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Team All-Around, Women

Date10 – 13 August 2008
LocationGuojia Tiyuguan, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants72 from 12 countries

The format was the same as in 2004. There was a qualifying round, with only the top eight teams advancing to the final round. In the qualifying round each team was allowed six competitors, with five to compete on each apparatus, and the best four of five scores counting for each apparatus. Qualifying scores did not carry over to the final round. In the final, each team had six gymnasts, with three allowed to compete on each apparatus, all three scores counting, which was termed the 6/3/3 rule.

This was expected to be a battle between the United States and China, who had won the last two World titles. However, controversy in this event began two weeks before the Olympics when The New York Times posted an article looking at the ages of several of the Chinese gymnasts, and using Chinese sources, noted that several of them were under the age limit of 16-years-old. The Chinese Gymnastics Federation then produced passports verifying their ages, which were accepted by the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG), although there was abundant evidence that the gymnasts were not actually old enough to compete by FIG rules. The Chinese team’s girls also averaged only 145 cm tall and 35 kg in weight, far smaller than the American team.

The Chinese had a history of sneaking underage gymnasts into the competition, with the case of Dong Fangxiao at the 2000 Olympics the most notable one. In 2008 she was discovered to have been underage in 2000 and the Chinese lost their team bronze medal from the Sydney Olympics. Despite all this all the Chinese gymnasts were allowed to compete. The start time for the events was not even changed which may have caused several of them to be up past their bedtime.

The USA and China were paired together on the rotations in the final round. The US took the lead on the first rotation, the vault, but China moved ahead on the uneven bars, and was unstoppable on balance beam and floor exercise, winning the gold medal by almost 2½ points. The two nations were the class of the event, as the United States was 5 points ahead of bronze-medal winning Romania.

The IOC declined to investigate the Chinese gymnasts’ ages, leaving it to the FIG to do so. In October 2008 the FIG declared that the Chinese documents proved that all the gymnasts were old enough to compete, with Chinese officials blaming the controversy on administrative errors.

1People's Republic of ChinaCHNGold
Cheng Fei
He Kexin
Jiang Yuyuan
Li Shanshan
Yang Yilin
Deng Linlin
2United StatesUSASilver
Shawn Johnson
Nastia Liukin
Chellsie Memmel
Samantha Peszek
Alicia Sacramone
Bridget Sloan
Steliana Nistor
Sandra Izbașa
Andreea Acatrinei
Andreea Grigore
Gabriela Drăgoi
Ana Tămârjan
4Russian FederationRUS
Kseniya Afanasyeva
Svetlana Klyukina
Yekaterina Kramarenko
Anna Pavlova
Lyudmila Grebenkova
Kseniya Semyonova
Koko Tsurumi
Kyoko Oshima
Yu Minobe
Miki Uemura
Mayu Kuroda
Yuko Shintake
Georgia Bonora
Ashleigh Brennan
Lauren Mitchell
Olivia Vivian
Dasha Joura
Shona Morgan
Marine Debauve
Laëtitia Dugain
Katheleen Lindor
Pauline Morel
Marine Petit
Rose-Eliandre Bellemare
Ana Cláudia Trindade
Daiane dos Santos
Daniele Hypólito
Ethiene Franco
Jade Barbosa
Laís Souza
9 r1/2Great BritainGBR
Beckie Downie
Marissa King
Beth Tweddle
Hannah Whelan
Rebecca Wing
Imogen Cairns
10 r1/2ItalyITA
Monica Bergamelli
Vanessa Ferrari
Carlotta Giovannini
Francesca Benolli
Federica Macrì
Lia Parolari
11 r1/2UkraineUKR
Iryna Krasnianska
Maryna Proskurina
Valentyna Holenkova
Dar'ia Zhoba
Alina Kozich
Anastasiya Koval
12 r1/2GermanyGER
Oksana Chusovitina
Anja Brinker
Marie-Sophie Hindermann
Katja Abel
Joeline Möbius
Daria Bijak

Qualification (10 August 2008 — 10:00-21:22)

Six-person teams, five to compete on each apparatus, with best four of five scores counting for each apparatus. Top eight teams advanced to the final round.

1People's Republic of ChinaCHN248,27560,75061,82562,65063,050Q
Cheng Fei47,77515,75016,15015,875
He Kexin30,97515,25015,725
Jiang Yuyuan60,62515,05014,77515,55015,250
Li Shanshan30,32514,20016,125
Yang Yilin62,35015,00015,20016,65015,500
Deng Linlin60,45014,95015,22514,72515,550
2United StatesUSA246,80060,05062,22561,12563,400Q
Shawn Johnson62,72515,42516,00015,32515,975
Nastia Liukin62,37515,35015,10015,95015,975
Chellsie Memmel15,05015,050
Samantha Peszek14,80014,800
Alicia Sacramone46,22514,42515,85015,950
Bridget Sloan60,42514,85015,27514,80015,500
3Russian FederationRUS233,87557,55058,82558,52558,975Q
Kseniya Afanasyeva60,80015,02515,17514,82515,775
Svetlana Klyukina44,10013,95015,17514,975
Yekaterina Kramarenko60,42515,15015,15015,50014,625
Anna Pavlova60,90015,12515,35014,60015,825
Lyudmila Grebenkova14,60014,600
Kseniya Semyonova61,47514,47514,75016,47515,775
Steliana Nistor60,50014,55014,90015,97515,075
Sandra Izbașa59,37515,47515,10013,57515,225
Andreea Acatrinei43,30014,77514,35014,175
Andreea Grigore28,67514,70013,975
Gabriela Drăgoi43,92514,25014,22515,450
Ana Tămârjan59,00014,50015,02514,27515,200
Georgia Bonora58,90014,52514,85014,50015,025
Ashleigh Brennan57,25014,62514,77513,70014,150
Lauren Mitchell43,47514,65014,72514,100
Olivia Vivian14,92514,925
Dasha Joura56,15013,45015,10015,12512,475
Shona Morgan59,07514,52514,70014,50015,350
Marine Debauve28,72514,10014,625
Laëtitia Dugain58,27514,32514,35014,62514,975
Katheleen Lindor44,17514,90014,70014,575
Pauline Morel57,45014,62514,27514,80013,750
Marine Petit58,35014,37514,85014,32514,800
Rose-Eliandre Bellemare43,35014,22514,72514,400
Ana Cláudia Trindade57,57514,80014,75014,55013,475
Daiane dos Santos30,07515,27514,800
Daniele Hypólito42,55014,25014,30014,000
Ethiene Franco56,95014,27514,17514,10014,400
Jade Barbosa59,50014,90015,10014,80014,700
Laís Souza43,15014,80014,77513,575
Koko Tsurumi58,97514,32514,20015,02515,425
Kyoko Oshima57,62514,17514,70014,45014,300
Yu Minobe42,40013,82514,05014,525
Miki Uemura54,70012,87514,47512,77514,575
Mayu Kuroda29,57514,72514,850
Yuko Shintake43,90014,17514,67515,050
9Great BritainGBR232,42557,77559,32557,87557,450
Beckie Downie58,07514,15015,05014,65014,225
Marissa King56,42513,75014,87513,47514,325
Beth Tweddle30,60014,95015,650
Hannah Whelan41,95014,12513,50014,325
Rebecca Wing43,22514,55014,10014,575
Imogen Cairns57,05014,55014,85013,47514,175
Monica Bergamelli28,25013,90014,350
Vanessa Ferrari58,30014,65014,82514,05014,775
Carlotta Giovannini57,05013,57515,10014,47513,900
Francesca Benolli57,00013,60015,07514,47513,850
Federica Macrì27,35013,80013,550
Lia Parolari58,20014,57514,07514,37515,175
Iryna Krasnianska43,47514,20014,25015,025
Maryna Proskurina43,15013,67514,85014,625
Valentyna Holenkova56,75014,12513,97514,37514,275
Dar'ia Zhoba30,55015,67514,875
Alina Kozich55,77512,00014,97513,62515,175
Anastasiya Koval29,32513,00016,325
Oksana Chusovitina59,37514,45015,80014,72514,400
Anja Brinker15,12515,125
Marie-Sophie Hindermann53,87512,40014,92513,12513,425
Katja Abel56,45013,47514,25014,65014,075
Joeline Möbius41,87514,27513,67513,925
Daria Bijak54,45014,47514,17514,65011,150

Final (13 August 2008 — 10:30-12:09)

Six-person teams, three to compete on each apparatus, with all three scores counting for each apparatus.

1People's Republic of ChinaCHN188,90045,80046,35049,62547,125
Cheng Fei46,60015,45016,00015,150
He Kexin16,85016,850
Jiang Yuyuan31,17515,20015,975
Li Shanshan16,05016,050
Yang Yilin31,90015,10016,800
Deng Linlin46,32515,15015,25015,925
2United StatesUSA186,52544,42546,87547,97547,250
Shawn Johnson62,62515,10016,00015,35016,175
Nastia Liukin48,07515,20016,90015,975
Chellsie Memmel15,72515,725
Samantha Peszek
Alicia Sacramone44,90014,12515,67515,100
Bridget Sloan15,20015,200
Steliana Nistor60,92514,57515,05016,15015,150
Sandra Izbașa46,25015,55015,10015,600
Andreea Acatrinei
Andreea Grigore
Gabriela Drăgoi14,42514,425
Ana Tămârjan59,92514,95015,12514,42515,425
4Russian FederationRUS180,62543,35045,42546,95044,900
Kseniya Afanasyeva44,37514,37515,07514,925
Svetlana Klyukina15,15015,150
Yekaterina Kramarenko30,70015,12515,575
Anna Pavlova44,15013,85015,20015,100
Lyudmila Grebenkova14,57514,575
Kseniya Semyonova31,67516,45015,225
Koko Tsurumi44,85014,20015,42515,225
Kyoko Oshima43,65014,45014,45014,750
Yu Minobe
Miki Uemura14,47514,475
Mayu Kuroda30,07515,35014,725
Yuko Shintake43,65014,02514,62515,000
Georgia Bonora29,07514,45014,625
Ashleigh Brennan29,77514,65015,125
Lauren Mitchell44,05013,80014,70015,550
Olivia Vivian15,10015,100
Dasha Joura14,67514,675
Shona Morgan43,85014,82513,80015,225
Marine Debauve13,97513,975
Laëtitia Dugain43,40013,92514,72514,750
Katheleen Lindor29,60014,82514,775
Pauline Morel29,30014,62514,675
Marine Petit44,45014,77514,67515,000
Rose-Eliandre Bellemare14,55014,550
Ana Cláudia Trindade13,37513,375
Daiane dos Santos29,95015,27514,675
Daniele Hypólito29,55014,62514,925
Ethiene Franco13,67513,675
Jade Barbosa59,37514,32515,02514,72515,300
Laís Souza28,95014,60014,350