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Team Sprint (Classical), Women

Date16 February 2022
LocationZhangjiakou Nordic Centre and Biathlon Centre, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province
Participants52 from 26 countries
FormatTwo-woman teams, each skiing three alternate legs of approximately 1,500 metres.
DetailsCourse Length: 1,176 m
Height Differential: 27 m
Maximum Climb: 25 m
Total Climbing: 43 m

In the team sprint, Germany’s women’s relay silver medallists, Katharina Hennig and Victoria Carl, caused a major upset after winning gold following a furious final sprint. Silver went to the Swedish pair of Maja Dahlqvist and Jonna Sundling, who took gold and silver in the women’s individual sprint and went into the team final as favorites. Bronze was claimed by the Russian Olympic Committee’s team with Yuliya Stupak and Nataliya Nepryayeva.

In bright sunshine and a freezing cold temperature of -16.7° C, Hennig and Carl had previously won their semi-final and thus qualified directly for the final, beating the USA and Austria. Carl had replaced Katherine Sauerbrey, who was originally nominated but did not feel quite fit. The second semi-final went to the ROC, followed by Finland and Sweden.

As expected, the field stayed close together on the opening laps. On the fourth leg, Sweden’s Sundling increased the pace at the front and, along with Diggins, created a small gap. Carl could not quite follow and handed over almost four seconds behind. Hennig, however, was able to re-establish contact with the leaders. She attacked with Finland’s Kerttu Niskanen and tried to outdistance the chasers. Carl went into the final lap with a minimal lead of 0.17, but on the first climb, the first five closed ranks again. Carl ran the last bend in third place, but had the outside lane and pushed past the opposition. She had the most reserves in the final sprint and was the first to cross the line. It was also a birthday present for their coach Peter Schlickenrieder, who won silver at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games exactly 20 years ago, and turned 52 on the day of the Beijing event. Finland with Krista Pärmäkoski dropped back on the last climb, after making most of the leader’s work.

1Katharina Hennig / Victoria CarlGERGold
2Maja Dahlqvist / Jonna SundlingSWESilver
3Yuliya Stupak / Nataliya NepryayevaROCBronze
4Kerttu Niskanen / Krista PärmäkoskiFIN
5Rosie Brennan / Jessie DigginsUSA
6Teresa Stadlober / Lisa UnterwegerAUT
7Laurien van der Graaff / Nadine FähndrichSUI
8Tiril Udnes Weng / Maiken Caspersen FallaNOR
9Izabela Marcisz / Monika SkinderPOL
10Mélissa Gal / Lena QuintinFRA
11Chi Chunxue / Li XinCHN
12Katherine Stewart-Jones / Dahria BeattyCAN
13Caterina Ganz / Lucia ScardoniITA
14Eva Urevc / Anamarija LampičSLO
15Kateřina Janatová / Petra HynčicováCZE
16Jessica Yeaton / Casey WrightAUS
17Mariel Pulles / Keidy KaasikuEST
18Yuliya Krol / Maryna AntsyborUKR
19Nadezhda Stepashkina / Kseniya ShalyginaKAZ
20Tena Hadžić / Vedrana MalecCRO
21Kitija Auzina / Estere VolfaLAT
22Han Da-Som / Lee Ui-JinKOR
=23Jaque Mourão / Eduarda RiberaBRA
=23Maria Ntanou / Nefeli TitaGRE
=23Eglė Savickaitė / Ieva DainytėLTU
=23Ayşenur Duman / Ceren DursunTUR
DNSAnastasiya Kirylava / Hanna KaraliovaBLR


Date16 February 2022 — 17:00
FormatFirst 3 teams in each heat plus the four fastest losers qualify for final.

Heat #1

PosNumberCompetitorsNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
4-1Katharina Hennig 3:41.53:43.03:50.2
4-2Victoria Carl 3:45.83:50.54:11.0
21United StatesUSA23:06.11Q
1-1Rosie Brennan 3:39.83:44.83:50.3
1-2Jessie Diggins 3:46.33:49.34:15.6
5-1Teresa Stadlober 3:40.53:43.73:48.6
5-2Lisa Unterweger 3:45.93:51.44:18.2
2-1Laurien van der Graaff 3:41.53:54.54:11.7
2-2Nadine Fähndrich 3:46.53:43.34:13.3
57People's Republic of ChinaCHN23:43.93
7-1Chi Chunxue 3:44.13:55.74:07.5
7-2Li Xin 3:45.13:53.64:17.9
6-1Katherine Stewart-Jones 3:41.53:59.34:26.0
6-2Dahria Beatty 3:46.03:51.54:19.4
3-1Eva Urevc 3:40.54:17.44:24.1
3-2Anamarija Lampič 3:47.53:47.44:13.2
11-1Jessica Yeaton 3:47.04:20.14:21.6
11-2Casey Wright 3:56.54:13.44:34.8
8-1Yuliya Krol 3:59.34:24.44:22.1
8-2Maryna Antsybor 3:58.34:16.14:45.8
10-1Tena Hadžić 4:02.04:45.74:40.8
10-2Vedrana Malec 3:55.84:19.44:45.5
13-1Kitija Auzina 3:57.34:22.84:12.6
13-2Estere Volfa 4:25.14:36.75:11.7
12-1Ayşenur Duman 4:33.55:01.3
12-2Ceren Dursun 4:50.9
9-2Anastasiya Kirylava DNS
9-3Hanna Karaliova DNS

Heat #2

PosNumberCompetitorsNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
14-1Yuliya Belorukova-Stupak 3:34.53:45.73:52.0
14-2Nataliya Nepryayeva 3:45.53:50.64:12.1
16-1Kerttu Niskanen 3:34.93:46.13:51.4
16-2Krista Lähteenmäki-Pärmäkoski 3:45.23:50.54:12.7
15-1Maja Dahlqvist 3:35.73:46.23:52.7
15-2Jonna Sundling 3:45.43:49.24:12.2
17-1Tiril Udnes Weng 3:34.93:45.53:51.7
17-2Maiken Caspersen Falla 3:45.93:50.54:16.5
21-1Mélissa Gal 3:38.13:48.54:02.2
21-2Lena Quintin 3:42.73:48.44:26.3
20-1Izabela Marcisz 3:37.03:46.23:57.4
20-2Monika Skinder 3:45.33:56.64:29.8
19-1Caterina Ganz 3:36.93:54.94:24.4
19-2Lucia Scardoni 3:44.83:49.54:16.5
818Czech RepublicCZE23:55.59
18-1Kateřina Janatová 3:38.53:53.54:14.8
18-2Petra Hynčicová 3:43.43:52.84:32.5
23-1Mariel Pulles 3:40.04:06.24:19.4
23-2Keidy Kaasiku 3:54.44:08.44:39.1
22-1Nadezhda Stepashkina 3:42.24:16.24:27.4
22-2Kseniya Shalygina 3:55.34:06.24:30.2
1124Republic of KoreaKOR26:55.52DNFlapped
24-1Han Da-Som 4:05.24:44.64:37.6
24-2Lee Ui-Jin 4:19.54:21.24:47.4
26-1Jaque Mourão 4:20.94:49.2
26-2Eduarda Ribera 4:39.2
25-1Maria Ntanou 4:21.94:46.0
25-2Nefeli Tita 4:38.9
27-1Eglė Savickaitė 4:22.24:54.6
27-2Ieva Dainytė 4:48.8

Final Round

Date16 February 2022 — 19:00
PosNumberCompetitorsNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
4-1Katharina Hennig 3:39.93:37.33:35.4
4-2Victoria Carl 3:38.63:42.13:56.5
15-1Maja Dahlqvist 3:39.83:41.13:42.7
15-2Jonna Sundling 3:36.53:36.93:53.0
14-1Yuliya Belorukova-Stupak 3:39.33:38.63:38.7
14-2Nataliya Nepryayeva 3:38.13:41.53:54.3
16-1Kerttu Niskanen 3:38.43:38.43:39.1
16-2Krista Lähteenmäki-Pärmäkoski 3:38.53:39.53:59.8
51United StatesUSA22:22.78
1-1Rosie Brennan 3:39.53:39.83:38.7
1-2Jessie Diggins 3:36.93:40.64:07.2
5-1Teresa Stadlober 3:40.33:38.73:44.6
5-2Lisa Unterweger 3:37.83:51.44:22.4
2-1Laurien van der Graaff 3:41.53:46.54:20.0
2-2Nadine Fähndrich 3:35.73:37.34:01.0
17-1Tiril Udnes Weng 3:38.93:42.93:49.5
17-2Maiken Caspersen Falla 3:39.33:47.44:37.2
20-1Izabela Marcisz 3:40.03:41.34:07.1
20-2Monika Skinder 3:38.74:04.04:36.9
21-1Mélissa Gal 3:41.13:51.54:08.4
21-2Lena Quintin 3:40.14:10.14:33.7