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Individual, Women

Date16 – 18 August 2008
LocationGuojia Tiyuguan, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants16 from 13 countries

The favorite was the 2000 gold medalist, Irina Karavayeva of Russia, who had won five World Championships, including both the 2005 and 2007 titles. But Karavayeva, despite a very high difficulty tariff of 14.7, placed only fifth. She made some errors in her voluntary elements, including a major error when she landed outside the designated area. The gold medal went to China’s He Wenna, who had placed fourth at the 2007 Worlds. Canada’s Karen Cockburn, 2003 World Champion, won her third consecutive Olympic trampoline medal, duplicating her silver from 2004, added to her 2000 bronze. Defending champion Anna Dogonadze (GER) fell in her final routine, and finished last in the final. All the three medalists performed a forward triple somersault with half twist (He and Cockburn twice), and multiple twisting double somersaults in tucked, piked and straight positions.

1He WennaCHN67.2 (1)37.8 (1)Gold
2Karen CockburnCAN65.6 (4)37.0 (2)Silver
3Yekaterina KhilkoUZB63.9 (8)36.9 (3)Bronze
4Olena MovchanUKR64.8 (6)36.6 (4)
5Irina KaravayevaRUS66.4 (2)36.2 (5)
6Luba GolovinaGEO64.9 (5)36.1 (6)
7Rosie MacLennanCAN66.0 (3)35.5 (7)
8Anna DogonadzeGER64.3 (7)18.9 (8)
9 r1/2Tatsiana PiatreniaBLR63.8 (9)
10 r1/2Claire WrightGBR63.1 (10)
11 r1/2Nataliya ChernovaRUS63.0 (11)
12 r1/2Haruka HirotaJPN62.6 (12)
13 r1/2Erin BlanchardUSA60.9 (13)
14 r1/2Huang ShanshanCHN59.0 (14)
15 r1/2Lenka PopkinCZE57.6 (15)
16 r1/2Ana RentePOR31.6 (16)

Qualifying Round

Date16 August 2008 — 11:00
FormatTop eight finishers advanced to the final.
Judge #1Martin Andreas ThorssonSWE
Judge #2Miguel VicenteESP
Judge #3Sergei EpelbaumISR
Judge #4Arlette Limouzy ep GarciaFRA
Judge #5Brett AustineAUS
Difficulty Judge #1Joeri De JongheBEL
Difficulty Judge #2Babette van WeteringNED
PosCompetitorNOCPointsRoutine #1Routine #2
1He WennaCHN67.230.1 (1)37.1 (1)Q
2Irina KaravayevaRUS66.429.7 (=4)36.7 (=3)Q
3Rosie MacLennanCAN66.029.9 (3)36.1 (6)Q
4Karen CockburnCAN65.628.6 (=10)37.0 (2)Q
5Luba GolovinaGEO64.928.7 (9)36.2 (5)Q
6Olena MovchanUKR64.828.1 (13)36.7 (=3)Q
7Anna DogonadzeGER64.329.7 (=4)34.6 (9)Q
8Yekaterina KhilkoUZB63.929.1 (=6)34.8 (8)Q
9Tatsiana PiatreniaBLR63.828.6 (=10)35.2 (7)
10Claire WrightGBR63.129.1 (=6)34.0 (=11)
11Nataliya ChernovaRUS63.029.0 (8)34.0 (=11)
12Haruka HirotaJPN62.628.5 (12)34.1 (10)
13Erin BlanchardUSA60.927.1 (=14)33.8 (13)
14Huang ShanshanCHN59.030.0 (2)29.0 (15)
15Lenka PopkinCZE57.625.8 (16)31.8 (14)
16Ana RentePOR31.627.1 (=14)4.5 (16)

Final Round

Date18 August 2008 — 20:25
Judge #1Martin Andreas ThorssonSWE
Judge #2Brett AustineAUS
Judge #3Waldemar OkoniewskiPOL
Judge #4Arlette Limouzy ep GarciaFRA
Judge #5Miguel VicenteESP
Difficulty Judge #1Joeri De JongheBEL
Difficulty Judge #2Sergei EpelbaumISR
PosCompetitorNOCPointsJudge 1 PointsJudge 2 PointsJudge 3 PointsJudge 4 PointsJudge 5 PointsExecution PointsDifficulty
1He WennaCHN37.
2Karen CockburnCAN37.
3Yekaterina KhilkoUZB36.
4Olena MovchanUKR36.
5Irina KaravayevaRUS36.
6Luba GolovinaGEO36.
7Rosie MacLennanCAN35.
8Anna DogonadzeGER18.