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Heavyweight, Freestyle (≤76 kilograms), Women

Date1 – 2 August 2021
LocationMakuhari Messe, 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Participants16 from 16 countries

The favorite and #1 seed was American Adeline Gray, who came in as a five-time World Champion, including winning this class in 2018 and 2019. Her biggest challenge was expected to come from Germany’s Aline Rotter-Focken, a 2014 World Champion at 69 kg and the 2020 World Cup Champion in this class. The defending Olympic Champion was Canada’s Erica Wiebe, who also won at the 2014 and 2019 Commonwealth Games, but she was unseeded and would lose her opening match.

Gray and Rotter-Focken both made it to the finals, although they had difficult matches in the semi-finals, both winning on points in close matches. Gray defeated Kyrgyzstan’s Aiperi Medet Kyzy, 3-2, while Rotter-Focken beat Japan’s Hiroe Minagawa, medallist at the last three Worlds and the #3 seed, 3-1.

The final was a relatively easy victory for Rotter-Focken, defeating Gray 7-3, after piling up some early points. Neither Medet Kyzy nor Minagawa won bronze medals, as both were defeated in the repêchage finals by falls, Medet Kyzy taken down by Turkey’s Yasemin Adar and Minagawa losing to China’s Zhou Qian. Adar was a four-time European Champion and the 2017 World Champion but was not seeded and had the misfortune to meet Gray in the quarter-finals.

1Aline Rotter-FockenGER1200208Gold
2Adeline GrayUSA12102013Silver
=3Yasemin AdarTUR1420166Bronze
=3Zhou QianCHN12101112Bronze
=5Aiperi Medet KyzyKGZ801228
=5Hiroe MinagawaJPN700125
7Nataliya VorobyovaROC3001624
8Epp MäeEST30057
9Vasilisa MarzaliukBLR20024
10Samar HamzaEGY1001216
11Erica WiebeCAN10045
12Alla BelinskaUKR10034
13Elmira SyzdykovaKAZ10018
14Aline FerreiraBRA00006
15Ochirbatyn BurmaaMGL00008
16Zaineb SghaierTUN000010

Round One

Date1 August 2021 — 11:00
Match #101 Aug 11:00Adeline GrayUSAFallZaineb SghaierTUN
Match #201 AugYasemin AdarTURDecision by shutoutAline FerreiraBRA
Match #301 AugNataliya VorobyovaROCDecisionSamar HamzaEGY
Match #401 AugAiperi Medet KyzyKGZDecisionElmira SyzdykovaKAZ
Match #501 AugHiroe MinagawaJPNDecision by shutoutOchirbatyn BurmaaMGL
Match #601 AugEpp MäeESTDecisionErica WiebeCAN
Match #701 AugZhou QianCHNDecisionAlla BelinskaUKR
Match #801 AugAline Rotter-FockenGERDecisionVasilisa MarzaliukBLR


Date1 August 2021 — 12:20
Match #101 Aug 12:20Adeline GrayUSADecisionYasemin AdarTUR
Match #201 AugAiperi Medet KyzyKGZTechnical superiority by shutoutNataliya VorobyovaROC
Match #301 AugHiroe MinagawaJPNDecision by shutoutEpp MäeEST
Match #401 AugAline Rotter-FockenGERDecisionZhou QianCHN


Date1 August 2021 — 18:55
Match #101 Aug 18:55Adeline GrayUSADecisionAiperi Medet KyzyKGZ
Match #201 AugAline Rotter-FockenGERDecisionHiroe MinagawaJPN

Repêchage Round One

Date2 August 2021
Match #102 AugYasemin AdarTURFallZaineb SghaierTUN
Match #202 AugZhou QianCHNDecisionVasilisa MarzaliukBLR

Repêchage Final

Date2 August 2021 — 11:00
Match #102 Aug 11:00Yasemin AdarTURFallAiperi Medet KyzyKGZ
Match #202 AugZhou QianCHNFallHiroe MinagawaJPN

Final Round

Date2 August 2021 — 20:55
Match 1/202 Aug 21:20Aline Rotter-FockenGERDecisionAdeline GrayUSA