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Rugby Sevens, Women

Date6 – 8 August 2016
LocationEstádio de Deodoro, Parque Olímpico de Deodoro, Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants148 from 12 countries
FormatRound-robin pools advance teams to single-elimination tournament of eight teams.

There were a couple of minor surprises amongst the qualifiers for the inaugural Olympic rugby sevens tournament. Colombia, with little heritage in the sport, claimed the South American qualifying spot while Spain created a minor upset by qualifying at the expense of Russia. South Africa, in line with their NOC’s policy, refused a qualifying spot based solely on their performance at the African Championships. In general the “big beasts” of women’s sevens comfortably made it to Rio.The format used saw 12 teams sorted into three pools of four teams. The top two teams in each pool were joined in the quarter-finals by the two third place teams with the best records.

At 11am on August 6, 2016 rugby finally re-entered the Olympic Games when Spain’s Patricia Garcia took the kick off in their game against France. The group stages would not provide the same level of excitement as the men’s tournament would do later in the week, with only Fiji’s victory over the USA upsetting the odds. The other notable result of the first phase was the shut out inflicted by 4th seeded Great Britain on 3rd seeded Canada which ensured that the British won the group.

The first three quarter-finals were each won by the more favoured side and all went relatively smoothly for the victors Australia, Canada and Great Britain. The final quarter-final was a very different affair. The powerful figure of New Zealand’s Portia Woodman sped in for a first-half try against the USA, but the Kiwis then spent the second half in desperate, sometimes short-handed, defence. They kept their line intact to ensure their survival in the tournament. The semi-finals followed an identical pattern to each other. The Antipodean pairing of Australia and New Zealand both took early leads against their Northern hemisphere rivals that could not be dented by their opponents. Woodman scored a hat-trick in New Zealand’s win over Great Britain to repeat the feat she had achieved in the pool game against Kenya.

The bronze medal match played immediately before the final saw Canada turn the tables on the British to record a resounding 33-10 victory with Ghislaine Landry contributing 18 of the points. Thus the final was played between the top two seeds and fierce trans-Tasman rivals, Australia and New Zealand. An early score by the New Zealanders was matched, in controversial fashion, by Australia when the referee awarded a try despite Emma Tanigato appearing to fumble the ball in the act of scoring. The Aussies took this piece of luck and built on it by cutting loose and scoring three more tries without reply. By the time New Zealand regained their composure their chances were gone although a late brace of tries gave the scoreboard a more respectable look for the team in black.

Despite Australia taking the gold medal it was New Zealand’s Woodman who emerged as the top try scorer with 10 (including the aforementioned pair of hat-tricks) and top points scorer despite not taking any kicks at goal. Colombia, the lowest ranked by far of all the qualifiers, shipped 161 points in the first four games without themselves once troubling the scoreboard operators. Their streak was eventually broken in the first minute in the 11-12th classification match but they still went down to a defeat by Kenya.

2New ZealandNZL50115156–147Silver
4Great BritainGBR40212134–68
5United StatesUSA3121098–41

Preliminary Round (6 – 7 August 2016)

Round-robin pools.

Group A (6 – 7 August 2016)


Match #1 06 Aug 13:00FIJ 12 – 7USA
Match #2 06 Aug 13:30AUS 53 – 0COL
Match #3 06 Aug 18:00USA 48 – 0COL
Match #4 06 Aug 18:30AUS 36 – 0FIJ
Match #5 07 Aug 13:00FIJ 36 – 0COL
Match #6 07 Aug 13:30AUS 12 – 12USA

Group B (6 – 7 August 2016)


Match #1 06 Aug 11:00FRA 24 – 7ESP
Match #2 06 Aug 11:30NZL 52 – 0KEN
Match #3 06 Aug 16:00FRA 40 – 7KEN
Match #4 06 Aug 16:30NZL 31 – 5ESP
Match #5 07 Aug 11:00ESP 19 – 10KEN
Match #6 07 Aug 11:30NZL 26 – 7FRA

Group C (6 – 7 August 2016)


Match #1 06 Aug 12:00GBR 29 – 3BRA
Match #2 06 Aug 12:30CAN 45 – 0JPN
Match #3 06 Aug 17:00GBR 40 – 0JPN
Match #4 06 Aug 17:30CAN 38 – 0BRA
Match #5 07 Aug 12:00BRA 26 – 10JPN
Match #6 07 Aug 12:30GBR 22 – 0CAN

Classification Round 9-12 (7 August 2016)

Classification matches for 9th to 12th place.

Match #1 07 Aug 16:00BRA 24 – 0COL
Match #2 07 Aug 16:30JPN 24 – 0KEN

Quarter-Finals (7 August 2016)

Winners of each match advanced to semi-finals.

Match #1 07 Aug 17:00AUS 24 – 0ESP
Match #2 07 Aug 17:30CAN 15 – 5FRA
Match #3 07 Aug 18:00GBR 26 – 7FIJ
Match #4 07 Aug 18:30NZL 5 – 0USA

Classification Round 5-8 (8 August 2016)

Classification matches for 5th to 8th place.

Match #1 08 Aug 13:30FRA 24 – 12ESP
Match #2 08 Aug 14:00USA 12 – 7FIJ

Semi-Finals (8 August 2016)

Winners of each match advanced to gold medal match.

Match #1 08 Aug 14:30AUS 17 – 5CAN
Match #2 08 Aug 15:00NZL 25 – 7GBR

Final Round (8 August 2016)

Medal and placement round.

Match 1/2 08 Aug 19:00AUS 24 – 17NZL
Match 3/4 08 Aug 18:30CAN 33 – 10GBR
Match 5/6 08 Aug 18:00USA 19 – 5FRA
Match 7/8 08 Aug 17:30ESP 21 – 0FIJ
Match 9/10 08 Aug 13:00BRA 33 – 5JPN
Match 11/12 08 Aug 12:30KEN 22 – 10COL


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