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Shot Put, Women

Date12 August 2016
LocationEstádio Olímpico João Havelange, Engenho de Dentro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants36 from 25 countries

New Zealander Valerie Adams had won the 2008 and 2012 gold medals and 56 consecutive meets from 2010-14. She was still considered the favorite but had undergone five surgeries in the last two years, for various ailments, and was no longer the dominant force she had been. In the final she took the lead in round one with 19.79, followed by American Michelle Carter, the 2015 World Championship bronze medalist, with 19.12. Throwing first, Carter improved to 19.82 in round two to take the lead, only to see Adams respond with 20.42. None of the leaders improved in round three, with China’s Gong Lijiao in third entering the final three throws.

Gong would finish with three fouls, while Adams fouled in rounds four and five. Carter improved in round four to 19.87, but remained in second place, and again had a good mark in round five. In round six, Carter produced a PR effort of 20.63, bettering her previous best by almost one foot (30 cm), and stunningly moved ahead of Adams with only one throw remaining. Adams produced a good effort, 20.39, to try to catch Carter, but would only take silver. Carter had won the first shot put gold medal by an American woman. In the final round, Hungarian Anita Martón threw 19.87 to push Gong off the podium and win bronze.

Carter was the daughter of Mike Carter, the Olympic men’s shot put silver medalist at the 1984 Olympics, who later played nine years in the NFL, all with the San Francisco 49ers, and played on three Super Bowl Championship teams. Adams also came from an athletic family, as her brother, Steven Adams, a 2.13 m center, played in the NBA with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

11329Michelle CarterUSA19.01 (3)20.63 (1)Gold
21074Valerie AdamsNZL19.74 (1)20.42 (2)Silver
3818Anita MártonHUN18.51 (6)19.87 (3)Bronze
4516Gong LijiaoCHN18.74 (5)19.39 (4)
51371Raven SaundersUSA18.83 (4)19.35 (5)
6779Christina SchwanitzGER19.18 (2)19.03 (6)
71248Cleopatra BorelTTO18.20 (8)18.37 (7)
8389Alena DubitskayaBLR17.76 (12)18.23 (8)
9411Geisa ArcanjoBRA18.27 (7)18.16 (9)
10506Natalia DucóCHI18.18 (9)18.07 (10)
11385Alena AbramchukBLR17.78 (11)17.37 (11)
12541Auriol DongmoCMR17.92 (10)16.99 (12)
13 r1/21099Paulina GubaPOL17.70 (13)
14 r1/21351Felisha JohnsonUSA17.69 (14)
15 r1/21026Melissa BoekelmanNED17.69 (15)
16 r1/2511Bian KaCHN17.68 (16)
17 r1/2395Yuliya LeantsiukBLR17.66 (17)
18 r1/2472Brittany CrewCAN17.45 (18)
19 r1/21395Ahymará EspinozaVEN17.27 (19)
20 r1/2744Sara GambettaGER17.24 (20)
21 r1/2459Radoslava MavrodievaBUL17.20 (21)
22 r1/2580Yaniuvis LópezCUB17.15 (22)
23 r1/2828Manpreet KaurIND17.06 (23)
24 r1/21258Emel DereliTUR17.01 (24)
25 r1/2901Danniel ThomasJAM16.99 (25)
26 r1/2586Saily ViartCUB16.99 (26)
27 r1/21280Olha HolodnaUKR16.83 (27)
28 r1/2495Taryn SuttieCAN16.74 (28)
29 r1/21061Nikki OkweloguNGR16.67 (29)
30 r1/2784Lena UrbaniakGER16.62 (30)
31 r1/2551Sandra LemosCOL16.46 (31)
32 r1/2839Leyla RajabiIRI16.34 (32)
33 r1/2514Gao YangCHN16.17 (33)
34 r1/21296Halyna ObleshchukUKR15.81 (34)
35 r1/21005Dimitriana SurduMDA15.25 (35)
36 r1/2734Jessica InchudeGBS15.15 (36)

Qualifying Round (12 August 2016 — 10:05)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 18.40 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCDistance2nd Best
1Valerie AdamsNZL19.74Q
2Christina SchwanitzGER19.18Q
3Michelle CarterUSA19.01Q
4Raven SaundersUSA18.83Q
5Gong LijiaoCHN18.74Q
6Anita MártonHUN18.51Q
7Geisa ArcanjoBRA18.27q
8Cleopatra BorelTTO18.20q
9Natalia DucóCHI18.18q
10Auriol DongmoCMR17.92q
11Alena AbramchukBLR17.78q
12Alena DubitskayaBLR17.76q
13Paulina GubaPOL17.70
14Felisha JohnsonUSA17.6917.64
15Melissa BoekelmanNED17.6916.97
16Bian KaCHN17.68
17Yuliya LeantsiukBLR17.66
18Brittany CrewCAN17.45
19Ahymará EspinozaVEN17.27
20Sara GambettaGER17.24
21Radoslava MavrodievaBUL17.20
22Yaniuvis LópezCUB17.15
23Manpreet KaurIND17.06
24Emel DereliTUR17.01
25Danniel ThomasJAM16.9916.70
26Saily ViartCUB16.9915.82
27Olha HolodnaUKR16.83
28Taryn SuttieCAN16.74
29Nikki OkweloguNGR16.67
30Lena UrbaniakGER16.62
31Sandra LemosCOL16.46
32Leyla RajabiIRI16.34
33Gao YangCHN16.17
34Halyna ObleshchukUKR15.81
35Dimitriana SurduMDA15.25
36Jessica InchudeGBS15.15

Qualifying Round, Group A (12 August 2016 — 10:05)

118Valerie AdamsNZL19.7419.74Q
29Michelle CarterUSA19.0117.9519.01Q
34Raven SaundersUSA18.83×18.83Q
412Cleopatra BorelTTO18.2016.9417.7818.20q
53Natalia DucóCHI18.1818.18××q
617Alena DubitskayaBLR17.76××17.76q
714Melissa BoekelmanNED17.6916.9717.69×
82Bian KaCHN17.6817.6817.3616.84
915Brittany CrewCAN17.4516.67×17.45
108Sara GambettaGER17.24×16.9317.24
111Emel DereliTUR17.0117.0116.86×
127Saily ViartCUB16.9915.82×16.99
1313Olha HolodnaUKR16.8316.1016.3516.83
145Nikki OkweloguNGR16.6716.67××
1516Sandra LemosCOL16.4616.4616.4616.12
1611Leyla RajabiIRI16.3416.1816.3416.16
1710Gao YangCHN16.1716.1715.48×
186Dimitriana SurduMDA15.2515.1415.1715.25

Qualifying Round, Group B (12 August 2016)

18Christina SchwanitzGER19.1819.18Q
213Gong LijiaoCHN18.7418.74Q
317Anita MártonHUN18.5118.51Q
46Geisa ArcanjoBRA18.2718.2717.67×q
59Auriol DongmoCMR17.9217.9217.71×q
64Alena AbramchukBLR17.7817.7817.1916.97q
712Paulina GubaPOL17.7017.7017.56×
816Felisha JohnsonUSA17.69×17.6417.69
911Yuliya LeantsiukBLR17.6617.66×16.69
101Ahymará EspinozaVEN17.27×17.2716.77
1115Radoslava MavrodievaBUL17.20×17.1117.20
123Yaniuvis LópezCUB17.1517.15××
1314Manpreet KaurIND17.0616.6817.0616.76
145Danniel ThomasJAM16.9916.7016.4316.99
1518Taryn SuttieCAN16.7416.5516.7416.60
1610Lena UrbaniakGER16.6216.3216.62×
177Halyna ObleshchukUKR15.8115.81××
182Jessica InchudeGBS15.1514.1215.1514.84

Final Round (12 August 2016 — 22:00)

11Michelle CarterUSA20.6319.1219.8219.4419.8719.8420.63
24Valerie AdamsNZL20.4219.7920.4219.80××20.39
311Anita MártonHUN19.8717.6018.7219.3919.3819.1019.87
46Gong LijiaoCHN19.3918.9819.3919.18×××
53Raven SaundersUSA19.3518.88××××19.35
67Christina SchwanitzGER19.0319.03××××18.92
712Cleopatra BorelTTO18.3718.0518.24×17.9418.37×
85Alena DubitskayaBLR18.2318.0018.23××××
92Geisa ArcanjoBRA18.1617.5017.6818.16
109Natalia DucóCHI18.0718.0717.7317.99
1110Alena AbramchukBLR17.3717.37××
128Auriol DongmoCMR16.99×16.9916.82