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4 x 100 metres Medley Relay, Men

Date3 – 4 August 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants72 from 16 countries

This was the final swimming event in the pool at the London Olympics and the highlight was to be the last appearance of Michael Phelps at the Olympics. The race was conceded to the US team, with Phelps swimming fly, the backstroke being led by 100 gold medalist Matt Grevers, the free leg going to 100 gold medalist Nathan Adrian, and the breaststroke leg being swum by Brendan Hansen, bronze medalist in the 100 breast. But surprisingly, Japan’s Ryosuke Irie kept them close on the backstroke leg, just behind Grevers, and Kosuke Kitajima, legendary breaststroker who had won the 100-200 double in 2004 and 2008, put Japan ahead as he outswam Hansen on the breaststroke leg.

Phelps then took over and pulled ahead but Japan’s Takeshi Matsuda would not give in and the US led Japan by only 0.26 seconds at the final changeover, but Nathan Adrian was too strong for the Japanese anchor, Takuro Fujii, and the USA had gold in 3:29.35, as Adrian split 46.85 for his freestyle leg. Behind him, Takuro held on for silver, narrowly holding off Australia’s James Magnussen in the freestyle.

For Phelps, this was his third consecutive gold medal in the medley relay, which he had also done in the 4×200 free relay, and in two individual events, the 100 butterfly, and 200 IM. He finished with 22 medals, 18 gold medals, 13 individual medals, and 11 individual gold medals, all Olympic bests. In London he won six medals, and four gold medals. And so it ended, the Olympic career of Michael Fred Phelps, II.

1United StatesUSA3:32.65 (1 h2)3:29.35 (1)Gold
Matt GreversBrendan HansenMichael PhelpsNathan AdrianNick ThomanEric ShanteauTyler McGillCullen Jones
2JapanJPN3:33.64 (2 h2)3:31.26 (2)Silver
Ryosuke IrieKosuke KitajimaTakeshi MatsudaTakuro Fujii
3AustraliaAUS3:33.73 (2 h1)3:31.58 (3)Bronze
Hayden StoeckelChristian SprengerMatt TargettJames MagnussenBrenton RickardTommaso D'Orsogna
4Great BritainGBR3:33.44 (1 h1)3:32.32 (4)
Liam TancockMichael JamiesonMichael RockAdam BrownCraig Benson
5HungaryHUN3:34.44 (4 h2)3:33.02 (5)
László Cseh, Jr.Dániel GyurtaBence PulaiDominik Kozma
6GermanyGER3:34.28 (3 h2)3:33.06 (6)
Helge MeeuwChristian vom LehnSteffen DeiblerMarkus DeiblerMarco di Carli
7NetherlandsNED3:33.78 (3 h1)3:33.46 (7)
Nick DriebergenLennart StekelenburgJoeri VerlindenSebastiaan Verschuren
8CanadaCAN3:34.46 (4 h1)3:34.19 (8)
Charles FrancisScott DickensJoe BartochBrent Hayden
9New ZealandNZL3:34.52 (5 h2)
Gareth KeanGlenn SnydersAndy McMillanCarl O'Donnell
10FranceFRA3:34.60 (6 h2)
Camille LacourtGiacomo Perez-DortonaRomain SassotYannick Agnel
11People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:34.65 (5 h1)
Cheng FeiyiLi XiayanZhou JiaweiLu Zhiwu
12Russian FederationRUS3:34.94 (6 h1)
Vladimir MorozovVyacheslav SinkevichNikolay SkvortsovAndrey Grechin
13South AfricaRSA3:35.23 (7 h2)
Charl CrousCameron van der BurghChad le ClosLeith Shankland
14ItalyITA3:36.88 (7 h1)
Mirco Di ToraFabio ScozzoliMatteo RivoltaLuca Dotto
15BrazilBRA3:37.00 (8 h1)
Thiago PereiraFelipe França Kaio MárcioMarcelo Chierighini
16PolandPOL3:38.16 (8 h2)
Radosław KawęckiDawid SzulichPaweł KorzeniowskiKacper Majchrzak

Round One (3 August 2012 — 11:49)

Fastest eight teams advanced to final

Heat One (11:49)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
11Great BritainGBR3:33.44Q
Liam Tancock25.9653.980.6653.98 (=4)
Craig Benson27.9559.680.031:53.66 (1)
Michael Rock23.6551.560.152:45.22 (2)
Adam Brown22.6748.220.293:33.44 (1)
Hayden Stoeckel26.0853.890.6453.89 (2)
Brenton Rickard27.7759.950.291:53.84 (2)
Matt Targett23.6851.300.262:45.14 (1)
Tommaso D'Orsogna23.2848.590.413:33.73 (2)
Nick Driebergen26.1553.980.6353.98 (=4)
Lennart Stekelenburg27.951:00.520.111:54.50 (3)
Joeri Verlinden23.9051.460.182:45.96 (3)
Sebastiaan Verschuren22.7947.820.283:33.78 (3)
Charles Francis26.1953.910.6453.91 (3)
Scott Dickens28.061:00.600.141:54.51 (4)
Joe Bartoch24.1452.430.192:46.94 (6)
Brent Hayden22.6147.520.283:34.46 (4)
58People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:34.65
Cheng Feiyi25.9853.700.6053.70 (1)
Li Xiayan28.021:00.960.161:54.66 (5)
Zhou Jiawei23.8851.440.142:46.10 (4)
Lu Zhiwu23.2648.550.083:34.65 (5)
67Russian FederationRUS3:34.94
Vladimir Morozov26.1053.990.6453.99 (6)
Vyacheslav Sinkevich28.341:00.800.051:54.79 (6)
Nikolay Skvortsov23.8951.830.292:46.62 (5)
Andrey Grechin22.8248.320.163:34.94 (6)
Mirco Di Tora26.1154.670.6054.67 (8)
Fabio Scozzoli27.921:00.280.171:54.95 (7)
Matteo Rivolta24.4353.100.112:48.05 (7)
Luca Dotto23.1548.830.183:36.88 (7)
Thiago Pereira26.1854.450.6354.45 (7)
Felipe França27.971:00.770.131:55.22 (8)
Kaio Márcio24.6653.610.312:48.83 (8)
Marcelo Chierighini22.4648.170.223:37.00 (8)

Heat Two (11:55)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA3:32.65Q
Nick Thoman25.9453.310.6553.31 (2)
Eric Shanteau28.0659.690.291:53.00 (2)
Tyler McGill24.0451.530.352:44.53 (1)
Cullen Jones22.4848.120.373:32.65 (1)
Ryosuke Irie26.0953.080.5753.08 (1)
Kosuke Kitajima27.9959.470.301:52.55 (1)
Takeshi Matsuda24.3752.090.232:44.64 (2)
Takuro Fujii23.5249.000.273:33.64 (2)
Helge Meeuw26.0953.820.6153.82 (5)
Christian vom Lehn28.661:01.130.401:54.95 (7)
Steffen Deibler23.6251.180.362:46.13 (7)
Marco di Carli22.9848.150.323:34.28 (3)
László Cseh, Jr.25.4353.780.6453.78 (4)
Dániel Gyurta27.8559.630.151:53.41 (4)
Bence Pulai23.9952.470.142:45.88 (5)
Dominik Kozma22.8948.560.193:34.44 (4)
52New ZealandNZL3:34.52
Gareth Kean26.3254.010.5654.01 (6)
Glenn Snyders27.7359.000.141:53.01 (3)
Andy McMillan24.2852.770.292:45.78 (3)
Carl O'Donnell22.9848.740.123:34.52 (5)
Camille Lacourt26.0253.630.7053.63 (3)
Giacomo Perez-Dortona27.651:00.030.271:53.66 (5)
Romain Sassot24.3252.170.112:45.83 (4)
Yannick Agnel23.0748.770.323:34.60 (6)
78South AfricaRSA3:35.23
Charl Crous26.5155.230.6255.23 (8)
Cameron van der Burgh27.0258.960.391:54.19 (6)
Chad le Clos24.2251.830.142:46.02 (6)
Leith Shankland23.2249.210.313:35.23 (7)
Radosław Kawęcki26.5854.650.6454.65 (7)
Dawid Szulich28.441:01.390.281:56.04 (8)
Paweł Korzeniowski24.1152.400.162:48.44 (8)
Kacper Majchrzak23.1549.720.413:38.16 (8)

Final (4 August 2012 — 20:27)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA3:29.35
Matt Grevers25.4852.580.6352.58 (1)
Brendan Hansen27.5259.190.241:51.77 (2)
Michael Phelps23.8350.730.362:42.50 (1)
Nathan Adrian22.1046.850.303:29.35 (1)
Ryosuke Irie25.9652.920.5752.92 (2)
Kosuke Kitajima27.3558.640.081:51.56 (1)
Takeshi Matsuda23.7851.200.122:42.76 (2)
Takuro Fujii23.4748.500.303:31.26 (2)
Hayden Stoeckel25.9953.710.6153.71 (5)
Christian Sprenger27.3459.050.251:52.76 (5)
Matt Targett23.5051.600.082:44.36 (4)
James Magnussen22.3847.220.183:31.58 (3)
45Great BritainGBR3:32.32
Liam Tancock25.8853.400.6153.40 (=3)
Michael Jamieson27.8559.270.171:52.67 (4)
Michael Rock23.9051.740.242:44.41 (5)
Adam Brown23.1547.910.203:32.32 (4)
László Cseh, Jr.25.6353.400.6153.40 (=3)
Dániel Gyurta27.3159.01-0.031:52.41 (3)
Bence Pulai23.8051.820.272:44.23 (3)
Dominik Kozma22.8648.790.303:33.02 (5)
Helge Meeuw26.0453.780.6253.78 (6)
Christian vom Lehn28.051:00.300.171:54.08 (7)
Steffen Deibler22.9650.910.202:44.99 (6)
Markus Deibler22.3048.070.013:33.06 (6)
Nick Driebergen26.1153.790.6353.79 (7)
Lennart Stekelenburg27.841:00.240.161:54.03 (6)
Joeri Verlinden23.6951.860.152:45.89 (7)
Sebastiaan Verschuren22.6947.570.223:33.46 (7)
Charles Francis26.1154.160.6754.16 (8)
Scott Dickens27.591:00.290.001:54.45 (8)
Joe Bartoch23.8752.320.192:46.77 (8)
Brent Hayden22.3847.420.273:34.19 (8)