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1,000 metres, Women

Date18 – 21 February 2014
LocationDvorets Zimnego Sporta Aisberg, Coastal Cluster, Adler
Participants32 from 18 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.
Olympic Record 1:29.049 / Zhou Yang CHN / 26 February 2010

The 2010 Olympic Champion and 2013 World Champion, Wang Meng of China, was not in Sochi due to an ankle fracture. This left the road open for the Koreans, who had dominated the World Cup season with Shim Seok-Hui, Kim A-Lang and Park Seung-Hui.

In the first semi-final Park led coming into the final bend and was to finish first. Second place Valerie Maltais, who had beaten the Olympic Record in the heats, unfortunately had a slide on the final bend, allowing Jessica Smith (USA) to advance to the final, with Jorien ter Mors just failing to beat the American. The second semi-final was to prove controversial and, as with both other individual events, Elise Christie was involved. The early leader was Shim along with Chinese Fan Kexin and Li Jianrou with Christie staying out of trouble at the back. When the pace warmed up on the final few laps, Christie put in a tremendous burst. Going into the last lap Shim led with Christie just having the lead over Li for second place. There was some minor bumping between the two of them on the back straight and, on the final bend, Li fell and took out Christie in the process, so Fan took second place and advanced to the final. Expecting to be advanced to the final Christie was shocked to find that the referee had disqualified her along with Li, so ending a miserable Games for her.

The final was relatively straightforward, with both Koreans skating at the front. For a while Smith was in the mix, but she fell off the pace. As the race moved into the final stages Park led the field and Fan came through into second place to finish just ahead of Shim with Smith some way off the pace.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
1138Park Seung-HuiKORAF-11-2-11:30.182Gold
2109Fan KexinCHNAF-22-2-21:29.380Silver
3139Sim Seok-HuiKORAF-31-1-11:29.356Bronze
4156Jessica SmithUSAAF-42-1-21:30.399
5142Jorien ter MorsNEDBF-13-2-31:29.119
6107Valérie MaltaisCANBF-24-1-11:28.771
7116Elise ChristieGBRSF-DQ0-1-11:30.588
8111Li JianrouCHNSF-DQ0-2-11:31.187
9101Deanna LockettAUSQF-30-3-11:29.256
10136Kim A-RangKORQF-30-3-11:31.640
11155Emily ScottUSAQF-30-3-21:30.324
12104Marie-Ève DroletCANQF-30-3-21:31.273
13131Yui SakaiJPNQF-40-4-21:29.328
14146Patrycja MaliszewskaPOLQF-40-4-21:32.376
15102Veronika WindischAUTQF-50-5-21:30.017
16124Arianna FontanaITAQF-DQ0-0-11:32.983
17115Véronique PierronFRAQF-DQ0-0-21:33.022
18144Yara van KerkhofNEDR1-30-0-31:29.980
19149Tatyana BorodulinaRUSR1-30-0-31:31.559
20148Olga BelyakovaRUSR1-30-0-31:32.034
21134Inna SimonovaKAZR1-30-0-31:32.599
22129Ayuko ItoJPNR1-30-0-31:33.188
23127Martina ValcepinaITAR1-30-0-31:34.226
24150Sofya ProsvirnovaRUSR1-30-0-31:36.521
25133Sayuri ShimizuJPNR1-40-0-41:31.879
26153Sofiya VlasovaUKRR1-40-0-41:32.495
27128Elena VivianiITAR1-40-0-41:33.352
28108Marianne St-GelaisCANR1-40-0-42:05.206
DQ112Liu QiuhongCHN[R1-DQ][0-0-0]
DQ114Kateřina NovotnáCZE[R1-DQ][0-0-0]
DQ120Bernadett HeidumHUN[R1-DQ][0-0-0]
DQ140Agnė SereikaitėLTU[R1-DQ][0-0-0]

Round One (18 February 2014 — 13:30)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One (13:30)

12Li JianrouCHN1:31.187Q
21Jessica SmithUSA1:31.359Q
34Tatyana BorodulinaRUS1:31.559
43Sayuri ShimizuJPN1:31.879

Heat Two (13:34)

14Park Seung-HuiKOR1:31.883Q
21Emily ScottUSA1:32.585Q
33Inna SimonovaKAZ1:32.599
DQ2Kateřina NovotnáCZE

Heat Three (13:38)

14Valérie MaltaisCAN1:28.771QOR
21Yui SakaiJPN1:29.824Q
32Yara van KerkhofNED1:29.980
43Sofiya VlasovaUKR1:32.495

Heat Four (13:42)

11Sim Seok-HuiKOR1:31.046Q
24Marie-Ève DroletCAN1:31.273Q
32Martina ValcepinaITA1:34.226ADV
DQ3Liu QiuhongCHN

Heat Five (13:46)

12Kim A-RangKOR1:31.640Q
21Fan KexinCHN1:31.713Q
33Olga BelyakovaRUS1:32.034
DQ4Agnė SereikaitėLTU

Heat Six (13:50)

11Arianna FontanaITA1:32.983Q
23Véronique PierronFRA1:33.022Q
34Sofya ProsvirnovaRUS1:36.521
DQ2Bernadett HeidumHUN

Heat Seven (13:54)

14Elise ChristieGBR1:30.588Q
23Patrycja MaliszewskaPOL1:32.975Q
32Ayuko ItoJPN1:33.188
41Elena VivianiITA1:33.352

Heat Eight (13:58)

12Deanna LockettAUS1:34.845Q
23Veronika WindischAUT1:36.018Q
31Jorien ter MorsNED1:46.661ADV
44Marianne St-GelaisCAN2:05.206

Quarter-Finals (21 February 2014 — 20:44)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (20:44)

11Elise ChristieGBR1:30.606Q
23Park Seung-HuiKOR1:30.801Q
32Marie-Ève DroletCAN1:31.668
DQ4Véronique PierronFRA

Heat Two (20:48)

11Valérie MaltaisCAN1:29.037Q
25Jorien ter MorsNED1:29.119Q
33Deanna LockettAUS1:29.256
42Yui SakaiJPN1:29.328
54Veronika WindischAUT1:30.017

Heat Three (20:52)

11Sim Seok-HuiKOR1:29.356Q
22Fan KexinCHN1:29.380Q
33Emily ScottUSA1:30.324
DQ4Arianna FontanaITA

Heat Four (20:56)

12Jessica SmithUSA1:32.088Q
21Li JianrouCHN1:32.129Q
33Kim A-RangKOR1:32.154
44Patrycja MaliszewskaPOL1:32.376

Semi-Finals (21 February 2014 — 21:21)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (21:21)

13Park Seung-HuiKOR1:30.182Q
24Jessica SmithUSA1:30.399Q
32Jorien ter MorsNED1:30.481q
41Valérie MaltaisCAN1:56.511q

Heat Two (21:25)

11Sim Seok-HuiKOR1:31.237Q
22Fan KexinCHN1:32.618Q
DQ4Li JianrouCHN
DQ3Elise ChristieGBR

Final Round (21 February 2014 — 21:53)

B Final (21:53)

11Jorien ter MorsNED1:36.835
22Valérie MaltaisCAN1:36.863

A Final (21:57)

11Park Seung-HuiKOR1:30.761
24Fan KexinCHN1:30.811
33Sim Seok-HuiKOR1:31.027
42Jessica SmithUSA1:31.301