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1,000 metres, Women

Date17 February 2022 — 16:30
LocationNational Speed Skating Oval, Olympic Green, Beijing
Participants30 from 17 countries
RefereeTrevis BoydCAN
StarterBartosz DawidowskiPOL

Prior to the race, two skaters were named most likely to win the 1,000 m. Dutchwoman Jutta Leerdam had won the world title in 2020 (and was second in 2021), and with a fifth place in the 500 m had shown good form. Japan’s Miho Takagi had already secured three silver medals (500 m, 1,500 m and team pursuit) and was looking to win her first individual Olympic gold medal. An outsider was Brittany Bowe. Although a three-time world champion in the event (2015, 2019, 2021), and leader in the 2021/22 1,000 m World Cup, Bowe’s performances in the Beijing Olympics had been below expectations.

The first top time of the day was recorded by 1,500 m bronze medalist Antoinette de Jong in pair three, with 1:14.92. This remained unchallenged until Leerdam took the ice against Kimi Goetz in the 11th pair. After a tight crossing with Goetz, Leerdam made a small mishap in the third corner, touching the ice briefly with her hand. Despite this, she recorded the fastest full lap of the field, holding on for a final time of 1:13.83.

Two pairs later, it was Takagi’s turn. After recording the fastest opening of the day (17.60) together with Golikova, she paced her full lap a bit, trailing Leerdam by 0.01 at the bell. But with an excellent final lap, she clearly went into the lead, 1:13.19. Bowe, racing in the last pair, had the same opening as Golikova and Takagi, but lost nearly half a second in the first lap. But Golikova’s final lap had been almost three seconds slower than her first, which was exploited by Bowe, who clocked 1:14.61, a tenth faster than the ROC athlete, to win her first individual Olympic medal, a bronze.

113Miho TakagiJPN1:13.19GoldOR
211Jutta LeerdamNED1:13.83Silver
315Brittany BoweUSA1:14.61Bronze
413Angelina GolikovaROC1:14.71
53Antoinette de JongNED1:14.92
612Ireen WüstNED1:15.11
711Kimi GoetzUSA1:15.40
85Vanessa HerzogAUT1:15.644
915Darya KachanovaROC1:15.649
1014Nao KodairaJPN1:15.65
116Nadezhda MorozovaKAZ1:15.69
122Alexa ScottCAN1:15.79
1310Olga FatkulinaROC1:15.87
1414Li QishiCHN1:15.99
155Yin QiCHN1:16.00
168Kim Min-SeonKOR1:16.49
178Karolina BosiekPOL1:16.54
184Ragne WiklundNOR1:16.59
1910Yekaterina AydovaKAZ1:16.70
2012Andżelika WójcikPOL1:16.79
214Ekatsiaryna SloyevaBLR1:16.83
229Jin JingzhuCHN1:16.90
232Ellia SmedingGBR1:17.17
249Huang Yu-TingTPE1:17.35
257Kim Hyeon-YeongKOR1:17.50
266Maddison PearmanCAN1:17.66
277Nikola ZdráhalováCZE1:18.75
281Sandrine TasBEL1:18.79
293Mihaela HogașROU1:19.33
301Park Ji-WuKOR1:19.39
DNSHanna NifantavaBLR