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4 x 100 metres Freestyle Relay, Women

Date9 – 10 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Youyong Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants67 from 15 countries

When you arrive at the Olympic Games as the holders of the world record it seems a little perverse that almost every expert should have you down as no better than prospective bronze medallists but, faced with the might of the US and Australian teams, that was the fate that apparently awaited the Dutch relay team. The final was difficult to follow as teams used the strongest swimmers at differing stages of the race. Germany and Great Britain used their best women first and led after the opening leg but soon they faded and, with strong performances from the second and third swimmers, the Netherlands handed a healthy lead onto their anchor leg swimmer, Marleen Veldhuis. Australia and the USA attempted to claw back the gap but could make no more than token inroads into the Dutch lead. The Americans, with 41 year old Dara Torres on the final leg held off the challenge of the world champion Aussies to place second.

1NetherlandsNED3:37.61 (2 h2)3:33.76 (1)Gold
Inge DekkerRanomi KromowidjojoFemke HeemskerkMarleen VeldhuisHinkelien SchreuderManon van Rooijen
2United StatesUSA3:37.53 (1 h2)3:34.33 (2)Silver
Natalie CoughlinLacey NymeyerKara Lynn JoyceDara TorresJulia SmitEmily Silver
3AustraliaAUS3:37.81 (3 h1)3:35.05 (3)Bronze
Cate CampbellAlice MillsMel SchlangerLibby TrickettShayne Reese
4People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:36.78 (1 h1)3:35.64 (4)
Zhu YingwenTang YiXu YanweiPang Jiaying
5GermanyGER3:37.52 (2 h1)3:36.85 (5)
Britta SteffenMeike FreitagDaniela GötzAntje Buschschulte
6FranceFRA3:37.76 (3 h2)3:37.68 (6)
Céline CoudercAlena PopchankaOphélie EtienneMalia MetellaHanna Shcherba-Lorgeril
7Great BritainGBR3:39.18 (4 h1)3:38.18 (7)
Fran HalsallCaitlin McClatcheyJess SylvesterMelanie MarshallJulia Beckett
8CanadaCAN3:38.82 (4 h2)3:38.32 (8)
Julia WilkinsonErica MorningstarGeneviève SaumurAudrey Lacroix
9JapanJPN3:39.25 (5 h1)
Haruka UedaMisaki YamaguchiAsami KitagawaMaki Mita
10ItalyITA3:40.42 (6 h1)
Erika FerraioliFederica PellegriniMaria Laura SimonettoCristina Chiuso
11SwedenSWE3:40.52 (5 h2)
Ida Marko-VargaTherèse AlshammarAnna-Karin KammerlingClaire Hedenskog
12Russian FederationRUS3:42.52 (7 h1)
Anastasiya AksenovaYelena SokolovaDarya BelyakinaSvetlana Karpeyeva
13BrazilBRA3:42.85 (8 h1)
Tatiana LemosFlávia DelaroliMichelle LenhardtMonique Ferreira
14UkraineUKR3:44.72 (6 h2)
Dar'ia StepaniukKateryna DikidzhiHanna DzerkalNataliya Khudiakova
15South AfricaRSA3:51.14 (7 h2)
Melissa CorfeWendy TrottMandy LootsKathryn Meaklim
DNSBelarusBLR– (DNS h2)1

Round One (9 August 2008)

Fastest eight teams advanced to final

Heat One (20:51)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
13People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:36.78Q
Zhu Yingwen26.5654.530.8454.53 (=2)
Tang Yi25.9854.290.321:48.82 (=2)
Xu Yanwei26.4655.130.252:43.95 (4)
Pang Jiaying25.4152.830.303:36.78 (1)
Meike Freitag26.3254.530.7954.53 (=2)
Antje Buschschulte25.9254.290.221:48.82 (=2)
Daniela Götz25.5954.540.152:43.36 (1)
Britta Steffen25.9854.160.473:37.52 (2)
Cate Campbell26.5154.650.8554.65 (4)
Alice Mills25.8754.550.341:49.20 (4)
Mel Schlanger26.5354.690.122:43.89 (3)
Shayne Reese25.6953.920.443:37.81 (3)
46Great BritainGBR3:39.18Q
Fran Halsall26.3954.360.7454.36 (1)
Caitlin McClatchey26.3654.420.281:48.78 (1)
Julia Beckett26.4555.640.312:44.42 (5)
Melanie Marshall26.2254.760.253:39.18 (4)
Haruka Ueda26.8855.130.8455.13 (6)
Misaki Yamaguchi25.9754.140.091:49.27 (5)
Asami Kitagawa26.1054.470.252:43.74 (2)
Maki Mita26.6655.510.293:39.25 (5)
Erika Ferraioli26.8956.100.7856.10 (7)
Federica Pellegrini25.8653.420.291:49.52 (6)
Maria Laura Simonetto26.4955.970.132:45.49 (6)
Cristina Chiuso25.6754.930.023:40.42 (6)
72Russian FederationRUS3:42.52
Anastasiya Aksenova27.1556.570.8456.57 (8)
Yelena Sokolova26.3855.200.201:51.77 (8)
Darya Belyakina26.2655.230.162:47.00 (7)
Svetlana Karpeyeva26.3655.520.173:42.52 (7)
Tatiana Lemos26.7855.080.8055.08 (5)
Flávia Delaroli26.4056.130.361:51.21 (7)
Michelle Lenhardt26.5455.900.202:47.11 (8)
Monique Ferreira26.3655.740.013:42.85 (8)

Heat Two (20:57)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
15United StatesUSA3:37.53Q
Kara Lynn Joyce26.2254.130.7454.13 (2)
Julia Smit26.1854.730.201:48.86 (=1)
Emily Silver26.2654.810.332:43.67 (3)
Lacey Nymeyer26.0253.860.283:37.53 (1)
Ranomi Kromowidjojo26.0854.410.8254.41 (3)
Hinkelien Schreuder25.8355.310.471:49.72 (4)
Femke Heemskerk25.5153.580.272:43.30 (1)
Manon van Rooijen25.8654.310.333:37.61 (2)
Céline Couderc25.8653.970.7953.97 (1)
Hanna Shcherba-Lorgeril26.4254.950.251:48.92 (3)
Ophélie Etienne26.4254.720.292:43.64 (2)
Alena Popchanka26.0754.120.413:37.76 (3)
Julia Wilkinson26.6754.480.7954.48 (4)
Erica Morningstar25.6354.380.281:48.86 (=1)
Geneviève Saumur26.3255.110.442:43.97 (4)
Audrey Lacroix25.9554.850.193:38.82 (4)
Ida Marko-Varga26.6955.040.8555.04 (5)
Therèse Alshammar25.3754.800.231:49.84 (5)
Anna-Karin Kammerling25.7255.060.332:44.90 (5)
Claire Hedenskog25.9455.620.353:40.52 (5)
Dar'ia Stepaniuk27.0555.790.8255.79 (6)
Kateryna Dikidzhi26.4355.440.421:51.23 (6)
Hanna Dzerkal26.9556.950.522:48.18 (6)
Nataliya Khudiakova26.7156.540.103:44.72 (6)
77South AfricaRSA3:51.14
Melissa Corfe26.8555.930.7055.93 (7)
Wendy Trott27.8057.830.321:53.76 (7)
Mandy Loots27.4758.310.342:52.07 (7)
Kathryn Meaklim28.1459.070.393:51.14 (7)

Final (10 August 2008 — 11:31)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
Inge Dekker26.1154.370.8454.37 (7)
Ranomi Kromowidjojo25.1453.390.271:47.76 (2)
Femke Heemskerk25.3553.420.372:41.18 (1)
Marleen Veldhuis24.6152.580.213:33.76 (1)
23United StatesUSA3:34.33
Natalie Coughlin25.7454.000.6854.00 (3)
Lacey Nymeyer25.7753.910.251:47.91 (3)
Kara Lynn Joyce25.7653.980.272:41.89 (2)
Dara Torres24.9952.440.153:34.33 (2)
Cate Campbell25.8954.430.8054.43 (8)
Alice Mills25.6654.430.191:48.86 (=7)
Mel Schlanger26.0553.850.172:42.71 (3)
Libby Trickett25.0452.340.213:35.05 (3)
44People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:35.64
Zhu Yingwen26.1554.120.7954.12 (4)
Tang Yi26.0954.190.341:48.31 (5)
Xu Yanwei25.7154.640.112:42.95 (4)
Pang Jiaying25.4052.690.113:35.64 (4)
Britta Steffen25.9153.380.7853.38 (1)
Meike Freitag26.0154.300.231:47.68 (1)
Daniela Götz25.7455.340.282:43.02 (5)
Antje Buschschulte25.7253.830.063:36.85 (5)
Céline Couderc26.1254.320.8154.32 (5)
Alena Popchanka26.3354.540.271:48.86 (=7)
Ophélie Etienne26.4054.790.252:43.65 (8)
Malia Metella25.5854.030.143:37.68 (6)
78Great BritainGBR3:38.18
Fran Halsall25.9953.810.7253.81 (2)
Caitlin McClatchey26.1254.480.301:48.29 (4)
Jess Sylvester26.4155.340.302:43.63 (7)
Melanie Marshall25.8954.550.073:38.18 (7)
Julia Wilkinson26.4054.330.7754.33 (6)
Erica Morningstar25.5554.350.191:48.68 (6)
Geneviève Saumur26.1154.680.272:43.36 (6)
Audrey Lacroix25.9754.960.193:38.32 (8)