

The first vault in the final was from MyKala Skinner, and she set an impressive mark of 14.916, but, two vaults later, Brazil’s individual all-round silver-medallist Rebeca Andrade scored 15.083 thanks to her difficult two-and-a-half twisting vault. It turned out to be a gold medal performance after America’s Jade Carey, second to Biles in qualifying, disappointed with a 12.416, which put her in last place. Of the rest, the best score was from Korea’s Yeo Seo-Jeong, whose 14.733 secured her the bronze medal behind Skinner. Three days before the vault final, Brazil had never won a women’s gymnastics medal now, thanks to Andrade, they had doubled that total, and also won their first ever gold.

The vault competition in Tokyo was conducted in an unusual manner. As in previous recent Games, the team and individual all-around qualifying served as qualifying for the various apparatus finals. In vault, however, all the competitors in those qualifications did one vault, which counted towards the team and individual events, but 19 competitors did a second vault, effectively competing in a special vault apparatus qualifying, and that is why only 19 competitors are listed in this event.

1311Rebeca AndradeBRA15.100 (3)15.083 (1)Gold
2397MyKayla SkinnerUSA14.866 (4)14.916 (2)Silver
3363Yeo Seo-JeongKOR14.800 (5)14.733 (3)Bronze
4365Alexa MorenoMEX14.633 (8)14.716 (4)
5382Angelina MelnikovaROC14.616 (9)14.683 (5)
6378Liliya AkhaimovaROC14.699 (7)14.666 (6)
7315Shallon OlsenCAN14.699 (6)14.550 (7)
8393Jade CareyUSA15.166 (2)12.416 (8)
1 r1/2397Simone BilesUSA15.183 (1)
10 r1/2386Giulia SteingruberSUI14.566 (10)
11 r1/2360Mai MurakamiJPN14.466 (11)
12 r1/2313Ellie BlackCAN14.416 (12)
13 r1/2340Jessica GadirovaGBR14.350 (13)
14 r1/2398Oksana ChusovitinaUZB14.166 (14)
15 r1/2350Lihie RazISR13.899 (15)
16 r1/2327Marcia VidiauxCUB13.499 (16)
17 r1/2372Gabriela SasnalPOL13.483 (17)
18 r1/2376Naveen DariesRSA12.983 (18)
19 r1/2305Marina NekrasovaAZE12.666 (19)

Qualification (25 July 2021 — 10:00)

Top eight (maximum two per nation) qualified for the final. Mean score of two final jumps determined placement.

PosGymnastNOCPointsVault 1Vault 2
1Simone BilesUSA15.18314.966 (4)15.400 (1)Q1
2Jade CareyUSA15.16615.166 (2)15.166 (2)Q
3Rebeca AndradeBRA15.10015.400 (1)14.800 (3)Q
4MyKayla SkinnerUSA14.86614.933 (6)14.800 (4)q2
5Yeo Seo-JeongKOR14.80015.000 (3)14.600 (7)Q
6Shallon OlsenCAN14.69914.966 (5)14.433 (9)Q
7Liliya AkhaimovaROC14.69914.766 (9)14.633 (6)Q
8Alexa MorenoMEX14.63314.833 (=7)14.433 (10)Q
9Angelina MelnikovaROC14.61614.466 (13)14.766 (5)Q
10Giulia SteingruberSUI14.56614.833 (=7)14.300 (12)
11Mai MurakamiJPN14.46614.433 (14)14.500 (8)
12Ellie BlackCAN14.41614.533 (10)14.300 (11)
13Jessica GadirovaGBR14.35014.500 (11)14.200 (13)
14Oksana ChusovitinaUZB14.16614.500 (12)13.833 (14)
15Lihie RazISR13.89914.233 (15)13.566 (15)
16Marcia VidiauxCUB13.49914.166 (16)12.833 (17)
17Gabriela SasnalPOL13.48313.600 (17)13.366 (16)
18Naveen DariesRSA12.98313.300 (18)12.666 (18)
19Marina NekrasovaAZE12.66613.133 (19)12.200 (19)

Final (1 August 2021 — 17:55)

Difficulty Judge 1Hana LiškařováCZE
Difficulty Judge 2Anne Torill NordliNOR
Execution Judge 1Zsuzsanna KalmárHUN
Execution Judge 2Kristin GrahnSWE
Execution Judge 3Volha OyetsBLR
Execution Judge 4Pauline SmithGBR
Execution Judge 5Hlin BjarnadóttirISL
Execution Reference Judge 1Oksana SliusarchukUKR
Execution Reference Judge 2Mergül GülerTUR
Line JudgeAyaka SaharaJPN
PosGymnastNOCPointsVault 1Vault 2
1Rebeca AndradeBRA15.08315.166 (2)15.000 (1)
2MyKayla SkinnerUSA14.91615.033 (3)14.800 (2)
3Yeo Seo-JeongKOR14.73315.333 (1)14.133 (7)
4Alexa MorenoMEX14.71614.766 (4)14.666 (4)
5Angelina MelnikovaROC14.68314.666 (6)14.700 (3)
6Liliya AkhaimovaROC14.66614.666 (7)14.666 (5)
7Shallon OlsenCAN14.55014.700 (5)14.400 (6)
8Jade CareyUSA12.41611.933 (8)12.900 (8)