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Four, Men

Date22 – 23 February 2014
LocationTsentr Sannogo Sporta Sanki, Mountain Cluster, Rzhanaya Polyana
Participants124 from 19 countries
FormatFour runs, total time determined placement. Only the best 20 teams contest the final run.
DetailsCurves: 17
Length: 1500 m
Start Altitude: 837 m
Vertical Drop: 126 m

The early part of the 2013-14 World Cup season had been a triumph for the “Night Train”, the US #1 sled piloted by reigning Olympic champion Steve Holcomb but, as the circuit decamped to Europe after the Christmas and New Year break, the European sleds matched and exceeded the performances of the Americans and both Latvian and German sleds recorded victories.

Although the Russians had been having a consistent rather than spectacular season, the prevailing suspicion was that they would be the team to beat at Sochi after having seemingly sacrificed results at the World Cup in favour of preparation on the Olympic track.

Aleksandr Zubkov and the Russia #1 sled lived up to their billing by leading from start to finish although they were pressured on the final run by the Latvian crew who recovered from a mediocre first run to come within a tenth of a second of the title. Holcomb’s US sled added a bronze to the gold he had won in Vancouver as he finished just .03 ahead of the 2nd Russian crew in a result that matched that of the two-man event in Sochi. Hampered by design problems, Maximilian Arndt’s World Champion German crew could finish no better than sixth.

In May 2016 WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) commissioned a report, the McLaren Report, to look into allegations of systematic Russian doping and a cover-up to avoid positives at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. The report was released in two parts, in July and December 2016, and confirmed the allegations. In 2017 the IOC formed a commission to investigate this, headed by IOC Member Denis Oswald, and usually referred to as the Oswald Commission. In late October 2017 the Oswald Commission began to release its findings.

All eight members of the Russian bobsleigh teams, which originally finished first and fourth in this event were disqualified in November-December 2017. Appeals were made immediately to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), but were partially denied and the Russian teams remained disqualified and the medals were re-allocated.

A special committee of the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) was then charged with investigating these findings, but refused to acknowledge the disqualifications and allowed all the sliders to continue competing. The IOC was not happy with that ruling and the Executive Committee of the IBSF then appealed to the CAS, against its own sub-committee, to have that ruling overturned.

PosNrBobsleighNOCTimeRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
1Latvia ILAT3:40.6955.10 (4)55.13 (1)55.15 (1)55.31 (2)Gold
Oskars MelbārdisDaumants DreiškensArvis VilkasteJānis Strenga
2United States IUSA3:40.9954.89 (2)55.47 (=7)55.30 (2)55.33 (3)Silver
Steve HolcombCurt TomaseviczSteve LangtonChris Fogt
3Great Britain IGBR3:41.1055.26 (8)55.27 (2)55.31 (3)55.26 (1)Bronze
John JacksonStuart BensonBruce TaskerJoel Fearon
4Germany IGER3:41.4254.88 (1)55.47 (=7)55.47 (4)55.60 (=7)
Maximilian ArndtMarko HübenbeckerAlexander RödigerMartin Putze
5Germany IIIGER3:41.5155.06 (3)55.42 (4)55.50 (5)55.53 (6)
Thomas FlorschützJoshua BluhmKevin KuskeChristian Poser
6Switzerland SUI3:41.7555.21 (7)55.34 (3)55.60 (=6)55.60 (=7)
Beat HeftiAlex BaumannJürg EggerThomas Lamparter
7Canada IICAN3:41.7655.35 (9)55.43 (=5)55.60 (=6)55.38 (4)
Lyndon RushLascelles BrownDavid BissettNeville Wright
8Germany IIGER3:41.8055.15 (5)55.43 (=5)55.81 (9)55.41 (5)
Francesco FriedrichJannis BäckerGregor BermbachThorsten Margis
9Netherlands NED3:42.6955.55 (11)55.57 (13)55.82 (10)55.75 (10)
Edwin van CalkerBror van der ZijdeSybren JansmaArno Klaassen
10United States IIUSA3:42.7055.61 (12)55.48 (10)55.97 (=15)55.64 (9)
Nick CunninghamJustin OlsenJohnny QuinnDallas Robinson
11Canada ICAN3:42.8455.50 (10)55.70 (16)55.88 (=11)55.76 (11)
Chris SpringTim RandallJames McNaughtonBryan Barnett
12Latvia IILAT3:42.9855.68 (13)55.52 (11)55.97 (=15)55.81 (14)
Oskars ĶibermanisRaivis BroksHelvijs LūsisVairis Leiboms
13Russian Federation IIIRUS3:43.0655.74 (14)55.53 (12)55.88 (=11)55.91 (17)
Nikita ZakharovPyotr MoiseyevNikolay KhrenkovMaksim Mokrousov
14Czechia CZE3:43.1755.95 (18)55.47 (=7)55.95 (14)55.80 (13)
Jan VrbaDominik SuchýDominik DvořákMichal Vacek
15France IFRA3:43.1855.82 (16)55.68 (15)55.91 (13)55.77 (12)
Loïc CostergRomain HeinrichFlorent RibetElly Lefort
16Italy ITA3:43.4555.78 (15)55.73 (17)56.06 (=17)55.88 (=15)
Simone BertazzoSimone FontanaSamuele RomaniniFrancesco Costa
17Great Britain IIGBR3:43.5255.91 (17)55.60 (14)56.06 (=17)55.95 (18)
Lamin DeenJohn BainesAndrew MatthewsBen Simons
18Republic of Korea IKOR3:44.2256.12 (19)55.97 (18)56.25 (20)55.88 (=15)
Won Yun-JongSeok Yeong-JinJeon Jeong-RinSeo Yeong-Wu
19Austria AUT2:48.6356.25 (=21)56.11 (19)56.27 (21)
Benjamin MaierStefan WithalmSebastian HeuflerMarkus SammerAngel Somov
20Australia AUS2:48.6456.20 (20)56.21 (21)56.23 (19)
Heath SpenceGareth NicholsDuncan HarveyLucas Mata
21France IIFRA2:48.9956.37 (23)56.27 (22)56.35 (22)
Thibault GodefroyJeremy BaillardVincent RicardJérémie Boutherin
22Romania ROU2:49.0356.25 (=21)56.16 (20)56.62 (24)
Andreas NeaguBogdan OtavăDănuț MoldovanPaul MunteanFlorin Crăciun
23Slovakia SVK2:49.4456.56 (25)56.37 (23)56.51 (23)
Milan JagnešákPetr NarovecLukáš KožienkaJuraj Mokráš
24Japan JPN2:49.4656.41 (24)56.42 (24)56.63 (25)
Hiroshi SuzukiToshiki KuroiwaShintaro SatoHisashi Miyazaki
25Republic of Korea IIKOR2:50.6456.98 (27)56.77 (26)56.89 (26)
Kim Dong-HyeonKim SikKim Gyeong-HyeonOh Je-Han
26Brazil BRA2:50.7156.86 (26)56.74 (25)57.11 (27)
Edson BindilattiOdirlei PessoniEdson MartinsFábio Gonçalves
27Canada IIICAN2:50.8055.17 (6)59.91 (27)55.72 (8)
Justin KrippsJesse LumsdenLuke DemetreCody SorensenGraeme RinholmBen Coakwell
DQPoland POL[2:49.49][56.57] (DQ)[56.45] (DQ)[56.47] (DQ)1
Dawid KupczykDaniel Zalewski 2Michał KasperowiczPaweł Mróz
DQRussian Federation IRUS[3:40.60][54.82] (DQ)[55.37] (DQ)[55.02] (DQ)[55.39] (DQ)3
Aleksandr Zubkov 4Aleksey Negodaylo 5Dmitry Trunenkov 6Aleksey Voyevoda 7
DQRussian Federation IIRUS[3:41.02][55.11] (DQ)[55.41] (DQ)[55.29] (DQ)[55.21] (DQ)8
Aleksandr Kasyanov 9Ilvir Khuzin 10Maksim Belugin 11Aleksey Pushkaryov 12