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Platform, Women

Date10 – 11 August 1928
LocationZwemstadion, Amsterdam
Participants17 from 8 countries
Format5 and 10 metres platforms.

Platform diving took place on both 5- and 10-metre platforms. There were 17 entrants who contested two pools, advancing three divers from each pool to the final. All rounds consisted of four compulsory dives, two from 5-metres and two from 10-metres. The event was won by Betty Becker-Pinkston, who had won the 1924 springboard as Betty Becker. In Paris she had met another US diver, Bud Pinkston, and the two later married. Silver medalist Georgia Coleman also won a bronze on the springboard in 1928, but returned in 1932 to win the springboard. Bronze went to Sweden’s Lala Sjöqvist, whose sister, Ingeborg, competed in platform diving at the 1932 and 1936 Olympics.

The fourth-place finisher was Marie Baron of the Netherlands. She had competed at the 1924 Olympics in swimming, and in Amsterdam, also competed in the 200 breaststroke, winning a silver medal.

1Betty Becker-PinkstonUSAGold
2Georgia ColemanUSASilver
3Lala SjöqvistSWEBronze
4Marie BaronNED
5Greta OnnelaFIN
6Hanni RehbornGER
4 p1 r1/2Belle WhiteGBR
4 p2 r1/2Renée Cretté-FlavierFRA
5 p1 r1/2Ingegärd TöpelSWE
5 p2 r1/2Alie van LeeuwenNED
6 p1 r1/2Edith NielsenDEN
6 p2 r1/2Clarita HunsbergerUSA
7 p1 r1/2Truus KlapwijkNED
7 p2 r1/2Doris GrimesGBR
8 p1 r1/2Hjördis TöpelSWE
8 p2 r1/2Kathleen Le RossignolGBR
9 p1 r1/2Margret BorgsGER

Round One (10 August 1928 — 15:00)

Top three in each pool advanced to the final round. Four compulsory dives, two from 5 metres and two from 10 metres.

Round One Pool One

1Betty Becker-PinkstonUSA6.032.00Q
2Georgia ColemanUSA9.531.40Q
3Greta OnnelaFIN21.028.00Q
4Belle WhiteGBR22.527.80
5Ingegärd TöpelSWE24.027.00
6Edith NielsenDEN29.026.20
7Truus KlapwijkNED31.526.00
8Hjördis TöpelSWE38.524.60
9Margret BorgsGER43.023.60

Round One Pool Two

1Lala SjöqvistSWE8.529.20Q1
2Marie BaronNED12.028.40Q
3Hanni RehbornGER14.528.20Q
4Renée Cretté-FlavierFRA17.527.60
5Alie van LeeuwenNED24.026.20
6Clarita HunsbergerUSA29.524.40
7Doris GrimesGBR34.522.80
8Kathleen Le RossignolGBR39.519.80

Final (11 August 1928 — 15:10)

Four compulsory dives, two from 5 metres and two from 10 metres.

1Betty Becker-PinkstonUSA9.031.60
2Georgia ColemanUSA10.530.60
3Lala SjöqvistSWE13.529.20
4Marie BaronNED21.027.802
5Greta OnnelaFIN25.026.00
6Hanni RehbornGER26.025.60