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200 metres Butterfly, Women

Date31 July – 1 August 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants28 from 21 countries

The favorite was China’s Jiao Liuyang, who had won the 2011 World title, but she was expected to be challenged by her countrywoman, defending gold medalist Liu Zige, still the world record holder from the skinsuit era. But the fastest qualifier for the final was surprising American Kathleen Hersey. The final was a tactical race with Jiao staying back in the field for the first 100 metres, as Liu and Spain’s Mireia Belmonte led. But Liu had nothing left for the last 100, and would finish last. Jiao came on strong on the last lap to pass Belmonte 25 metres from the finish and win gold in 2:04.06, a textile world best, and the third fastest mark ever. Belmonte hung on for the silver in the 9th fastest performance ever, with Japan’s Natsumi Hoshi winning bronze. Hersey was never a factor for a medal but placed fourth with a strong last lap.

1Jiao LiuyangCHN2:07.15 (1 h3)2:06.10 (1 h1)2:04.06 (1)Gold
2Mireia BelmonteESP2:08.19 (3 h2)2:06.62 (2 h2)2:05.25 (2)Silver
3Natsumi HoshiJPN2:08.04 (1 h2)2:06.37 (2 h1)2:05.48 (3)Bronze
4Kathleen HerseyUSA2:06.41 (1 h4)2:05.90 (1 h2)2:05.78 (4)
5Cammile AdamsUSA2:08.18 (3 h3)2:07.33 (3 h1)2:06.78 (5)
6Jemma LoweGBR2:07.64 (2 h4)2:07.37 (5 h2)2:06.80 (6)
7Zsu JakabosHUN2:07.79 (3 h4)2:06.82 (3 h2)2:07.33 (7)
8Liu ZigeCHN2:08.72 (4 h4)2:06.99 (4 h2)2:07.77 (8)
9Katinka HosszúHUN2:07.75 (2 h3)2:07.69 (4 h1)
10Martina GranströmSWE2:08.94 (4 h3)2:07.83 (6 h2)
11Anja KlinarSLO2:09.24 (5 h4)2:07.84 (5 h1)
12Audrey LacroixCAN2:09.25 (6 h2)2:08.00 (7 h2)
13Jess SchipperAUS2:08.74 (5 h2)2:08.21 (6 h1)
14Choi Hye-RaKOR2:08.45 (4 h2)2:08.32 (7 h1)
15Judit IgnacioESP2:08.14 (2 h2)2:08.96 (8 h2)
16Otylia JędrzejczakPOL2:09.33 (6 h4)2:13.09 (8 h1)
17Ellen GandyGBR2:09.92 (5 h3)
18Ingvild SnildalNOR2:10.99 (1 h1)
19Katerine SavardCAN2:11.05 (7 h4)
20Samantha HamillAUS2:11.07 (6 h3)
21Denisa SmolenováSVK2:11.10 (7 h3)
22Andreína PintoVEN2:11.23 (2 h1)
23Rita MedranoMEX2:11.42 (8 h4)
24Sara OliveiraPOR2:11.54 (3 h1)
25Martina van BerkelSUI2:12.25 (7 h2)
26Joanna MaranhãoBRA2:13.17 (8 h3)
27Emilia PikkarainenFIN2:13.81 (8 h2)
28Cheng Wan-JungTPE2:14.29 (4 h1)

Round One (31 July 2012 — 10:23)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (10:23)

15Ingvild SnildalNOR2:10.990.81
23Andreína PintoVEN2:11.230.79
34Sara OliveiraPOR2:11.540.76
46Cheng Wan-JungTPE2:14.290.74

Heat Two (10:27)

14Natsumi HoshiJPN2:08.040.77Q
26Judit IgnacioESP2:08.140.72Q
35Mireia BelmonteESP2:08.190.75Q
47Choi Hye-RaKOR2:08.450.73Q
53Jess SchipperAUS2:08.740.64Q
62Audrey LacroixCAN2:09.250.76Q
71Martina van BerkelSUI2:12.250.72
88Emilia PikkarainenFIN2:13.810.69

Heat Three (10:31)

14Jiao LiuyangCHN2:07.150.69Q
26Katinka HosszúHUN2:07.750.77Q
33Cammile AdamsUSA2:08.180.75Q
42Martina GranströmSWE2:08.940.77Q
55Ellen GandyGBR2:09.920.75
67Samantha HamillAUS2:11.070.73
78Denisa SmolenováSVK2:11.100.83
81Joanna MaranhãoBRA2:13.170.77

Heat Four (10:35)

16Kathleen HerseyUSA2:06.410.75Q
25Jemma LoweGBR2:07.640.70Q
33Zsu JakabosHUN2:07.790.73Q
44Liu ZigeCHN2:08.720.83Q
51Anja KlinarSLO2:09.240.85Q
62Otylia JędrzejczakPOL2:09.330.75Q
77Katerine SavardCAN2:11.050.66
88Rita MedranoMEX2:11.420.74

Semi-Finals (31 July 2012 — 19:57)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (19:57)

14Jiao LiuyangCHN2:06.100.65Q
23Natsumi HoshiJPN2:06.370.71Q
36Cammile AdamsUSA2:07.330.77Q
45Katinka HosszúHUN2:07.690.73
51Anja KlinarSLO2:07.840.84
67Jess SchipperAUS2:08.210.64
72Choi Hye-RaKOR2:08.320.77
88Otylia JędrzejczakPOL2:13.090.78

Heat Two (20:05)

14Kathleen HerseyUSA2:05.900.74Q
22Mireia BelmonteESP2:06.620.74Q
33Zsu JakabosHUN2:06.820.79Q
47Liu ZigeCHN2:06.990.82Q
55Jemma LoweGBR2:07.370.72Q
61Martina GranströmSWE2:07.830.75
78Audrey LacroixCAN2:08.000.73
86Judit IgnacioESP2:08.960.73

Final (1 August 2012 — 20:12)

15Jiao LiuyangCHN2:04.060.7OR
26Mireia BelmonteESP2:05.250.73
33Natsumi HoshiJPN2:05.480.73
44Kathleen HerseyUSA2:05.780.72
51Cammile AdamsUSA2:06.780.78
68Jemma LoweGBR2:06.800.72
72Zsu JakabosHUN2:07.330.74
87Liu ZigeCHN2:07.770.82