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Duet, Women

Date14 – 16 August 2016
LocationParque Aquático Maria Lenk, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants48 from 24 countries
FormatTop 12 duos from qualifying advanced to final free routine.

Russia were clear favourites to win the gold medal, particularly as it was back to 1996 since another country, the United States, won the duets title. The entire Russian team was outstanding at the 2015 World Championships, winning eight of the nine gold medals, with Nataliya Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina winning seven golds between them. The pair had been dominant in the event since the 2005 World Championships in Montreal, winning six Olympic and a massive 60 World and European gold medals between them. China’s Huang Xuechen and Sun Wenyan were runners-up to the Russian girls in the two duet events at the 2015 Worlds and were probably the only pair to offer a serious challenge for the Rio gold medal.

True to form, the defending champions Ishchenko and Romashina set the pace with a near perfect performance in the free routine with three 9.9s in a combined score of 98.0667 and a clear two points ahead of Huang and Sun, with the Japanese pair of Risako Mitsui and Yukiko Inui in third and the Spanish pair of Ona Carbonell (bronze medallist at London 2012) and Gemma Mengual fourth. Mengual came out of retirement at the age of 39 to compete in Rio and try and win Spain’s only synchronised swimming medal, because they did not have a squad in the team event, despite winning the bronze medal at London in 2012. The Russians increased their lead after the second day’s technical programme with their “Gypsy Dancer” routine which gave them 96.4577 and extended their lead from 2 to 3.0899 points ahead of the Chinese pair with Inui and Mitsui still third as the field was cut to the final 12.

Of the three front runners Ishchenko and Romashina were the first to perform the final free routine and their 98.533 gave them a final total of 194.9910. With five pairs still to go, their performance was already hailed as the gold-medal winning one. Huang and Sun held on to their silver, maintaining their bronze medal position a full 6.9363 behind the gold medal winners. The Ukrainian girls Lolita Ananasova and Anna Voloshyna overtook the Spaniards Carbonell and Mengual to finish fourth. It was the fifth consecutive gold for a Russian pair and, for Ishchenko and Romashina, it was their second gold as they joined Russians Anastasiya Davydova and Anastasiya Yermakova with two duet gold medals.

1Nataliya Ishchenko / Svetlana RomashinaRUS194.5244 (1)194.9910 (1)Gold
2Huang Xuechen / Sun WenyanCHN191.4355 (2)192.3688 (2)Silver
3Yukiko Inui / Risako MitsuiJPN187.5214 (3)188.0547 (3)Bronze
4Ona Carbonell / Gemma MengualESP186.2691 (5)187.1358 (4)
5Lolita Ananasova / Anna VoloshynaUKR186.6691 (4)186.6357 (5)
6Linda Cerruti / Costanza FerroITA181.5745 (6)182.8079 (6)
7Jacqueline Simoneau / Karine ThomasCAN179.3583 (7)179.8916 (7)
8Laura Augé / Margaux ChrétienFRA173.1491 (8)174.2491 (8)
9Anita Alvarez / Mariya KorolevaUSA172.8945 (9)173.9945 (9)
10Evelina Papazoglou / Evangelia PlataniotiGRE171.455 (10)171.8550 (10)
11Karem Achach / Nuria DiosdadoMEX170.6601 (11)170.9935 (11)
12Anna-Maria Alexandri / Eirini-Marina AlexandriAUT170.3304 (12)170.5970 (12)
13Luisa Borges / Duda MiccuciBRA167.3341 (13)
14Sophie Giger / Sascia KrausSUI166.9033 (14)
15Aleksandra Nemich / Yekaterina NemichKAZ162.8686 (15)
16Estefanía Álvarez / Mónica ArangoCOL160.803 (16)
17Katie Clark / Olivia FedericiGBR160.7317 (17)
18Soňa Bernardová / Alžběta DufkováCZE160.5973 (18)
19Etel Sánchez / Sofía SánchezARG159.3162 (19)
20Anastasia Gloushkov Leventhal / Ievgenia TetelbaumISR158.3488 (20)
21Iryna Limanouskaya / Veranika YesipovichBLR157.9913 (21)
22Naďa Daabousová / Jana LabáthováSVK156.0607 (22)
23Samia Ahmed / Dara HassanienEGY154.1306 (23)
24Nikita Pablo / Rose StackpoleAUS148.4027 (24)

Qualifying Round

Date14 – 15 August 2016
FormatTop 12 duos advanced to final. Qualifying score is sum of the technical score and the free routine score.
PosPairNOCPointsTechnical RoutineFree Routine
1Nataliya Ishchenko / Svetlana RomashinaRUS194.524496.4577 (1)98.0667 (1)Q
2Huang Xuechen / Sun WenyanCHN191.435595.3688 (2)96.0667 (2)Q
3Yukiko Inui / Risako MitsuiJPN187.521493.1214 (4)94.4000 (3)Q
4Lolita Ananasova / Anna VoloshynaUKR186.669193.1358 (3)93.5333 (5)Q
5Ona Carbonell / Gemma MengualESP186.269192.5024 (5)93.7667 (4)Q
6Linda Cerruti / Costanza FerroITA181.574590.4412 (6)91.1333 (6)Q
7Jacqueline Simoneau / Karine ThomasCAN179.358389.2916 (7)90.0667 (7)Q
8Laura Augé / Margaux ChrétienFRA173.149186.2824 (9)86.8667 (8)Q
9Anita Alvarez / Mariya KorolevaUSA172.894586.4612 (8)86.4333 (9)Q
10Evelina Papazoglou / Evangelia PlataniotiGRE171.45585.3550 (10)86.1000 (10)Q
11Karem Achach / Nuria DiosdadoMEX170.660184.9268 (12)85.7333 (11)Q
12Anna-Maria Alexandri / Eirini-Marina AlexandriAUT170.330485.0637 (11)85.2667 (12)Q
13Luisa Borges / Duda MiccuciBRA167.334183.3008 (14)84.0333 (13)
14Sophie Giger / Sascia KrausSUI166.903383.3366 (13)83.5667 (14)
15Aleksandra Nemich / Yekaterina NemichKAZ162.868681.4686 (15)81.4000 (15)
16Estefanía Álvarez / Mónica ArangoCOL160.80380.3363 (17)80.4667 (17)
17Katie Clark / Olivia FedericiGBR160.731780.7650 (16)79.9667 (18)
18Soňa Bernardová / Alžběta DufkováCZE160.597380.0640 (18)80.5333 (16)
19Etel Sánchez / Sofía SánchezARG159.316279.4829 (19)79.8333 (19)
20Anastasia Gloushkov Leventhal / Ievgenia TetelbaumISR158.348879.4488 (20)78.9000 (21)
21Iryna Limanouskaya / Veranika YesipovichBLR157.991378.9913 (21)79.0000 (20)
22Naďa Daabousová / Jana LabáthováSVK156.060778.3607 (22)77.7000 (22)
23Samia Ahmed / Dara HassanienEGY154.130676.5306 (23)77.6000 (23)
24Nikita Pablo / Rose StackpoleAUS148.402773.6360 (24)74.7667 (24)

Final Round

Date16 August 2016
FormatFinal score is total of technical score from the qualifying round and the final free routine score.
1Nataliya Ishchenko / Svetlana RomashinaRUS194.9910
2Huang Xuechen / Sun WenyanCHN192.3688
3Yukiko Inui / Risako MitsuiJPN188.0547
4Ona Carbonell / Gemma MengualESP187.1358
5Lolita Ananasova / Anna VoloshynaUKR186.6357
6Linda Cerruti / Costanza FerroITA182.8079
7Jacqueline Simoneau / Karine ThomasCAN179.8916
8Laura Augé / Margaux ChrétienFRA174.2491
9Anita Alvarez / Mariya KorolevaUSA173.9945
10Evelina Papazoglou / Evangelia PlataniotiGRE171.8550
11Karem Achach / Nuria DiosdadoMEX170.9935
12Anna-Maria Alexandri / Eirini-Marina AlexandriAUT170.5970