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200 metres Butterfly, Men

Date8 – 9 August 2016
LocationEstádio Aquático Olímpico, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants29 from 21 countries

Michael Phelps had won this event in 2004 and 2008, and had been second in London behind South African Chad le Clos. He had come out of retirement in 2015, after coming out of alcohol rehab, and had won the event at the US Olympic Trials, although his final lap looked terrible. In 2015, however, he had won the US Nationals in 1:52.94 and he was favored in Rio. Le Clos was also a medal contender, having placed second at the 2015 World Championships behind Hungarian László Cseh, who was considered to be Phelps’ main challenger.

Cseh went out fast in the final and led at 50 metres, with Phelps second, but Phelps took the lead at the 100 mark. Cseh would fade and eventually finish seventh as Phelps went relatively unchallenged to win the gold medal. The rest of the podium was a shock as Japan’s Masato Sakai took silver and Hungarian Tamás Kenderesi won the bronze. Le Clos was second at the 150 mark but slowed on the final lap and finished fourth.

This was Phelps 12th individual Olympic gold medal, equaling the all-time Olympic record set by Leonidas of Rhodes at the Ancient Olympics. Leonidas had won his titles in the stadion, diaulos, and hoplite race at the 164, 160, 156 and 152 BCE Olympiads. Phelps would later break this mark in Rio, winning his 13th individual gold medal in the 200 individual medley.

1Michael PhelpsUSA1:55.73 (3 h3)1:54.12 (2 h2)1:53.36 (1)Gold
2Masato SakaiJPN1:55.76 (2 h2)1:55.32 (3 h1)1:53.40 (2)Silver
3Tamás KenderesiHUN1:54.73 (1 h3)1:53.96 (1 h2)1:53.62 (3)Bronze
4Chad le ClosRSA1:55.57 (1 h2)1:55.19 (3 h2)1:54.06 (4)
5Daiya SetoJPN1:55.79 (4 h3)1:55.28 (2 h1)1:54.82 (5)
6Viktor BromerDEN1:55.77 (2 h4)1:55.59 (4 h2)1:55.64 (6)
7László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:55.14 (1 h4)1:55.18 (1 h1)1:56.24 (7)
8Louis CroenenBEL1:56.48 (5 h3)1:56.03 (4 h1)1:57.04 (8)
9Grant IrvineAUS1:55.64 (2 h3)1:56.07 (5 h1)
10Quah Zheng WenSGP1:56.01 (3 h2)1:56.11 (6 h1)
11Yevgeny KoptelovRUS1:56.13 (4 h2)1:56.46 (5 h2)
12Simon SjödinSWE1:56.46 (1 h1)1:56.71 (6 h2)
13Leonardo de DeusBRA1:55.98 (3 h4)1:56.77 (7 h2)
14 Kaio MárcioBRA1:56.45 (4 h4)1:57.45 (7 h1)
15Jonathan GómezCOL1:56.65 (5 h4)1:57.47 (8 h2)
16Li ZhuhaoCHN1:56.72 (5 h2)1:57.62 (8 h1)
17Jan ŚwitkowskiPOL1:56.73 (6 h4)
18Stefanos DimitriadisGRE1:56.76 (6 h3)
19David MorganAUS1:56.81 (7 h4)
20Tom ShieldsUSA1:56.93 (6 h2)
21Carlos PeraltaESP1:56.98 (7 h3)
22Robert ŽbogarSLO1:57.05 (2 h1)
23Sebastien RousseauRSA1:57.33 (8 h4)
24Daniil PakhomovRUS1:57.36 (7 h2)
25Jordan CoelhoFRA1:58.62 (8 h2)
26Gal NevoISR1:58.64 (3 h1)
27Wu YuhangCHN1:59.04 (8 h3)
28Sajan PrakashIND1:59.37 (4 h1)
29Bradlee AshbyNZL2:01.22 (5 h1)

Round One (8 August 2016 — 13:34)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (13:34)

14Simon SjödinSWE1:56.460.75Q
25Robert ŽbogarSLO1:57.050.63
36Gal NevoISR1:58.640.62
43Sajan PrakashIND1:59.370.70
52Bradlee AshbyNZL2:01.220.72

Heat Two (13:39)

14Chad le ClosRSA1:55.570.68Q
25Masato SakaiJPN1:55.760.66Q
37Quah Zheng WenSGP1:56.010.63Q
43Yevgeny KoptelovRUS1:56.130.73Q
56Li ZhuhaoCHN1:56.720.73Q
62Tom ShieldsUSA1:56.930.79
78Daniil PakhomovRUS1:57.360.65
81Jordan CoelhoFRA1:58.620.70

Heat Three (13:44)

13Tamás KenderesiHUN1:54.730.70Q
22Grant IrvineAUS1:55.640.69Q
34Michael PhelpsUSA1:55.730.73Q
45Daiya SetoJPN1:55.790.64Q
56Louis CroenenBEL1:56.480.71Q
67Stefanos DimitriadisGRE1:56.760.82
71Carlos PeraltaESP1:56.980.67
88Wu YuhangCHN1:59.040.77

Heat Four (13:49)

14László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:55.140.70Q
23Viktor BromerDEN1:55.770.63Q
36Leonardo de DeusBRA1:55.980.65Q
47 Kaio MárcioBRA1:56.450.64Q
58Jonathan GómezCOL1:56.650.65Q
65Jan ŚwitkowskiPOL1:56.730.70
72David MorganAUS1:56.810.65
81Sebastien RousseauRSA1:57.330.61

Semi-Finals (8 August 2016 — 23:10)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (23:10)

14László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:55.180.73Q
26Daiya SetoJPN1:55.280.63Q
33Masato SakaiJPN1:55.320.66Q
41Louis CroenenBEL1:56.030.72Q
55Grant IrvineAUS1:56.070.71
62Quah Zheng WenSGP1:56.110.64
77 Kaio MárcioBRA1:57.450.65
88Li ZhuhaoCHN1:57.620.74

Heat Two (23:19)

14Tamás KenderesiHUN1:53.960.72Q
23Michael PhelpsUSA1:54.120.73Q
35Chad le ClosRSA1:55.190.65Q
46Viktor BromerDEN1:55.590.64Q
57Yevgeny KoptelovRUS1:56.460.78
61Simon SjödinSWE1:56.710.73
72Leonardo de DeusBRA1:56.770.68
88Jonathan GómezCOL1:57.470.69

Final (9 August 2016 — 22:28)

15Michael PhelpsUSA1:53.360.71
27Masato SakaiJPN1:53.400.66
34Tamás KenderesiHUN1:53.620.71
46Chad le ClosRSA1:54.060.63
52Daiya SetoJPN1:54.820.60
61Viktor BromerDEN1:55.640.65
73László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:56.240.74
88Louis CroenenBEL1:57.040.72