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4 × 10 kilometres Relay, Men

Date18 February 1992 — 9:15
LocationLes Saisies
Participants64 from 16 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 63 m / 73 m
Maximum Climb: 41 m / 54 m
Total Climbing: 394 m / 402 m

And so it would begin. Norway was heavily favored, led by Vegard Ulvang and Bjørn Dæhlie, who would sweep the individual gold medals in Albertville, each winning two. But the story was less about the eventual Norwegian victory, by 1:26.7 over Italy, but the start of a relay rivalry between the two teams that would reach storybook proportions in Lillehammer and extend through the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. From 1992-2002 the gold and silver medal was won every time by Norway and Italy, with Norway winning three titles, but losing the one they wanted most, at Lillehammer in 1994. In the races from 1994-2002 the total margin of victory was 0.9 seconds. Beginning in 1991 Norway would win 9 of 10 World Championships, but from 1993-99, Italy was on the podium each time, second in 1993 and third in 1995, 1997, and 1999.

At the first exchange Sweden led Norway narrowly, with Italy back in fifth. But Ulvang skied the second leg for Norway and posted the second fastest split of the day to move Norway into a lead they would not relinquish. Italy was fourth after two legs, but would move into second at the final exchange, as Giorgio Vanzetta made up 36.7 seconds on Kristen Skjeldal. But Dæhlie would close it out, skiing the fastest leg of the event, and bringing Norway home well in front.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
1-1Terje Langli25:25.625:25.6 (2)
1-2Vegard Ulvang24:35.350:00.9 (1)
1-3Kristen Skjeldal25:17.91-15:18.8 (1)
1-4Bjørn Dæhlie24:07.21-39:26.0 (1)
4-1Giuseppe Puliè26:01.826:01.8 (5)
4-2Marco Albarello25:01.451:03.2 (4)
4-3Giorgio Vanzetta24:41.21-15:44.4 (2)
4-4Silvio Fauner25:08.31-40:52.7 (2)
3-1Mika Kuusisto25:25.925:25.9 (3)
3-2Harri Kirvesniemi25:01.450:27.3 (2)
3-3Jari Räsänen26:06.11-16:33.4 (4)
3-4Jari Isometsä24:49.51-41:22.9 (3)
2-1Jan Ottosson25:24.925:24.9 (1)
2-2Christer Majbäck26:06.151:31.0 (5)
2-3Henrik Forsberg25:23.61-16:54.6 (5)
2-4Torgny Mogren24:28.51-41:23.1 (4)
55Unified TeamEUN1-43:03.6
5-1Andrey Kirillov26:00.026:00.0 (4)
5-2Vladimir Smirnov24:43.450:43.4 (3)
5-3Mikhail Botvinov25:02.61-15:46.0 (3)
5-4Aleksey Prokurorov27:17.61-43:03.6 (5)
9-1Holger Bauroth26:31.426:31.4 (7)
9-2Jochen Behle25:48.252:19.6 (6)
9-3Torald Rein26:42.41-19:02.0 (8)
9-4Johann Mühlegg24:39.71-43:41.7 (6)
7-1Radim Nyč27:05.627:05.6 (11)
7-2Luboš Buchta25:23.852:29.4 (8)
7-3Pavel Benc25:48.21-18:17.6 (6)
7-4Václav Korunka26:02.41-44:20.0 (7)
8-1Patrick Remy26:39.026:39.0 (9)
8-2Philippe Sanchez26:35.653:14.6 (9)
8-3Stéphane Azambre26:15.21-19:29.8 (10)
8-4Hervé Balland25:21.31-44:51.1 (8)
6-1Alois Schwarz26:33.326:33.3 (8)
6-2Alois Stadlober25:54.152:27.4 (7)
6-3Alexander Marent26:21.11-18:48.5 (7)
6-4Andreas Ringhofer27:08.11-45:56.6 (9)
16-1Andrus Veerpalu27:07.527:07.5 (12)
16-2Jaanus Teppan26:23.553:31.0 (10)
16-3Elmo Kassin25:36.31-19:07.3 (9)
16-4Urmas Välbe27:26.01-46:33.3 (10)
10-1Dany Bouchard26:54.526:54.5 (10)
10-2Wayne Dustin27:04.453:58.9 (11)
10-3Yves Bilodeau26:55.21-20:54.1 (11)
10-4Darren Derochie26:57.91-47:52.0 (11)
1211United StatesUSA1-48:15.8
11-1John Aalberg26:30.726:30.7 (6)
11-2Ben Husaby27:39.754:10.4 (12)
11-3John Bauer27:14.81-21:25.2 (12)
11-4Luke Bodensteiner26:50.61-48:15.8 (12)
15-1Ivan Smilenov27:41.527:41.5 (13)
15-2Iskren Plankov27:57.255:38.7 (13)
15-3Petar Zografov28:23.21-24:01.9 (13)
15-4Slavcho Batinkov27:26.11-51:28.0 (13)
12-1Jordi Ribó28:01.328:01.3 (14)
12-2Carlos Vicente28:19.556:20.8 (14)
12-3Antonio Cascos28:58.41-25:19.2 (14)
12-4Juan Jesús Gutiérrez26:46.11-52:05.3 (14)
1514Republic of KoreaKOR2-01:01.4
14-1Park Byung-Chul28:09.628:09.6 (15)
14-2Ahn Jin-Soo29:31.257:40.8 (15)
14-3Wi Jae-Wook32:44.21-30:25.0 (15)
14-4Kim Kwang-Rae30:36.42-01:01.4 (15)
13-1Dimitrios Tsourekas32:52.732:52.7 (16)
13-2Timoleon Tsourekas34:16.01-07:08.7 (16)
13-3Nikos Anastasiadis30:24.81-37:33.5 (16)
13-4Thanasis Tsakiris28:12.92-05:46.4 (16)